SUMMARIZING THE BARE BASICS that were in ALL waxxxines – and the LEAST egregious versions of these ‘in ject ions’

May 2023 be brimming with healthy insights and inspiration and sound intuition and an inner strength that helps us overcome whatever may be planned next… with gusto!
If you feel there’s no point in pushback anymore and as the perpetrators are still so solidly in place cranking out ever more mind-control, lies, predictive programming and shaming… and evil… well, then you are probably ready to think about or join or help create a safer, saner parallel existence that requires ALL of us to put out.
You can’t leave pushback up to the 10% or so you care enough to take a stand and fight back. Pushback needs all of us for survival.
Let’s share a few of the lemons and lots of the lemonade!
The robots patrolling on many email platforms and websites and UToob, including my Tell Us can sometimes be fooled by misspelling and so some of my words look a tad retarded and hopefully can reduce being flagged and have the content removed. So sorry 😦
Likewise the Goo gle, Alpha, Vimeo and U Toob censorship is crazy. Whole topics, not just words are forbidden… Unless you tow the party line! At least creative mis-spelling misleads some of the surveillance bots and algos.

Our own national government has some dopey internet laws on the books now and provincially we’ll soon have to deal with “Bill 36 – 2022: Health Professions and Occupations Act.” as well, so then I may only say/write nice things about the climate science, the Charlie 19, politicians, re sets, etc that have been approved by the very people who have put us into jeopardy and taken our rights away as if they are a flimsy joke for nutters.
Here’s what they actually look like: wirusses, waxxxed, ‘in ject ions’, etc.

I want to summarize and share with you my thoughts on the tiresome array of waxxxine contents paraded before us in the last 3 years – in this Charlie 19 concocted climate – we have no more time left to sit back. It’s clear the producers and the regulators (government) do not have the will, or inclination or integrity to disclose the contents; no one has the BIG dollars to find out independantly (… well… except for the dollars to fund the bribes and pay-offs that we know about of so far!).
It appears like a more sophisticated repeat of the previous round is very gradually being re-launched as well. It will look different and is stealthfully introduced and is nastier… Possibly this will be waxxxinations via food. (Just as long as no disclosure is required.) All for our own good!
So many people are STILL believing a lot of what they have been told about the ‘waxxxines’, by the ‘inauthentic authorities” who seem to know squat about the ‘in ject ions’ including your doctors (my personal opinion, of course).
I want to summarize the bare basics that are in the ‘inject ions’ here in this newsletter and eventually have more upbeat newsletters that give us lots of practical ideas and pro-active detoxing and self-defense suggestions.
(And btw, if the husband of my client who thinks I’m nuts and that politics has NOTHING to do with health, then think again sir, go get more jabs for yourself and grandchildren, and above all, ask NO questions. How do you justify all of those sudden deaths we now see on TV. If the answer is that’s it’s all made up for TV, then what are those endless adds? Not for TV?

Sometime during 2023 these newsletters will switch to live podcasts. 
The challenge is learning to make them – and will include great guests, unique like-minded people, and open ended Q&As, cutting edge information, and much more about terrain theory (as opposed to the germ theory nonsense that we are stuck with here in North America), many more tools and health-oriented political updates.

Last year I was posting Charlie 19 info in articles: “What’s in them” and “hopping jumping and shedding”. But there’s obviously way more to read up on in this toping and upcoming year as the next campaign seems to be ramping up with more tightening of the rules and unique waxxxine delivery systems (for example, via geo-engineering and ‘smart city’ Agenda 21 drinking water and food  manipulations. This has the blessing of the UN / WHO / Schwabey and lots of digital ‘gifts’ that we never voted for. ( ! Thank you Mayor Robertson ! )
As well as learning quickly about more and more as to what went into the Charlie 19 in ject ions, and learning about the expected and anticipated long-term damage, uncovering more hidden data, finding what tests failed or were ignored, details about newly planned upcoming pandemics and their dress-rehearsals, and further myocarditis problems that decrease longevity and the increase in cancer. There are new government rules we are to live by, cloud-bound geo-engineering with waxxxines – nano particulate included and also how our ‘smart city’ water is being altered (to make us smarter?) which needs our input 
Certain people have a lot of explaining to do!

