78 FoolProof Ways To Improve Your Health


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Here’s the first section – and although it is written as a one-size-fits-all guide and as we know that is therefore nowhere near exact enough, this 28 page e-booklet can be a valuable health overview.

Just a little Nutritional introduction here…

We view your body as an ecosystem of interdependantly and simutaneously synergetic functioning organs – physically, emotionally, energetically – that work with your imbalances. We look at indications as to why your body is reacting the way it does. We do not deal in fixing symptoms but strive to find the underlying reasons. 

We view as a priority: the compensation of deficiencies you may have, stimulation of those internal key processes that may be wanting, and addressing any dys-regulation and toxic-fcation (the milieu / the terrain, in pleomorphism).

We view your body as:

  • an energetically open system that is brilliantly capable of self repair with a bit (or a lot) of support
  • an information and storage system effecting all cells and the nervous system
  • often dealing brilliantly with man-made factors that can have a negative effect, reducing it’s ability to be in prime form due to:
  1. chemicals
  2. e-smog / physical environment toxins / geopathic stresses
  3. lifestyle imbalances and diet deficiencies
  4. psychological / emotional shocks and disturbances

“If I could live my life over again, I would devote it to proving that germs seek their natural habitat – diseased tissue – rather than being the cause of the diseased tissue; eg. mosquitoes seek stagnant water, but do not cause the water to
become stagnant”
Dr. Rudolph Virchow (Father of Pathology)

Did you know?

  • red blood cells turn over every 120 days
  • skin cells slough off every 7 days
  • GI cells replaced themselves every 5 days
  • fatty tissue cells replace themselves every 3 weeks
  • 600 billion cells die and replace themselves daily

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78 Foolproof Ways to Improve Your Health

PART ONE: Suggestions / Support for Your Organs
PART TWO: Choosing Certain Foods Over Others
PART THREE: Bad Acts – Foods to Walk Away From
PART FOUR: Detoxifying – a Little Cleaning Up
PART FIVE: Addictions
PART SIX: Re-mineralizing
PART SEVEN: Vitamins
PART EIGHT: Oils and Fats
PART TEN: Pain Reduction

PART ONE: Suggestions and Support for Your Organs

1. Your liver, a miraculous filtering device, is a serious workhorse and home to many subtle and essential chemical and metabolic reactions! Your liver must be thriving to help keep all the ongoing critical systems calibrated just right for your body. Your liver also serves as a storage facility for certain nutrients and at the same time a perfect place to keep toxins stored out of harms way! The least expensive method of supporting and cleansing your liver is with the classic castor oil packs (go to https://pacific-holistic.com/HEALTH-ARTICLES/castor-oil-packs and read what you need in order to do these ~ unprinted, unbleached wool flannel, organic castor oil, hot water bottle, etc) and how to do it).

5. A herbal blend of tea you can assemble for the liver – herbs that can be bought at a reputable herbal apothecary or ordered online – would include milk thistle, licorice, barberry, burdock, dandelion root and fennel. 

2. If you have been exposed to anti-biotics then your liver and intestinal tract will need to be healed from the anti-biotics’ negative side-effects. Two important basic steps are required: 1. supporting the liver; 2. replenishing the entire small and large intestine with trillions upon trillions of bacteria.
The easiest way to do this is by taking Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) – and as we are all different I’ll just mention an average amount of time: 3 months. ALA is a miracle supplement that supports the liver, is a very effective anti-inflammatory and is also an incredible anti-oxidant (however should be avoided when one has a lot of mercury stored out of harm’s way in fat tissue and also sitting in soft tissue – usually accumulated from ‘silver’ filling removal by very mainstream dentists).
Read about this ALA at “Liver Disease: The Shameful Culmination Of Allopathic Therapy” by Dr Bruce Sheldon – a wonderful little article that everyone should read, not merely for people with liver challenges at https://pacific-holistic.com/ALA. ALA is available at any quality health food / supplement store. Worth stocking up on, too.

3. Liver cleanses such as the ones described by the famous Hulda Clarke and others found on the internet that require you to ingest a lot of Epsom salts, oils and lemon, etc, should only be done after a serious intestinal cleanse is thoroughly completed and before you go on to re-inplanting all those trillions of genious bacteria – or else you may create more damage to your organs than do good. If this is ignored then some of the the debris, pathogens and other toxins which might be released from the liver are quite likely going to find a new home somewhere downstream in the intestinal tract walls and pockets (22to 28 feet long).
All too often quickie liver cleanses or less than quality commercial liver cleanses, merely rearrange these toxins without adequate departure or worse still, will allow your toxins to lodge in the intestinal tract pockets and diverticula and cleansing is not achieved – much like rearranging the chairs on the Titanic and you’ll actually unwittingly compromise your health – some of those moved toxins are then able to be re-absorbed.
So start your liver cleanse by doing a thorough Intestinal cleanse so that the debris has an easy access to the exit. There are a distinct few detoxes that are worth exploring ~ just go to the detox section further below. In the meantime, enjoy the hard work certain enzymes can do for you to lighten your toxic load in general and in your liver, specifically. Take proteolitic or protease enzymes or if you have few choices where you live, then bromelain between meals on an empty stomach (sound strange? give it a try anyway). This is very detoxifying and your liver will thank you for the support and helping hand.

