… a strong internal cleanup or deep six-ing some of the poisonations in those ‘in ject ions’…
Stealthful nvasive politics that impact us all and that will fuel the upcoming health deciisions we need make in regards to the powered-up evil leaders’ tactics who have more in store. 
If you are reading this, you’ll most likely have chosen to walk away from the future ‘in ject ion’ poisonations. Loved ones who still feel lucky they got waxxxinated may want to educate themselves about natural health precautions in general and what they have exposed themselves to… or they can at least become a lot more skeptical and questioning of human medical logic and compassion and using all of their IQ.

The ‘in ject ed’ who got too close and personal with the experimental Ko Bid waxxxines, and helping to create billions of dollars in profits for the pharma cartels and further helping shape the global health agenda affecting all of us, the useless eaters… stealthfully killing and damaging millions of people around the globe without impunity … so that we can reach the STATED goal of 500 million useful humans (under 44) to be left – which brings us to the present. (Thank you Jimmy Carter – the ‘nice’ man who was Selected (not Elected and brain-washed by Tavistock) to roll out the far-reaching, evil Plan 2000 – the Agenda 21 precursor which is the master plan for Agenda 2020, 2030 and 2050.)

Where are the spikes? 

Now that we seem to be in a ‘pause’ mode from the poisonations, we can throw ourselves into a real heart-felt NECESSARY detox and some serious repair focus. This is our window of opportunity!
I’ll try and lump together various un-damaging holistic repair suggestions for various overlapping symptoms and compromised organs and describe what I think is most efficacious. I base most of what I suggest on what I have seen in live blood analysis. 
Hope and research and sharing! 
None of my suggestions can do any harm – and our bodies may thank us – even if not waxxxed. Damage from shedding abounds. None of us are off the hook, now.
I also include a few “heads-ups” – over-hyped detox suggestions that make for good click bait by marketeers and are best avoided. Some people are now on the ‘fix it’ bandwagon – doctors and amateurs alike. There’s lots of BS type click bait out there. Many simplistic assumptions can be good for sales and are targeted for people who don’t over-do the thinking.

Everyone who received the waxxxine(s) suffered some sort of inflammation – either in arteries or veins or some kind of endothelial lining inflammatory function or an inflammation of an organ or loss of it’s function, etc. 

The healing / clean-up suggestions that cover the above is throughout the listed suggestions below. I’ll start with the list of easy-peasy repair items – no particular order.

Maybe, just maybe, JIM HUMBLE’S CHLORINE DIOXIDE – an aqueous simple solution – can inactivate the bond of the ‘spiked’ proteins (not even spiked nor do they have a cell wall) with their possible receptors for these proteins. This chlorine dioxide is not bleach. The substance is probably considered illegal given the amount of persecution Jim Humble and his supporters have had to endure. I’m not a friend of the person at all (met him once) but admire his persistence and help for humanity esp at this moment.
CHLORINE DIOXIDE will allow down-grading of inflammatory items caused by most of the nasty ‘inject ion’ toxins – nano-graphene, hydro-gel and the rest of the poisonous cocktail in the vials that has disturbed our tissues. If you want to learn more on Chlorine Dioxide (CDS), and how to make it / how to take it, then use Jim Humble’s protocol (all over the internet) or go to Dr Andreas Kalcker’s website: https://andreaskalcker.com/en/


EDTA, DMPS and DMSA – Chelating Chemicals that Detoxify heavy metals when one is in a hurry to dump heavy metals and detoxify, usually via IVs. This requires professional supervision. 
IV Chelation therapy has been used for decades and not tolerated with much glee by pharma-med doctors and embraced enthusiastically by some naturopaths who know the ins-and-outs of chelation IVs. Each of the three substances mentioned here are known for their specific heavy metals they chelate (grab and remove). Regular pharma-doctors will only risk their licenses or have their knuckles wrapped to use EDTA and that chelator is best for dealing with just lead poisoning. 