We also need to know way more about true shedding with responsible non-biased studies; true shedding mechanisms as NO ONE REALLY knows how it works and how to detoxify every one of the egregous components placed in the in ject ions – with the CDC and FDA miles removed from this research (not because they were safe, but because no one will fund that type of work without twisting it). At the moment only old recycled suggestions from the past are re-circulating – a bit of a guessing game / marketing exercise at present (there are no mega-billions set aside for this and the public is not yet very demanding of answers… ) For example, nano-graphene cannot even remotely be removed in the same manner as heavy metals.
But all in good time. We’re in this together, hopefully. The light at the end of the tunnel will be so-oooo sweet!
Here are the categories I’ll be covering – I hope to keep things confined in the section all things Ko Bid:
1 there are NO Ko Bid placebo ‘in ject ions’
2 what are the minimal BASICS contained in all of the ‘in ject ions’
3 new rules and regulations inside of Canada 
4 news, rules and info from outside of Canada
5 court cases worth following
6 more info on shedding 
7 clean honest information and legit research sources (not the bought-off media, politicians and cable news)

A HUGE RANGE OF DIFFERENT TOXIC CONTENT is in the in ject ions from all of the various companies:
In addition to the standard items that were in all of them (described below), there are also the many and various and unique lab-engineered, structurally sophisticated, added items including the DNA / RNA / chromosome manipulating substances, the many so-called gain-of-function chemicals that have to corordinate highly sophisticated human engineering – designer genes and chromosomes, as well as sundry gross heavy metals. The variation of the most poisonations to the least crap in the needle is on the order of 30!!!
These may include specific pancreatic / enzyme blocking substances and combinations of preservatives and the final piece – getting the altered genes to stay altered and multiplying their nasty little heads off – Crispr.
Then there are the tricky small batches with their own reasons for being manipulated: for example data published in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation on March 30, in Denmark, shows 4.2% percent of a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine batch accounted for 71 percent of suspected adverse events (SAEs) –

Some of these experimental substances and messengers were uncombined and some combined with more experimental substances. Some were included in high concentrations and some in small doses. All this is recorded by lot number against your specific health records – available to be pulled up on supercomputers everywhere in the world and studied.
A placebo is normally used in proper medical trials. For example, trials for meds to repair or eradicate a disease, needs a placebo in the testing phases so that there is a record for comparison (assuming honest labs!) of how things turn out with the trial medication as opposed to allowing natural healing to take it’s natural course without the new med. We have had as many centuries of placebo as there are  thousands of years of humans on earth. Or as someone else put it, the unwaxxxed are the placebos – as the unwaxxxed also have records that the drug companies access. We know how human life progresses without us humans being GMO’ed for interfering so we don’t need to measure the live and health of a non-GMO’ed person. Any gene-GMO would be a waste of time and effort if placebos also got tossed into the mix. However swapping around content between companies and switching up some substances over others and altering according to race and age sensitivity all need attention now – and medical outcomes – for years – will no doubt be studied. ‘The authorities’ have all our records from before and after this international trial – and will be known, one day as the world’s largest. 
These were the first clinical trials for humans – the animals and small specific human trials were side-stepped. That trial seems done now. We were a very co-operative bunch of humans… Maybe a bit belligerent and testy from time to time, but on the whole, we had a high compliance number – 80% (but don’t wait for your thank you card!)
People often thought they were given placebos because they only spent a day or two on the sofa recouping (salt water doesn’t do that) or merely had sore muscles in the in jest end arm (not normal for salt water to do that either).

Some ‘in ject ions’ were aiming to create changes to our DNA and RNA in the mitochondria found in the nucleii of white cells which in turn are found in blood and cell tissue – that’s much more sophisticated than chasing after some snippet of protein made to look as a spiked-ball in Photoshop and of a sub-microscopic size, deemed to have been passed on by a non-masked, un-distanced and an unsuspecting nasty healthy person who ate a monkey that a poor bat had pooped on in a food market in China from where we saw the first photos of people just keeling over (that were actually made in Taiwan by crisis actors). 
As ridiculous ‘science’ was slung around the world at warp speed (did you see the three armed swastika in the Warp Speed White House logo?)… It has now come out that some of the ‘in ject ions’ actually contained the culprit spikey ball itself, too (many varieties)…

These GMO-ing type waxxxine chemicals penetrate the granulocytes’ white cells. Their outer enzymatic granular protections are ruined and create a way to get into the nuceii within and are designed to continue to travel into the mitochondria in the nuclei – from 2 to 600 mitochondria in them – many options – where they then hope to do a little break-and-entry and find the DNA / RNA and then endeavour to do their permanent altering magic onto the coding of the DNA / RNA strands… We are assuming the gain of functions (more honestly should be called f-ck-ng of natural functions) make it that far and haven’t dropped their payload, timing, chemical reactions, etc elsewhere. That’s a demandingly precise set of tasks in the mechanisms of altering-of-functions and actions that must be insanely precise in order to be successful. Is it any wonder that several of the pharma-corps we here about all the time have been working on this for years! 

