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What Is This Reiki about?
Some people have heard of Reiki and others have heard the name but are not quite sure what it means. The practice of Reiki was founded by the Japanese sensei, Mikao Usui in the early 1900’s. Reiki is a practical system of hands-on healing that is both easy to learn and uncomplicated – even though it looks like a few nice people standing around (which it obviously is not!). It is not meant to take the place of mainstream medicaL treatments. or serious interventions but can serve to facilitate the healing process and speed things along – subtely, physically and in its own way.
A Reiki practitioner uses universal chi or qi or universal energy (not their own energy) and guides it gently and calmly into the client’s body. This raises the energy / vibration / ability of the body to move more easily to restoring – from the molecular cellular level all the way to the etheric energetic level… that’s why we often say that healing energy is like water – flows from high to low – vibration in this case…
Reiki helps to heal the whole person even as it helps with specific needs.

Our vision for the coming years: The Reiki community is always growing steadily – and that is also true in vancouver. no fads / no gurus. prices have always remained reasonable so people can book a session and give it the ‘taste test’.
Reiki Practitioners can join in for practitioner reiki exchanges throughout the country / throughout the world. (reiki exchanges that are advertized for the general public is mainly a marketing event to pull in potential students).

Pacific holistic Reiki Education:
we offer very thorough classes.
back in Japan Master Usui met with his students one evening per week for many years before he would suggest for a serious student to move on to a more advanced level. here in the 21st century and in Vancouver we actually had 5 hour classes (with an hour for lunch). and now we have turned the corner and the local teaching has more integrity, depth, sharing and thoroughness.

the Pacific Holistic REIKI healing Sessions

When disease, heaps of stress, pain or a health crisis strikes, you may feel attacked on many levels and your energy, when you need it most, seems to desert you… Reiki healing can help replenish!

The energy fields projected from the hands of bodyworkers can influence regulatory processes within the body of another person through their own energy field. 
– James Oschman, PhD from Energy Medicine, the Scientific Basis

in-person professional REIKI Hands-on-healing Sessions – 75 minutes

Pacific Holistic Newsletter membership has it’s perks
subscriber session rates: 
One 75 minute session: $63
Five 75 minute sessions: prepaid – $280
If you haven’t yet signed up for our newsletter and would appreciate the monthly insights and ALSO receive a 30% reduction for healing sessions then just send us an email with “newsletter’ in the subject.

Regular rates:
One 75 minute session: $90
Five 75 minute sessions – prepaid: $400

distance healing Reiki sessions - non-local healing - with Merrie Bakker, Reiki Master
delicious bursts of Reiki energy – distance healing

Indulge in a set of five Distance Reiki healing sessions – the logistics are straight forward and just phone / text / email Merrie Bakker, for details at 604-261-7742 and
We will arrange a special time to connect energetically with you (or animal friend). You’ll be asked to supply a photo of yourself or animal friend, if possible.

the Pacific Holistic REIKI Level One – 16 hour WEEKEND CERTIFICATION CLASSES

Reiki Healing helps you to help yourself with all challenges including health issues. Use wonderful hands-on-healing for yourself and friends, family, pets and plants and to improve your health. Your ‘helping abilities’ matter. And there are people (even right now) waiting for gentle help – and that can come through YOU.

REIKI – Level One

THE POWER TO HEAL – Reiki is both a healing art and can be a beautiful long winding personal spiritual path.
Students will hopefully often practice Reiki after the classes finish – oneself, friends, peers, plants, pets, relatives. We stay in touch through our Reiki Exchanges (see below) and our ongoing support is sincerely offered to everyone who studies with us. (the classes are also pending for CEU credits review).

Our 2 day in-person Reiki Level ONE weekend certification class is thorough and empowering, designed for everyone and all ages and gives you a solid hands-on-healing foundation. The Level One Class details are at: and upcoming class dates are at:

teaching Reiki One, Two and Master levels in Vancouver BC at Pacific Holistic with Reiki Master Merrie Bakker
Reiki Level One Weekend in-person Certification Classes


This REIKI TWO class is intensive ~ designed for becoming a thorough Reiki practitioner and for those of us who want to review and deepen the understanding of many aspects of Reiki covered in Level One and described at and upcoming Reiki Level Two class dates are at: (the class is also ending CEU review).

teaching thorough Reiki One, Two and Master level at Pacific Holistic in Vancouver BC with Reiki Master Merrie Bakker
Reiki Level Two in-person Weekend Certification Classes

REIKI 3rd Level / Master Teacher Level two – two weekends certification classes (combined)

This two weekend Master Reiki certification class is not divided into two seperate parts – but is one longer class that is similar to the way Reiki was taught in the past.
There are many facets to learning more and deepening our Reiki hands-on-healing abilities; our personal evolvement; lots of practice; a tonne of enthusiasm and above all learning how to teach Reiki to an array of eager unique individuals.
As well, this class allows you to learn the attunement process comfortably; to understand intricately how Reiki developed over the decades after Master Usui’s transition; to teach others empowering Reiki hands-on-healing with confidence and its many facets; to manage your own spiritual development and inner spiritual guidance; and how to be a really good, practical, well-rounded, hands-on practitioner, teacher, advocate for Reiki and mentor, so that you who can answer and address a wide range of questions and an even wider range of student backgrounds and to pass on this wonderful art and science with real joy and grounded insights.
Upcoming Reiki Level Three/Master class dates at: (this class is also pending CEU credits review).

Master Usui - Japanese founder of Reiki - hands-on-healing
Master Usui

REIKI PRACTITIONER CONTINUING EDUCATION with Reiki Master Merrie Bakker and our monthly REIKI EXCHANGES in Vancouver BC

From time to time we have had special folks lecture, and conduct workshops as well – all in regards to energy work and hands-on-healing. We keep people informed by email and here at this online spot when a new event is planned.