4. Your liver converts alcohol to acetaldehyde, ESPECIALLY when you drink on an empty stomach, such as when we order a glass of wine while we wait for dinner to be served in a restaurant or sipping while cooking. This shot of alcohol on an empty stomach interferes with many gastro-intestinal and liver processes later on in the meal. A part of alcohol is also pure sugar and exacerbates any blood sugar imbalances you may have (known or unknown) until the proteins and fats from your meal land in your stomach and provide some relief. When we sit down to a meal pre-started by an alcoholic drink, our stomachs are usually empty. Blood sugar can therefore be low and that half glass of wine or beer then packs a much stronger negative punch and causes a resultant, fast spike in blood sugar and the sure-to-follow insulin spike in order to get some control back and the meal hasn’t even begun! (I always munch on some nuts that I have in my car and purse, en route to a lunch or dinner out, where I might be having a drink.) If I have an alcoholic drink with a meal, then that becomes my simple-carb component for that meal and the food part of the meal takes care of the protein, fats and complex carbs (such as vegetables)

6. When you have severe hair loss, then a good amino acid to add in larger quantities to your diet is L-lysine. It is an essential amino acid, playing a major role in the production of another amino acid called carnitine. It plays an important role in the formation of collagen, a substance important for your bones and connective tissues including skin, tendons, hair and your cartilage. When lysine becomes linked to sugar such as the lysine in wheat found in pastries or foods that have been caramelized with sugar that contain lysine, then the two become a difficult to digest interlocked combo. So the best way to avoid this mis-use of lysine is to avoid sugar. Good sources of lysine are red meat, poultry, cod, sardines and eggs. If you are a vegetarian, then your lysine levels will be low and your best foods are: nuts, beans, lentils, spirulina, watercress, spinach, black caraway, black cumin, fennel, fenugreek seed, nutmeg, amaranth, quinoa and buckwheat (and som eof these have their own inflammatory challenges). Eating lysine-rich foods also appear to be an effective agent for reduction and frequency of simplex herpes occurrences. If herpes outbreaks are your challenge, then avoid carob, raw chocolate, coconut, dairy, gelatin, all nuts, peanuts, unprocessed wheat and oat products and foods with the amino acid arginine).

78 FoolProof Tips to Improve Your Health
lots of lysine for this lady

7. Glycine for prostate – information from a clinical trial conducted with 45 men diagnosed with prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) showed a dramatic reduction in symptoms in those men in the study who had been given 780mg of glycine each day for two weeks, followed by 390mg over the next two and a half months, combined with equal amounts of glutamic acid and alanine. You may want to see your alternative health practitioner to work with this information and to calibrate your diet. (Glyphosate pesticides may contain glysine which has been tested and proven to displace glycine – do your prostate a favour – EAT ORGANIC!)

enlarged prostate
too much of a good thing!

8. Wilson’s Syndrome is a slowing (from slight to severe) of the metabolism due to a sluggish thyroid (see https://www.wilsonssyndrome.com/identify/wts-overview/) and is characterized by a lowered body temperature and can be self-diagnosed by taking one’s temperature in a very specific manner (see https://www.wilsonssyndrome.com/How-Are-Temps-Measured.htm). Orthodox thyroid blood tests are often in the “normal” range even while one has Wilson’s Syndrome, so the tests your GP’s lab offers are not sensitive enough or else the interpretation of the result is too loose and therefore incorrect. In fact, quite a few people who don’t know about Wilson’s Syndrome have it, may not even know it and don’t know what it feels like to be “normal”. (Not to be confused with Wilson’s Disease which is related to copper mal-assimulation). 
Thyroid function tests (TFT) are needed if your MD/ND wants to get all the right information for you. These should include the test for thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), thyrotropin, thyroxine (T4), and triiodothyronine (T3). The latter two would include the circulating concentrations and free hormones. T3 is one of the four natural thyroid hormones, produced in target tissues outside of the thyroid gland from metabolism of your T4. No one, BTW, cares about T0, T1 and T2 anymore… Inert? Maybe? If you are presently on chemical thyroid replacement meds, which obviously need monitoring, then these above tests are also the ones to ask for.
This persistent yet reversible slowing of the thyroid and metabolism can be brought on by intense severe stress (such as PTSD, prolonged depression, trauma), heavy medication use (for any number of illnesses) and due to the chronic weakening of some or all of the other organs of the endocrine system (such as the adrenals and pancreas). 
Wilson’s Syndrome, discovered by an MD while working in emergency, Dr. E. Denis Wilson, was never given any credibility by standard medicine. His book is “Wilson’s Syndrome”, published by Cornerstone Pub, ISBN-10: 0962987506 and ISBN-13: 9780962987502.
A sluggish thyroid condition is often corrected with a special and natural thyroid treatment that your naturopath can supervise but is not required for life as the regular mainstream medication is.
Armour’s. kelp, specific herbs, parathyroid support and/or potassium iodide are all options you could discuss with your alternative practitioner – and co-ordinate their use… except for in Canada where this option has been removed. (It is almost always better to use a natural thyroid extract because the synthetic, medically prescribed chemical versions usually require a lifetime commitment of replacement once started, rather than leading to healing as the thyroid has gone on an extended holiday).