ABOUT HEAVY METALS as opposed to the ever-present NANO-GRAPHENE
Agregious heavy metals have been introduced into us with ever-increasing amounts in regular waxxxines over the decades. Good examples of these: aluminum and mercury are found as preservatives in lots of food and waxxxines; or the nasty mercury, tin, and other tooth filling metals, etc, molecules that are swallowed with having old amalgams drilled out with poor cavalier proticols and replaced; or chewing or drinking hot liquids with mercury fillings still on board; and the heavy metals sprayed on us from the geo-engineered aerosolized skies – such as aluminum, strontium in some version and barium; and the horrid polluted but approved air inside tool-and-dye shops, blacksmithing shops and tire / car repair shops and the man-nnnny heavy metals contained in smoking tobacco (approved of course by Health Canada) and in most chemo-therapy; and in psycho-meds / drugs; and too much arsenic in the ground water of some springs and streams and the ground water that seeps into wells after farmers spray their crops continuously with round-up type devious fertilizers / pesticides / herbicides / fungicides.
These above accepted but unwanted heavy metals that we have accumulated on board over time are automatically picked up and escorted by the red blood cells (that work like heck to gather them up) to push and park into fatty tissue when possible – that’s the safest place to park them – out of harm’s way until an opportunity arises to dump them out via the extra-cellular matrix and then, via the lymph drainage system, and then into the blood circulation and then into the great outdoors with a stop at the liver and kidneys. These heavy metals are properly dumped with IVs.

Nano-particulate is not the same as good ol’ heavy metals. The nano-minerals in our recent Ko Bid waxxxines are not just graphene per se. Graphene just happens to mean one molecule of carbon. When the nano-graphene is tucked into the waxxxines it’s a completely differing story as to how it travels, how it danages and how to be getting rid of them! Detoxing these out of the our bodies may be similar or completely differing – no one has found that answer (and maybe no one is asking)!. 

Nano-graphene particulate cannot be seen under a normal research microscope’s 9000X magnification. It cannot even be seen with a scanning electronic microscope +/- 150,000X). How does this nano-molecule move around once inserted into our bodies? It’s ludicrous to assume it will just automatically be delivered and go and sit in a fat cell along with it’s gigantic brothers and wait to be given a ride out.
So when you see someone suggesting chelation therapy with EDTA, you know it’s a doctor who is a lone wolf (that’s the only type of chelator they use) and probably not a naturopath making the suggestion. When no proper and extensive urine analysis research can be produced for a client from a chelation challenge – a before and after test for the heavy metals that slip via the blood going through the kidneys, into the urine, done in a specialized lab, then you have to really wonder about integrity. But we don’t have any clue as to the molecular level dynamics. There could be a size difference between these two items of over 150,000X!
CHELATION is the ANSWER for waxxxines? HARDLY!!!
The naturopathic world is welcoming and very adept with chelation therapies – heavy metal removal via the blood stream and kidneys with IVs. 
Naturopaths will use one of these three (DMSA, DMPS and EDTA) depending on which heavy metals they are looking to remove. An example is mercury doing well with DMPS. Naturopaths understand chelation challenges, checking the kidneys often, contra-indicators and re-supplementation of removed good necessary minerals. There was a fair bit of back-and-forth over the last years as to which chelators cross the blood-brain barrier and/or cause damage there… the science on that was never resolved. This form of heavy metals removal is not a thing you do at home but with seriously well trained experts. Chelation therapy has never been questioned nor proven for magnetism. But the nano-grahene is bi-magnetic
Just the mention of EDTA in scientific papers – either positive research results or contradicting negative reporting – is not a proof of research with conclusive results to work from in terms of heavy metal intrusions versus nano-metal poisoning. There’s a massive amount of propaganda in all directions. Chelation chemicals were designed for grabbing normal heavy metals. When hydro-gel (which is probably not chelatable at all), has enveloped the sharp nano-graphene dust, or when specially engineered oils or oligo-sacharides have coated the nano, then how does that even compare to IV chelation? How is the nano-graphene’s movement affected? How does this flow? Are more blobs and clots pulled together than by leaving it alone? 
Would hyperthermic therapy be better? Or hyper-baric Oxygen?
Massive research is required.
Supplemental chelation (DMSA, DMPS and EDTA in a pill or suppositories) may be a way of the future – but not yet. 