The chemicals that are basic in each shot (as far as all of my reading suggests) are nano-graphenes (1), hydro-gels (2) and a sophisticated synthetic hybrid polymer protein (3). Beware of the silly little video that went wire-all with two nurses in front of some bales of hay in Slovenia explaining the differences between batches ending in 0, 1 or 2! Good for Sloevia, but has squat to do with reality nor Vancouver BC.
These basic particles that could form repetitive chains of human altering RNA, are at their very least extensively toxic and have many future implication for rewiring our bodies and brains under specific 5G conditions. We have been exposed to these basic ingredients for many years already – in daily chemtrails (geo-engineering) of the skies; in many foods such as un-organic fruits and vegetables; fast-foods; municipal drinking water in metropolitan ‘smart cities’, and even in some supplements. 
Many labels / names / concepts are being thrown around and intertwined by the alt media – such as “did you get the nano and graphene-oxide”, etc? Keeping us nice and dumb!
Nano just means verrrrrrrry tiny… So nano what? And the ‘what’ could be many items. There should be NO nano anything in our bodies… I have Never seen such disgusting dis-information and we read that it is somehow all good for us.

1. Standard in all the waxxxines is (even when you think you were blessed with a placebo shot – and then why did you bother to take it) the nano-graphene – one molecular layer of carbon is called graphene and is highly dia-magnetic and conductive once placed within an energy field – such as in a human body (the zeta potential of blood, for example, is a magnetic field) or when exposed to man-made frequencies as in 5G, cell-phone signals, etc. These graphene particles sit almost touching, but not quite. 
The highly applauded NANO technology as a source of dis-ease and immunne system imbalancing came under suspicion about 16 years ago. By then the nano-technology was hailed and PR’ed as the ultimate gift from technology.
At the same time some brave scientists began grappling with a health disturbance named Morgellens for want of a better word and saw a creepy connection. Lots of poeple have had Morgellons (including myself) and shrugged it off and it actually disappeared, while a few others really suffered longterm. 
The nano-particulate as seen in present scientific writings in nano-biotech and in nano-technology intrudes itself / embeds itself into bacteria, red blood cells, soft tissue, fat cells and BUT NOT in wirusses – which are way too small and delicate – ultimate nano-protein particles – the essence of life and in reality are brilliant cells without walls that are a part of every healing reaction since the Garden of Eden. (Othewsise called somatides, protitis or exosomes and their derivatives – elements of pleomorphism and terrain theory.)
This all changed about 45 years ago when a certain NIH dude reversed all of that knowledge. Present ‘knowledge’ has it that these un-isolated specks react with specifics in their environments such as bacteria / germs (and other substances) and uses the proteins to grow / expand minute tentacles and fibres. And these become the constituents of a nano bodily ‘operating system’ – the beginning step of combining GMO-ing us with setting up a messaging system. And this is completely different than going into the DNA strands and messing with the chromosomes. 
Example, in a prescription drug with titanium oxide nano particulate, the nano-titanium taxi in the drug is programmed to deliver the drug to a very specific system in the body – and the delivered drug does it’s thing once delivered off. But the titanium nano-particle taxi continues to circulate and we are told it makes a natural exit – is discarded… not so … big BS. 
Some may be sweated out, some may be grabbed out of harm’s way by the liver (where it might also stay indefinitely) and/or may be gently exited via the bowels, some may be secreted via the poor kidneys and some may end up in a very devastating place or two to wreak havoc… It stays in the body and can/will travel through to other tissue in need of repair (possibly simply  through a trip inside a white blood cell – the garbage picker-uppers / neutrophils) such as across the blood brain barrier or across the testicular barrier and create damage.

Memetics such as miniscule parasites and obscure, unidentifiable nano-bots sometimes with characteristics of a strange bacterium can be inserted to fool competing investigative labs to alter what is observed.
Lyme disease or other abnormalities may be diagnosed in the occasional patient after a waxxxine injury but are actually synthetics tucked into the payload spaces… good way to keep a secret and scupper investigation! Some of the in ject ions were made in countries were labour is cheap and factory conditions disgusting… (Gill Bates won’t agree with you!)

