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Over time our environment adjusts to energetically harmonize with the energies of those of us living in it. Energetic clearing can feel quite nice for a time. then slowly, the old vibrations re-create themselves ~ all depending on the frequencies (or vibrations) imparted by us.

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∞ the THREE CLASSES offered by Pacific Holistic in Vancouver BC:
1. rebalancing our energy
2. clearing ourselves and our personal spaces
3. the dowsing work itself – with rods and pendulums

Either knowingly or unwittingly we adapt to the energies we find ourselves in / or which we pick up from our environment(s) – the invisible fields and the energies from persona and objects around us that pervades everything – good, neutral and poor – exhilarating and healing – uplifting or heavy.
The discordant energies in our environment can be our own, or from those left by people prior to us, people who have just passed through or even those energies imparted by nature.

We can call in the Feng Shui expert, the energy healer or the clutter-clearer ~ people to help us bring balance and a good feeling back into our personal environment.
We can externalize our reasons for the imbalances in our personal spaces:
we can point to our clutter
the esoteric feng shui forces at play
invisible ley lines
underground water pathways
disturbed Shumann, Curry and Hartmann grids – atmospheric and in the ground (the base electromagnetic resonant frequency is 7.83 Hz)
ancestoral and stuck energies
previous inhabitants’ energy
our birth date / our astrology
various types of EMF’s
… and so forth … as to the source of the imbalances… etc, but is it that simple and that easy to point our finger at any specific cause or problem?

Sometimes we need to see the part that we, the present occupants, play – ourselves – in creating the world we live in and then energetically set about correcting that basic element first and then we can proceed to the other possibilities outside of ourselves. Even though it sounds complicated, it is easier to clear imbalances than to talk about them.

All our thoughts / emotions / belief patterns influence and infuse our environments / living spaces / work spaces, etc.
In turn, this has a vibrational influence right back onto us. Energy’s vibration is part of every moment – and in all things – air and earth and everything in between. We have a total synergistic experience with our environment and everything in it – every moment – an unavoidable fact.
It can be uplifting and healing ~ it can be counterproductive and spiraling downward – dynamic or incapacitating – too yang or too yin or just right.
As energetic beings, we benefit when we clear ourselves, our housemates and simultaneously, by doing so, our environment is affected.
When working with people or we are doing dowsing work, we would want our energy to be as entered, balanced and strong as possible. And this requires our chakras at their best.

Because of our conditioning (we all have some and we get used to being a certain way…) the imbalances may not be perceived or we may not perceive their harm – subtle or harsh. Energetic imbalances may not bring abundance. Energetic imbalances may bring physical challenges, reproduce conflict internally or impose limitations on what we believe that we can and cannot do in our lives. We adjust to and / or create an environment that reflects our internal expectations.

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Dowsing is also a structured, teachable discipline that enlists the unconscious mind to gain direct knowledge about the location of a target – people, places, things. Trained dowsers begin with a target/goal/intention in mind upon which they then focus their work.

Though commonly defined as a “psychic” ability by many individuals, dowsing is rather a delicate skill that utilizes information obtained by the unconscious mind (possibly the left brain) to provide conscious feedback as to whether a dowser is progressing closer to a target/goal/intention/question/answer.

The surprising accuracy of “hot/cold” or “yes/no” bio-feedback responses from the unconscious have been studied for years by research organizations and governments around the world. During the Vietnam conflict the U.S. military was known to employ dowsing to find underground bunkers and buried mines in enemy territories. After that war, the military continued to research dowsing, remote viewing and other ‘non-local’ modalities and enlisted them also in support of Cold War objectives – TO THIS DAY. Dowsing became an integral part of the tool-set for the “psychic spy”, remote viewers, and even for what we know officially as “Star Gates” and their Programmes.