That’s what we are seeing now – doctors having the ‘answers’ as to how to get the graphene nano particulate out as if a mosquito and a monkey are similar as to habits and structure just because they both live in the jungle. What we can see these last few years, though, in blood analysis, is that red cells now rarely separate from each other for healthy flowing, but form into long rows of overlapping red cells and with these rouleaus sometimes overlapping with other rouleaus – and this in abundance and in in healthy people, to boot. So there are people who are either very naive or people wishing to line their pockets by making simplistic assumptions in regards to EDTA. 
Would it be better to start, for now, to eliminate all the sources of nano-graphene? 
It is in all of the drinking water of WEF smart cities – thank you Mr Schwab. Heads up Nanaimo and Edmonton. In my city it has been distributed in the drinking water reservoirs since 2008 and then hydro-gel was added about 10 years later / 5 years ago – all for our own good, of course as these two substances are seen as state-of-the-art municipal water purifiers! Sometimes one or both of these poisons are found in food packaging – stealthful – so that there’s a minute infusion. Sometime hydro-gel is included as an additive straight into food – such as pectins (bye, bye jams and jellies, too). In Mexico they experimented with fruits and vegetables for a very short time and the nano-graphene and hydro-gel was a very seamless match! Now all non-organic fruits and veg have graphene in it. And the aerosolized versions fall on all vegetation, including organic crops. And as American battery grown cows are all inoculated with the Ko Bid ‘in ject ions’ we have a ‘reliable’ source to gather samples from. And we can be receiving it from cow’s milk, and their grass pastures, too (just a speculation). It seems there’s no money in special testing of milk. OH Health Canada – how we love and respect you!

The blood brain barrier repels red blood cells from entering, but the white cells do have entry access. The white ones can access the brain’s billions of fat and nerve / glial cells. After waxxxing, the white cells can do their normal job, pick up garbage and sneak into the brain with their egregious junk onboard that they had been collecting before slipping into the brain and this includes just about everything put in with the poisoning contents. The heavy metals are often left there – in the brain – as the white cells do their repair work and die. Do the neutrophils and other determined eager-beaver white cells pick up the circulating nano-graphene from the waxxxines, from the municiple water supplies and from the geo-engineered sky spraying?

Can broken cell chlorella tease it out of our brain?
It’s worth a try – either good old fashion nasty heavy metals will get picked up by the chlorella and moved along and out of the brain. Or maybe they’ll take some nano-graphene along with them (as the nano-graphene is magnetic. (Use chlorella carefully and gingerly so as not to create head-aches.)
The best advice for now is to avoid nano-graphene with a total focus.
Prior to 2019 this rouleauing seen in a live blood analysis would be a rarity amongst the very healthy and visible to varying degrees with clients who were enzyme deficient or had a blood sugar imbalance in some manner (such as hypoglycemic or diabetic). 
Each year since I started looking art people’s blood the red blood cells became a tad more sticky and rouleaued. 
The nano-graphene particles of recent times is not visible by most microscopes, and can easily be picked up and incorporated into a red blood cell along with all of the other items it is transporting around – UPS style! They can easily be ensconced inside the red cells with dynamics similar to fridge magnets – they are trying to stick to each other with only a minute red cell membrane barrier between. We don’t even know if this applies to a few or many. nano-particles with in each. To assume that they are picked up and parked in fat cells as usual unwanted heavy metals is not an option (out of harm’s way and similar to their gargantuan regular unwanted heavy metal molecules such as mercury, lead, carbon, is way too simplistic or cavalier! Some portion of all of the circulating red cells breakdown each day in the spleen for recycling as per normal and the nano-graphene is also included in that and then redistributed through out the body – a little everywhere? Or does it get taken to a differing smart hiding place such as the liver till a better opportunity comes along to free the graphene up via the stool or bile? Are the magnetized red cells just waiting to allow the graphene to be released – a little every day – into the urine via the kidneys. Will we discover a method for removal of nano-anything from the kidneys? 
Where’s the science? Which chelating agents? So far I’ve only seen guesswork online. We can’t assume that the mosquito and the monkey are behaving like identical twins. Neither are good old fashioned heavy metals and graphene.
I can’t wait to find the research (no guessing, nor clever advertising) that sheds more light on this removal of the nano-graphene). Suggestions of chelation supplements made to remove the nano-graphene and the hydro gel that covers the nano are not proven. We need to know what happens to the fragile tissue in the alimentary canal lining and gut bacteria and the entire gut biosis AND lodged nano – removal or not. And any-old chelating IV that has been used over the years, via an artery or / and versus a pill or suppository for the intestines – like comparing a shot of vodka with an entire bottle of rubbing alcohol… can both do the job!