Sometimes the nano particulate metal forms into a spherical geodesic dome shape – sometimes this infinitesimally tiny ‘holder’ is called a fullerene (named after BuckMinster Fuller the brilliant scientist who came up with the geodesic dome). so groups of nano particulate or graphene can be called fullerenes which can then form tubes with each other or even coils with the help of the bacterial growth proteins / nucleic acids – and then other programmed particles can attach themselves to these little cages, such as within DNA or RNA strands and these tubes can be engineered to use bodily fluids to expand and grow (full of essential goodies) . Then along comes a binding agent (could be hydro-gel) to arrange things into a more stable configuration.
Nano everything is now popularized (nano-infections, nano-biotech, nano-carbon supplements) and considered the state of the art – and then Bob’s your uncle – you can sell anything with the label nano to the masses – excellant programming!!! 
There is even a very expensive nano carbon in the supplement market – state of the art MLM. This C60 is nano shaped fullerenes (after Buckminster Fuller geodesic type spaces for holding payload). There’s no where near enough research on what this does that is positive – near-term ans short-term. The only research I could find were tests results on negative effects that might be visible such as on skin. (According to a 2016 review, human and animal studies have found that reactions to application of C60 on the skin are uncommon). One 2012 study found that various doses of C60 dissolved in corn oil were not toxic to rats. Programmed graphene, non-programmed graphene – the enthusiastic MLM supplement sellers have no clue and claim that the tiny carbon molecules are health enhancing items, for, after all…”it’s used by NASA…”…it’s added to the municipal wate supply! and I have shares in property on the dark side of the moon…

In the meantime it’s bad enough that we are all taking it in via the water supplies via the one hundred plus ‘smart’ WEF cities throughout the world – smart according to the Agenda 21 / WEF mandates that were rolled out way-yyy before we knew anything about this all – nor cared enough to probe. One councillor while canvassing for votes had not even heard of AGENDA 21 – yet the city he represents was signed up years ago by a previous mayor at a high taxpayer cost and got right onto the graphene into the drinking water process.
EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD HAS SIGNED UP to the WHO. NOW IT’S TIME TO GET THE SMALL CITIES, TOO. LOCALLY, IN NANAIMO, BC IT WAS RECENTLY ENTHOUSIASTICALLY EMBRASSED and the city is being CONVERTED to a Smart City with it’s own BS planning measures. Yet again the councillors were clue-less… and the citizens were flattered.
In the meantime as we snooze along, I was talking to a friend who had never heard of the WEF, nor Schwab, nor their intentions, nor history and time line… yet her life is greatly affected by all of it and yet it was of no interest to her!!! So here’s a little intro in a large clip by Max Igan who is always a few years ahead of the dangerous curves… One eye-opener called “Replacing God” is at 8 minutes in – You can’t make this stuff up… And it’s upon us now!

The graphene grabs the toxins in the water supply or where ever else it is inserted to better cleanse it (we are told) while leaving in the fluoride when it’s water, for example. (How did we ever manage before and who accepts these lethal orders without public input and approval?) Then there was a lot of American agricultural research carried out in Mexico and the nano-graphene was grown into the fruits and vegetables with little difficulty and now that is the norm in un-organic produce growing in all markets. It’s also in the packaging; in chemtrails (cloud geo-engineering) and anywhere a creative bribed mind can stick it!
What the public is disclosed to, allowed to know, is such a small amount of the actual science being employed and manipulated, compared to what is being experimented on in very sophisticated ways within labs. That goes for many substances, for example, in the waxxxines such as for the ‘messing-with-functions’ which should be the name for ‘gain-of-funtions’. Once the nano-particulate and it’s payloads find their way into specific cells and then into the nucleus of the cell and then into the mitochondria of the nucleus, which house the DNA or RNA then it’s there – sealed in – and ready for a bit of activation and further procreation and alteration for a new GMO’ed human. That altered cell may quite as likely die. If it is happening within a white blood cell (many kinds with many functions, it may then eventually be replaced when the enzymes have recovered from their damaged pancreases and regenerated from damaged bone marrow where the white cells are hatched.