You can always switch to the artificial pharmaceutical replacement when the more natural measures do not work for you – as a last resort – not the first choice.
80% of Wilson’s Thyroid Syndrome sufferers are women.
Thyroid hormones have many functions that we could easily overlook and some reactions help keep our body temperature just right.
Here’s one example: virtually all of the chemical reactions that take place in our bodies are catalyzed by enzymes – many enzymes – approximately 1300 found in our cells. They can combine with coenzymes to form nearly 100,000 various chemicals that enable us to see, hear, feel, move, digest food, and think, etc.
When our body temperature is too low or too high, nearly all of the enzymes in our body function less effectively. This can cause a very wide variety of complaints and dysfunctions. In order to function optimally, our body must be at the exact optimal temperature, all of the time. To check for yours, you need to take your temperature in a very particular way. So you take your body’s temperature in mid morning – away from food and drink by a few hours – oral temperature while remaining still and not moving about. (If you are a woman then don’t do this test while ovulating or while you have your period.) Do this three days in a row and take your average.

If your temperature is 98.6F* or 37C* then you are absolutely fine. Less is not so good. If it as much as one whole degree less, then steps need to be taken, such as reading at the web site: https://www.wilsonssyndrome.com/identify/wts-overview/ to give yourself an overview, be informed or to have live blood analysis or a trip to your naturopath or MD. Because most orthodox medical doctors don’t yet know about WTS or much of any of this conversation. 
If that average temperature (above) is off by just a tad, then your very first supplement choice can be Lugol’s iodine. Including kelp in your diet as food might work for a day or two, but no one does this continuously, daily. The kelp supplements are very inexpensive and weak by comparison to the inexpensive Lugol’s iodine – and test for quantity is described in the article: https://pacific-holistic.com/iodine.

9. The herb sage is singularly good for your brain and nervous system ~ a little memory booster, while warming and quickening the senses.” A test was done on a group of 44 adults between 18 and 37 years of age. The participants were given capsules containing sage oil or a placebo. Results showed that those who took the sage oil performed significantly better in memory tests. The herb inhibits acetylcholin-esterase (AChE), which breaks down the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which plays an important role in memory and which shows depleted levels in Alzheimer’s disease. Sage grows wild and is collected commercially from the wild as well and is available in all quality herbal stores and apothecaries in different forms (tinctures, dried herb, oil, etc). If you happen to live in Ashcroft BC, then you have a ready supply – the cemetery is filled with wild sage.

10. Primary hypothyroidism is hypothyroidism due to an actual malfunctioning thyroid gland and that IS picked up in standard medical blood tests (as opposed to under-functioning hypo-thyroid described in no. 8 above). This primary hypothyroidism is due to some form of permanent damage (see also a naturopath or an alternative health practitioner for a distinctly different second opinion, so you have really good insights and choice of therapy).
Since the purpose of the thyroid gland is manyfold and includes releasing thyroid hormone into the bloodstream in order to go to the cells where it is required and provide energy, poor functioning of the thyroid gland requires both T3 and T4 to be tested (as in no. 8 above). If not, as is often the case, then the more limited orthodox thyroid tests can come back normal or inconclusive while the doctor may conclude that, “Since your blood tests are normal, you’re fine and it’s all in your head.” NOT!

PART TWO: Choosing Certain Foods Over Others – making smart and tasty substitutions

points 11 through 78 continue in the pdf report – just send an email with the words “78 FoolProoof Ways” in the subject to info@pacificholistic.com to receive it

beware unfermented soy products
soy beans – not a Cinderella for vegetarians

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