One recommendation I have made to unhealthy clients in the past years – pre 2020 was using high quality proteolytic enzymes to separate the clumping red blood cells into single individual cells as well as undoing rouleaus (looks like rolls of coins) or aggregating red cells (such as in a messy and stuck together all-over-the-place discombobulated pile-up). So these very special enzymes when made correctly were not used for digestive purposes but for blood clean-up. 
The separating of the red blood cells that make up the rouleaus and the bunches that form irregular clumping – even before the Ko Bid debacle and have differing underlying reasons – ‘in ject ions’ before and after use of these enzymes was amazing to behold! After merely 15 minutes there was a much healthier red blood cell flow and much less stickiness. This sophisticated enzyme use was never of any interest to Health Canada – and why would it be when you can pump people full of blood thinners
Then, after the first wave of waxxxines were administered, and with the growing amount of clotting and aggregations and rouleaus, when using the proteolytic enzymes there is no difference amongst the rouleaus and aggregations – before nor after enzyme use – the same unruly mess… the rouleaus are determined to stick together in their roll-formation, in spite of the good enzymes and the aggregations that are in a higgly -piggle form DO look better. So since 2020 there’s something stronger going on inside the red cells making up the rouleaus than the power of these brilliant proteolytic enzymes at work on those red cells that the enzymes cannot undo or get at as in the olden days. The enzymes still work on the aggregated (sloppy / messy red blood cell arrangements) cells to some degree, but that’s it. Sometimes there is rarely a single happy red blood cell present in the entire drop. 
These enzymes are, none-the-less, brilliant anti-oxidants and awesome anti-inflammatories. Top quality means they are in a capsule as to protect them from stomch acid while tiny amounts are in tiny balls and enteric coated while in th capsule so as to protect them further. 

Double-check that the online ones are not knock-offs. 
There are no studies or disclosures yet as to how the waxxxines have damaged the pancreas – where ALL the bodies’ enzymes are made (30,000 enzymatic processes on the go at any time that involve a multitude of many forms). As well there’ll be past damage, too, as each medication ever taken in this life-time has left a bit of damage on the pancreas. That’s why we are told that we make less enzymes as we age – maybe it’s a case of making less enzymes as we have consumed our damaging pharma meds over the years.
So stock up!
The kind I purchase is Naturpharm’s M7+ and can be found in top-notch natural pharmacies. In order to use them for the blood’s clean-up purposes, one would want to take about three caps at once on an empty stomach (it’s not about digestion here and you don’t want these enzymes to be working on food). 
The brilliant clean-up work will last for about three hours. Some people find it difficult to go to bed on an empty stomach (best time) but sometimes get up during the night and that’s also a perfect time, esp if the caps are already lying out, ready to be consumed.

Hydro-gels in our bodies are a new thing! Even though the powers-that-be have found how to get it into us, we have not found how to remove it. When I first heard about this stuff helping arrange the nano-graphene into little dots and these into a minuscule wire, so that there would be bi-magnetic conductivity – I’m sure you’ve seen them all on internet videos – tiny filaments growing – on their own or out of a bunched up clump of over-grown graphene. The difference in colour is probably lighting – dark-field versus regular bright-field lenses and differing lighting per lense. Hydro-gel is extremely strong and yet flexible – like a resin – and is useful for growing new magnetic graphene filaments / wiring. It also serves to take items along in their little payload carriers. The best advice for now is to avoid hydro-gels like the plague with a passion. 

Parasites are a dime a dozen. They are in our food – even processed and in cleanly harvested food and/or imported food. Most die as protein inside foods in their transit from frying pan to intestinal exit. Some are knocked out unconscious by cooking heat, stomach acid, enzymes and then take a journey down the toilet and as per usual, the odd one may make it into circulation and have a minute chance of setting up house-keeping for a while in tissue or an organ until flagged and encapsulated with calcium. 
And this happens a lot less than we think. Live blood analysts sometimes point out forms and shapes as parasites when in actual fact they just call everything that they don’t understand a parasite (good for supplement sales) or an artifact.