the nano molecules of hydro-gel – what I call the bio-stapler / bio-glue gun and is a lattice-work type of frame-holder-upper – is a porous steely-strong and flexible glue-like resin-like substance that sensors and binds whatever it is programmed to combine with. The nano dots of graphene can form thinner-than-my-microscope-can-see filaments (when they line up nicely and magnetically in a row) that are highly conductive to radiation and EMF frequencies – ie 5G – and stay connected as a type of ‘filament’ with the help of this flexible but steely strong hydro-gel gripper. That’s why we see images of bunched up graphene with long thin graphene tendrils.
As more of the above engineered particles come into our bodies (sky, water, food and ‘in ject ions’, more connections and strands are grown… 
These internal graphene blobs with their antennae are usually kept in place with the above described hydro-gel… Hydro-gel is just plain toxic crap (but strong) that expands and grows with the help of bodily fluids into tightly snag the metallic particles as they keep growing. Lay people don’t know if it can or cannot cross the blood brain barrier – and the experts don’t want us to know and refuse to share – but are certainly hoping we won’t find out. 
Ask your G.P. – anything other than a straight answer is not acceptable.
Initially the hydro-gel was introduced to the public (no consent) most proudly via a scientific journal for input into select foods such as pectins and jams and jellies in 2020 but it was researched for many years before. That it could be slipped into the public’s food supply and this that occurred pre-warp speed and pre ‘in ject ion’ time and was years in the making – and where’s Health canada and the FDA in all of this?


3. And then there are chains of synthetic polymers – larger (than nano sized) molecules that link the artificially assembling items such as hydro-gel with nano-graphene (above) to our organic real live tissues. 
In other words, the inorganic, unnatural synthetic crap introduced into us over the last years – either gradually or in over-sized doses via the ‘in ject ions’ – but by whatever method, is fused onto/into our own living natural tissue such as the insides of arteries, veins, capillaries or muscles, or onto the outside of whatever tissue (including the miles of capillaries and arteries and veins and tubules, etc – all according to intended, intensely complex precision lab design and for equally specific outcomes. (The outcomes do not include your longevity!)
You can read more on this at ACS Publications – adaptive recombinant nanoworms from genetically encoded amphiphiles – go to and then put nanoworms into the little article search engine – information galore – amazing how far along this research has come! It’s Ef Dee Aah approved for treating us for the presence of the amazing spiked ball that we are to be fearing! It also has a space for a payload. 

a radio-active material that co-ordinates with the graphene and hydro-gel, and is a requirement in our bodies for allowing the 5G messaging magic to be effective! Unfortunately we do not own the OFF switch!

Is there a stymieing effect on the pancreatic enzyme supply? When enzymes are obstructed from being made, how do we know which ones we can live without and which need to constantly be upgraded and manufactured (some are an integral part of down-grading / disarming cancerous cells, for example). We make tens of thousands of differing ones. Only a few are created for digestion – the other tens of thousands are created as co-factors in all bodily endeavors / functions / processes. But our bodies miraculously engage in self repair – even if it is bit by bit!

And then there are the multitudinous, cleverly crafted chemicals that are in the in jest ions over and above the 5 basics mentioned above.

The latest from Ottawa is that they still can’t figure out why there are waxxx deniers – so this year they re going back into our social media – for three years – to see what we are up to so they can alter our attitudes… And here I thought they had already done that! Kicked off Twitter twice – in the sandbox and warnings multiple times on PhaseBook, etc…As if that wasn’t enough … Hope we all get cells together. 
The best way not to have freedom of speech, freedom of thought and interfere with the public’s ability to try and figure out our truths and medical information is the BC Bill 36 – soon in effect and then we are going to be told what to think – Thank YOU NDP!


The Brits have decided they will require testing of Asian travelers to the UK after January 18th – assuring that this mainland Chinese crisis we are seeing is good and well spread around the world and the UK.
Some perspective on the latest outbreak in China:
Here are the numbers – an average of 70% of all of Chinese citizens have all of a sudden tested positive for Ko Bid – that’s not hard as the test can’t test for Ko Bid). This PCR test video on it’s background should be shown in all schools in the world – an education in logical thinking, corruption at an unfathomable level and involving thousands or more people – this group about 85% stay home for about 7 to 10 days because they are “good” citizens. The folks with actual symptoms (that’s people excluding bronchial and alveolai tissue issues which keeps the infected numbers down) are about 15%. 1% of these tested people are really ill and go to hospital and then are sent back home as they get better. Of the hospitalized 1%, another meager 1% actually dies and of these people the majority are reported as dying from already existing or serious underlying challenges. 
That’s .006% of the population of China. With China’s 1.5 billion population this could be 9,000,000 people or .006% of the populace.