In spite of some skeptics’ beliefs, dowsing is a skill (which evidence proves), which provides results much better than simple chance would dictate. Scientists have continued to research dowsing, examining techniques and considering new theories, some based on the fundamental laws of the universe, as described in Quantum Field Theory to help explain and unlock the mysteries behind this incredible skill.

Levels of Proficiency in Dowsing

Some diviners believe that there are seven levels of competency that can be attained. Terry Ross (world-renowned dowser and past president of ASD) listed them (more or less) as follows:

1. On site: out and about – tools in hand – looking for water, leylines, underground stresses, and a few other things

2. Edges of the energy fields: finding the edges of toxic underground water pathways and geo-pathic stress faults; where energy fields start and end – of people and land

3. Over the horizon: map dowsing and any other form of divining that is done away from walking over the actual site – and includes lost objects and people and working with a witness

4. Deviceless: divining without tools and gadgets – using a meditative state and mind – or as a friend calls it “going wholesale direct”!

5. Affecting changes through dowsing: as an example, finding health imbalances and adjusting or stopping an illness; shifting underground geo-pathic stress

6. Causing something new to happen: for instance, not only stopping an illness but promoting specific healing.

7. “Thy will be done”: achieving a oneness with God.

These descriptions provide a dowser with goals to strive towards. Few people claim to have reached the seventh degree. Most experienced practitioners would be happy to get to the fourth or fifth level. Obviously attaining each of these steps requires time, hard (and at times very frustrating) work and good teachers.
With each new level come fresh insights that will bring a dowser closer to a deeper, more spiritual awareness of the universe.

Here’s just a basic discussion – an exampleas to why dowsing for questions around just your food is so good for you to learn.

Want to get a head start:
if you can get to page 10 with confidence, then you’re on your way to learn much more!


chakras requires a balanced energetic practitioner
chakra balancing

CHAKRA energizing and rebalancing – 1/2 day class – 4 hours:
for everyone and very useful for energy work practitioners – gives our body the best internal energetic re-balance and important in order to work with others. Energizing and rebalancing our chakras is a prerequiste for the personal clearing class and the dowsing class described below, for which we need to be calm, centered, focussed.

personal ENERGY CLEARING – basic 1/2 day class
allows you to learn the basics of how to clear and rebalance all of your energy fields – internal and external to be in top notch energetic form; improve your health vibrationally and beyond the physical; clear attachments and unwanted energies, miasms, re-connections. A clear person is in a good position to execute dowsing – and this small class is a pre-requiste for the dowsing class described below the pendulum graphic .
We work with the physical and the many subtle energy bodies – each with a distinct field and it’s own characteristics. Releasing attachments and stuck energy patterns at all levels is an integral part of helping our inner physician heal and keeping our personal energy fields healthier and to be able to do dowsing work properly.

DOWSING – basic INTRODUCTORY one day class: Looking for More Than Water
with pendulums, rods and ourselves – experience how surprisingly easy rods are to use – how effective your pendulum can be for you – how to ask the right kind of questions to get proper answers.

dowsing to find positive and negative leylines; how to affect them; energetic rebalancing
unhappy trees on a negative ley line

How toxic is your personal environment?
Learn to make meaningful and harmonius changes to your pesonal space.
What goes on behind your front door? Are you sleeping in the best spot?
Our personal physical environment has many facets that require our attention – geopathic stresses, fault lines, radiation, naturally occurring underground water, imbalance of yin and yang, blocked chi flow, disturbed astral, ancestral, aboriginal energies, etc.
How much more comfortable, balanced and at peace would you feel if you knew your home, your personal space, the property your home sits on, other environmental elements such as EMF’swere serving you at it’s optimum ~ not undermining you?

The discordant energies we learn to clear can be our own, or left by those who lived in the spaces before you (or attached to antiques) or due to the discordant energies of nature. We sometimes feel or notice this discord and wonder what to do. But what is most effective?