Parasites certainly scare people. I have followed the parasite-in-the-waxxxine vials fear-mongering discoveries and dramas. For example, a really fine doctor, Dr Carrie Madej, saw a particular parasite – a hydrophilic creepy type in water. The next day a fake truther type ‘doctor’ who was popular on the internet (deep décolleté and lots of make-up and with what seemed like illusions of Hollywood stardom) and actually claimed she had filmed this same type of parasite right inside a Ko Bid waxxxine vial – and that was it! Parasites are now deemed to be in many ‘in ject ions’! And the next day I was refreshing my stored water and as I threw the contents of one bottle out… voila… I found the twin! Creepy, yes. happy in water.
But minuscule water creatures / parasites that can be seen by the naked eye, have existed for centuries before Ko Bid and we can use regular anti-parasiticals for this type of critter and many others. Here they are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=N9WZKX_pIfg

Here’s an overview and what to buy for eradicating regular parasiteshttps://pacific-holistic.com/parasites (below here is an image of a tape worm)

In the past, in proper live blood analysis, we used to have several pieces of ‘evidence’ or markers for normal parasites on board. One was the presence of specific white cells called eosinophils and basophils. Waxxxed folks have decreased ability to make ANY proper or ANY white cells due to the damage to the bone marrow by the poisonations where most of the white cells grow up. Even the unwaxxxed have this problem now due to the effects of shedding. 
We now cannot gauge by the absence of these eosinophils and basophils in live blood analysis to ascertain that parasites are not present because the bone marrow, where these white cells grow up, is not healthy enough after an ‘in ject ion’ to make much of anything – all elements of the immune system. So an absence of white cells are now not a sign of a lack of parasites. The evidence is removed. 

All of our white cells grow up most mature in our bone marrow. They differentiate as per an individual’s needs, for each individual body, and then the white cells are tossed out of the bone-marrow nest and they have to go to work (and some go to finishing school). Their task is to mainly take out the trash and look for more, cleanse the contents in blood, help with healing ANY damage ANYWHERE and act like pac-men, down-grading liver spicules, down-grade garbage in lymph nodes and to some degree collaborating brilliantly with our beneficial germs and dealing with dead cells, parasites and allergies. The fragile bone marrow does not survive the waxxxines well (similar to chemo-therapy) starting with the first poisonation. By the second ‘in ject ion’ there are NO white cells for further protection. Over time the bone marrow heals – somewhat – with patience and support.
Lymph nodes are loaded with white cells, too, that do not fare well. They can’t wait to be replenished with more robust ones.

Initially after the waxxxing, a few white cells – neutrophils – looking like gliding transparent jelly fish without a destination or purpose – a pity – they are some kind of remarkable cells reduced to a crippling nothing – when you need them most! 
After several months these see-through jelly fish begin to include little granules again – maybe 5% of what they used to have on their neutrophil surfaces in pre ‘in ject ion’ times. Then, after a few more months (assuming no further chemical insults) they stop sliding over the top of the normal red blood cells on their own journey but float along with the red blood cells as part of the pack and maybe a few more granules show up on the surface… +/- 15%. Then, after a few more months the white cells are beginning to look like a pathetic thin slow transparent form of their older selves… and then they try to move along side of the red cells and try to do their brilliant work – attaching and sucking out the toxins – out of the red cells (who are now desperate to unload their toxins) and have a shortened life-span. And we’ll skip the rest of the travel-log and say that after about 1 1/2 years the vastly decreased numbers of thinner and slower white cells will have almost a complete set of granules on their white cell surface and are tiredly working again on the mighty detoxifying job. The granules are very important – they are like little bags loaded with unique necessary proteolytic enzymes with their unique specific job descriptions.

When the pancreas is improved and recuperating from the onslaught, then we can see the enzymes again in the granuloes on the white blood cell surfaces – little sacks of enzymes only made in the pancreas (tens of thousands of differing ones are produced in the pancreas). Do the ‘in ject ions’ deplete the pancreas’ ability to make all of the enzymes or just proteolytic ones that are required for many functions and for the white cells? Does enzymatic support make a difference? No research that I could find! Does anyone care? Ask your GP!
Nice! Just when you need them most, they get wiped out by the poison in a vial! 
Mean? Vile?

To support and heal the bone marrow and turn their production of white cells on again as swiftly as possible, we can start with damage repair with astragalus root tincture – best made by a reputable herbal apothecary. Other herbs will help – but this is primary.