A group suing the BC province and provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry over KO BID lockdown and restrictions have had their case tossed out – a dismissal of the appeal … Fuellmich lawsuit is not a true lawsuit yet.
An international network of lawyers in the public eye since 2020 led by Reinhard Fuellmich– a sort of test run – an unofficial court case: 
(Unfortunately he and his group don’t understand the difference between germ theory and terrain theory yet.)


In the next newsletter we’ll look at in ject ion ingredient / garbage removal ideas and remedies.
For possible future mainstream manipulations (even if we believe the medical establishment and the WHO will never lie to us again…) here below is the official but inconvenient pre Charlie 19 medical understanding of Ivermectin:
Ivermectin: a multifaceted drug of Nobel prize-honoured distinction with indicated efficacy against a new global scourge, COVID-19
In 2015, the Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine, in its only award for treatments of infectious diseases since six decades prior, honoured the discovery of ivermectin (IVM), a multifaceted drug deployed against some of the world’s most awful diseases…

Nobel Prize WINNING RESEARCH – multi-use for IVERMECTIN in peer reviewed research:

IVERMECTIN anti viral action:
IVERMECTIN as Ionophore:
IVERMECTIN Extremely safe:
IVERMECTIN Works when distributed:
IVERMECTIN works when administered 

MANEUVERING THE SICK PUBLIC AWAY FROM IVERMECTIN – NOT EVEN MACHIAVELLIAN – JUST PURE LIES AND FRAUD AFFECTING MILLIONS OF US and OUR HEALTH – by the leaders of the press, the leaders of health care and the leaders in innovative health research! 
Another heads up.

The treacherous CDC (it’s a for-profit patent owning outfit just like the FDA), have ALREADY ACKNOWLEDGED THAT THE PCR TESTS ARE NONSENSE back in the summer of 2020 AND THEY WERE SUPPOSEDLY WITHDRAWING THEM for official use AS OF JAN 2021 – slower than molasses – a ridiculous long wait while harming our entire world with lockdowns, bankruptcies and ering meds (but we’re STILL waiting…. we shall see…. according to the former VP of Pfizer the Ko Bid lab tests were never done FOR ANY KO BID, neither for spreading nor for infectiousness. THE PCR TESTS FOR the presence of DNA!! Dahhh – none of us are without DNA! Accurate PCR tests should always be 100% positive in any area, age group or setting – except for a corps (and I’m not even sure about that!

When something occurs naturally in nature, then a patent cannot be obtained (so far!) When something is copied in a lab, then it is man-made and can be patented. Much of the rhetoric we hear on the news is about patented wirussses. Therefore it is not a naturally occurrence in nature AT ALL! You’d be surprised who owns the patents and the labs and who has been handing out the billions to fund both. There truly are wiressses – and have been known for decades and incredibly hard to work with, let alone isolate due to their sub-microscopic size and are so tiny. They don’t have ANY nuclei, mitochrondria nor chromosomes that can be GMO’ed… Yet another large deception that even doctors are fine with!

Another heads up: – a look at Schwab’s side-kick – pure satanic evil mind-control cruelty in launching stages – the brains behind the old man and the WEF – Yuval Noah Harari

Yet another heads up: 
The UN’s WHO plan – a long time in the planning stages and now coming to fruition: 
(This succinct VIDEO reveals the WHO’s diabolical agenda behind the COVID-19 pandemic and how future roll-outs will happen.
It’s 30 minutes that will forever change your perspective about what’s going on here in broad daylight.
The World Health Organization has planned for 10 years of non-stop rolling out of infectious diseases – from 2020 to 2030. These China supporting noodle-heads have been very busy! Back in this October the CDC announced that Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna, Novavax, Jansen and Johnson and Johnson had been distributing, mixing and matching combinations of their waxxxines’ contents around the USA for three months. As well all flu shots will now contain a bi-valent Charlie 19 booster derived from BA.5 omicron and a quadrivalent mRNA flu flu waxxxine by end of December… Nice way to sneak it in! They’ll get this stuff into us one way or another!

One of my clients who has difficulty doing proper research suggested there were no REAL doctors or medical sources giving trustable advice online in regards to what’s really in those in ject ions, and about legit testing of us humans and the in ject ions and harm and adverse data and why we should be pushing back!
When I say proper research, I mean everything devoid of a lot of diatribes full of shoulds and speculations and virtue signalling and moral admonitions and above all not just looking on censored U-Toob.
Research never includes fear and all sorts of unsubstantiated nonsense.


Merrie Bakker, BSc MArch CN

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