Now that we have some normalacy back in terms of distancing, masks and touching, I’m REALLY happy to host in-person group Reiki Exchanges again! As we know, a lack of oxygen breathed in will decrease our energy / our personal vibration / our ability to have powerful energy leaving our hands, or to do any proper healing, etc. That’s the way bodies and energy works.
(The openings in the centre membrane of a typical mask, for example, while restricting air flow, are still wide enough to accommodate an entire party of “wire-usses holding hands”).
These Reiki Exchanges are mask-free and without compromising ourselves.
No worries – we won’t be killing any grannies…

Presently these are on quarterly Sundays at 3:00pm.
Permanent location still TBA
Sign on – just send Merrie Bakker an email, text or phone call – 604-261-7742 and for more details and how to hold your space and for us to send you updated details.
Just send us an email with the word ‘calendar’ in the subject.

practitioner Reiki Exchanges - all lineges welcome. 
In Vancouver BC at Pacific Holistic
Reiki Exchange for Reiki practitioners – in Vancouver BC

Everyone can acquire the ability to pass on energy through their hands – healing energy (not psychic channelling or faith healing – which is quite different than Reiki healing).
We stay as close as possible to the work of the founder, Master Usui, while adapting this energy work to our fast paced results-oriented Western setting and culture.

Whether you are healthy or if you have a serious and/or chronic condition such as cancer, HIV, heart disease, arthritis, IBS, nervousness or if you require post-operative healing, or have received invasive treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation or surgery that needs resolution, then Reiki self-treatments can give you comfort, lessen the side effects of your treatments and speed up your healing process.
Learning this wonderful Reiki can never be soon enough!

INTRODUCTION: This presentation should not be considered as a scientific research paper. Rather it is intended as an initial exploration of a topic relatively new to the author that may be of interest to the ASD membership. Further, it is hoped that some members may wish to explore aspects of the subject on their own with some of the low- cost methods suggested at the end of the paper or some better ones of their own. It reflects my conviction that it is much more fun to participate than to simply “spectate”. Science should be recognized as a participation sport.

The ”earthpulse” was discovered and verified by several authors or the past half- century. It is known as the Schumann Frequency after its discoverer (Schumann, 1952) and consists of a magnetic pulse, which averages about 7.9 Hertz (cycles per second). It varies from 1 Hz to 40 Hz depending on several factors: Thunderstorms, solar storms, night vs. day, meteorological conditions, other solar radiation, the height of the magnetosphere above the earth, etc. It is caused by the 200 lightening strikes per second that bounce around the earth between the surface and the magnetosphere with the speed of light, producing a standing resonant wave with extremely low frequencies.

So why should healers and dowsers be interested?… continues at

learning Reiki in Vancouver BC at Pacific Holistic
Reiki and frequencies


… a really Up-Close Look at the Fee Structures Of Present Day Reiki Courses in Canada
by Ruy da Silva, my friend, 2003 

Have you ever wondered why a seminar or course can be very inexpensive or over-the-moon costly? I wondered just that when looking at the Reiki courses offered around the world. I started by looking at information from the original North American teachers. One of these, Fran Brown, one of the 22 Reiki Masters initiated by Mrs. Hawaio Takata who introduced Reiki to the West after World War II, says on her web site (1) that Mrs. Takata wanted Reiki Masters, who had been trained by her, to maintain the fees that she herself had paid for the 3 Levels in 1936 to 1938 while studying in Japan. “She asked us not to increase it, though the value of the dollar would change. The groups formed by Master Usui’s (the original Japanese teacher and master) students in Japan were commitmented for long periods of time to learn this hands-on-healing, which included paid attendance to their regular weekly meetings and practice, before continuing on to the next level of Reiki. By the time one reaches the second level in a number of years, the cost is about the same as Mrs. Takata’s.”

In “Living Reiki – Takata’s Teachings” the author, Fran Brown, stated Mrs. Takata charged her sister US$300 (by installments) for Reiki Level One. Her sister used it regularly. She found that some of her neighbours, however, who were taught for free, did not bother to use it… continues at

17. THE ORIGINAL ARAMAIC PRAYER OF JESUS (“The Lord’s Prayer”) from Prayers of the Cosmos, a pioneering book in the movement to recover the wisdom of Jesus as a Native Middle Eastern person. The Lord’s Prayer and Beatitudes from the new, multi-layered translations, by Dr. Douglas-Klotz’s, in his first book (1990, HarperCollins).
Original transliteration and translation straight from the Peshitta (Syriac-Aramaic) version of Matthew 6:9-13 & Luke 11:2-4 into present day English.

Abwoon d’bwashmaya
O Birther! Father-Mother of the Cosmos / you create all that moves in light.
continue reading

spiritual healing
The original Aramaic Lord’s Prayer

We’re still in Kerrisdale, Vancouver, BC and a short drive from North and West Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westmeinster, Richmond, Delta, Surrey, Tsawwassen and White Rock

Please find 17 interesting articles about Reiki – very informative for practitioners and curious folks alike:

Merrie Bakker, BSc MArch CN
604-261-7742 and

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spoiling others with Reiki - gift certificates
spoil a friend

       *Reduce the side effects from heavy hitting therapies and medications.
       *Make your healing a new beginning ~ diminish fear, worry, guilt and information overload.
       *Make your healing journey as easy as possible ~ give your inner physician a hand. Revitalize!
       *Discuss, if you wish, how the knowledge of German New Medicine can help you gain perspective on what conflicts and shocks may underlying your health challenges and conflicts.

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