Vitamin B12 production is also necessary for a healthy bone-marrow – a small article at what and how: https://pacific-holistic.com/B12
Don’t buy B12 just willy-nilly.

A waxxxinated person does not have a happy flourishing colon. So the absorption of Vitamin B12 via the intestinal tracts, to the bone-marrow and nervous system via the colon means repair work is required in the intestinal tract, too. That’s what intrinsic factors refers to – B12 can only be absorbed via the 28 feet of intestines if it is healed. This may not be for 100% of every client, as I have seen, but close. First probiotics, that’s the bacteria themselves (not a food). Then, when there are a nice little grouping of new hard working bacteria, one can start adding prebiotics to your diet (that’s food that’s had the action of bacteria / fermentation on it. These probiotic bacterium that have set up house-keeping in the small and large intestine are worked upon by the prebiotics (sort of a form of viagra for the good bacteria – that are always at the ready to help with healing)… 
When probiotics are in capsules from a non-refrigerated bottle, then there’s no point. They are generally expensive so it’s best to not waste money on poor quality probiotics. Do this for three months. After the first month one can start adding in fermented foods, prebiotic foods such as kimchi, homemade yoghurt, kefir, kombucha, root vegetables (it’s the insoluble fibre they like – a big treat for the bacteria) and sauerkraut, etc. Commercial kimchi, kefir, kombucha, etc in a can has no live bacteria.
The intestines are also making about half of your serotonin hormone (the happy hormone). Your biome / gut bacteria, are involved in all healing activity everywhere in the whole body, as well as digestion. 

And oil soluble anti-inflammable Vitamin D3 (not the little powdered pills) is good to splurge on to nudge the intestinal tract back to productiveness! I would take them as per instructions.

The Ko Bid has affected the way skin heals too. Some skin lesions start small and grow to become the size of a toonie and have scabs – and there the healing process seizes. The scabs are impressive but do not disintegrate and fall off. For this problem I would alternate the juice from a mature aloe leaf and ozonated olive oil and lots of naked sunshine. Can do NO harm, I purchase the oil at a dental office – very inexpensive and impactful – #603 – 805 West Broadway, Vancouver BC – 604-876-1150 – about $28 

Not least is glutathione! Your body should be able to make it’s own.
A good all round diet with adequate essential proteins (not a good time to be turning to paganism) and lots of choices – is the protein food foundation – basic precursors. The weak link in making one’s own glutathione is a trace mineral called selenium which is often deficient – not the supplement form, but via Brazil nuts. The Brazil nut tree has the only root system left in the world that is sucking selenium out of the earth and into the plant and into our nuts. NO naturopathic glutathione IVs’ when there still is mercury in the mouth or stored in fat tissue!

The above are the most important aids but there is certainly more damage to go after. Normally the intestinal tract is damaged due to anti-biotics, chemo-therapy, colon purging chemicals before a colonoscopy, improper use of oil of oregano and colloidal silver (don’t swallow either) and too much bowel movement purging and too much incorrectly used magnesium causing diarrhea. The poisonings in the ‘in ject ions’ also contribute to make the gut’s delicate tissue unfunctional – just when you need it most. Baby-ing the intestines is a verrrry good rewarding idea.

There are many supplement suggestions that sound healthy on the internet if correctly used. For example zinc is great – but there’s an upper limit. 50 mg of this in a larger person per day is just fine. A petit person has an upper limit of approx, 35 mg. Zinc makes a healthy body even healthier… so that’s a good maintenance mineral too (good co-reactions). Some people found they were enjoying a total of 100 mg per day – which means that copper is actually being pushed out at that rate – a necessary mineral too. They are antagonists to each other. No need to supplement on a fish day. If you’ve been doing this for some time, then get the copper back with a bit of pure-ish cacao organic (expensive) chocolate!

It takes 1000 nanometers to make one micrometer / one nano-anything is one billionth of a meter. 
One wiruss is 3 to 4 nanometers – max.
It takes 1000 micrometers to make one millimeter – one red blood cell is 7.5 micrometers in diameter
It takes 1000 millimeters to make one meter

There are trillions of cells in one body. There are 10 to the 8th ‘wirussses’ for EACH of our trillions of cells – I dare a virologist to come and get all of mine!

It’s all good!
Best of health.
Next newsletter will be with Q&As,

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