Merrie Bakker, dowser, in Vancouver BC at Pacific Holistic
Merrie Bakker

We’re still in Kerrisdale, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Merrie Bakker, BSc MArch CN
604-261-7742 and

Sometimes all goes along swimmingly until our external or internal world is disturbed, as invariably happens. Then we take a look at what is coming up as a challenge. Letting go of the ‘old’ (thought patterns and ingrained emotions) does not imply that chaos follows. Quite the opposite can manifest, but nonetheless, we tend to live in fear of these uninvited changes. This slows us down and slows the changes in the world around us, too.

Decide… are you ready for a gentle, energetic clean-up?
Ready to make space for new energy?
Come and take a basic introductory class!

I have spent the last 25 years learning and teaching many forms of Energy Medicine and preventative health. In addition to teaching Reiki classes (intensive – all levels) and holding various Reiki healing clinics and exchanges over the years in Vancouver, BC, I practice Dowsing and teach Reflexology classes. (All described elsewhere at this website).

Go to the classes page FOR DATES AND TIMES – to learn Dowsing in Vancouver

working with dowsing rods and pendulums
learn how to use pendulums

Q & A

What is the most common misconception about dowsing?
The most common image of a dowser as portrayed by The Media is of an individual walking over a landscape using a Y-shaped stick (sometimes called a doodlebug) to locate subterranean sources of water, oil or even precious minerals. This is a laudible art and skill. Dowsing is much more than this and dowsing can solve or be integrated into many other tasks and skills. Some dowsing techniques require the dowser to be present on a geographically real site or with a physically present person, while highly experienced dowsers can also work with maps and mind – all depending on the challenge at hand.

What can I use dowsing for?
Dowsing is NOT just for finding water, although that should work really well and has been used traditionally through the ages – from where to dig for a septic tank field, to where to dig for a well, to where underground water ways are flowing below a home, or bedroom, or office causing energetic disruption. (Did you know that several European countries won’t give you a building permit without testing for geopathic zones?)
Also it can be useful for purchases: dowsing fruit and vegetables for freshness and contaminants – irradiated, sprayed or otherwise tortured foods give a very low life-force reading. When this sort of dowsing becomes second nature, one can also test supplements for compatibilities – your own and for others.

One may then also work on finding underground geopathic stress faults (contra-indicated for good health and longevity) and limits to electro-magnetic frequency interferences, all the way to the more difficult and invaluable skill of finding and clearing left-behind deep emotional traumatic energies and other unwanted stuck energies – human and from nature. Chakras could be dowsed for energy, vibrancy and healthfulness.
With practice one could move on to using dowsing to find precious minerals, metals, oil and gas.

Do I have to be born with a “seeing” gift or be a clairvoyant?
Absolutely NOT! You can just begin and even be as thick as two planks!

Dowsing, like hands-on-healing, is a skill which requires an open mind, and a REAL wish to be of service. This means that virtually anyone can learn dowsing. Of course there are always some people who excell well beyond the norm and even become famous and or even reach celebrity status – much like with any applied learning. A personal example is that as a child I really, really, really wanted to play piano. I received some training after much constant nagging and sped through my lessons at four times the rate of a typical kid whose parents forced their kids to “take up an instrument”. As a child, I could apply unbridled passion to my meager piano teachings, borrowed sheet music from the library and wrapped myself up in the “learning and doing” of making sounds come out of my old ricketty piano… yet, I’m no Beethoven, not even a lesser local performer.
So, that’s the distinction – we can learn the work properly – and be either passively amused or vigorously enthralled. We can then apply our new talents and open to a whole new set of insights and become a pro at it!
The trouble for some people is merely a simple lack of time, motivation, or energy to devote to learning the basic principles and practicing them enough to become proficient and confident – desire, time, a teacher you resonate with, and the belief that it is possible.

We’re in Kerrisdale, Vancouver, BC and a short drive from North and West Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westmeinster, Richmond and White Rock

Merrie Bakker, BSc MArch CN

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