Supporting your Pancreas – Balancing Blood Sugar – Hypoglycemia & Diabetes

If you’ve had your live blood analysis done, you would have looked at many aspects of your blood – red cells, white cells, and all sorts of interesting shapes doing the backstroke in between.
You may have addressed a blood sugar imbalance – you would have seen a tiny strangely shaped item – a very subtle bio-film (like lumpy angel-wings) – an oligio-saccharide – around a miniscule dark stationary protein speck (much smaller than a platelet) and nudged up against a white roundish shape nearby (when viewed in phase contrast and see-through with numerous tiny white vibrating dots when viewed in dark-field). This is little grouping is called a pteroharpen. Such a unique name for what could be a nasty little item!

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Identifying this in one’s blood is reserved for blood viewed live on a slide with a very high powered microscope shortly after taking it (not from lab collected blood that has sat around in a vile). When a fresh droplet of blood, taken in a very particular manner, is analyzed from the point of view of pleomorphism – or terrain theory – then we can see pteroharpen. It’s a term coined by Dr. Enderlein, one of the great brilliant minds that gave us this unique body of medical knowledge, many decades ago. His work was based on decades of painstaking research as well as the precise work of Bechamps and Descartes ( the folks Pastuer plagiarized).
These pteroharpen formations, when not interfered with, and their fragile and vaguely visible bio-films keep us from being harmed, such that the toxic little protein bit contained within cannot attach/lodge itself onto a vein or artery wall and cause instant inflammation.
The bio-film protection, nature’s brilliant signature of always doing the best possible for us (even with back-up plans), can be thwarted by our own unwitting interference.
Chemotherapy definitely makes complete dust of this protective coating as well as other harsh pharmaceuticals that strip nature’s protection away (ironically diabetes and blood pressure drugs are included in doing this damage). Interesting correlations are that diabetes (and the presence of these pteroharpens) runs parallel with increased heart disease issues (due to vein and/or artery inflammation) and also with arthritis and painful swelling, bowel tissue inflammation and bleeding and inflammations in general. (This is a huge topic.) These pteroharpen are a basic sign of a blood sugar imbalance – both with hypoglycemia, hyperglycaemia or diabetes.
Best, of course, is not to have any of these health issues, to begin with.
Next best is to know that you have these challenges and why and then to know what to do about them in a most natural and un-damaging way possible. (And if you think your arterial walls are challenged by these pteroharpens in their “tortured” form – stripped of their bio-film and causing inflammation, then a back-up supplement for this is the amazing and potent anti-oxident and anti-inflammatory called alpha lipoic acid – ALA (although not having these little critters in the first place is by far a wiser strategy)).
Blood analysis experiments have been done minutes after a meal. Pteroharpen were measured and present in proportion to the amount of simple carbohydrates and triglycerides in the food just consumed and in decreasing amounts after the meal was being digested with occasional surges that seemed random.
However, the pteroharpen also occurred after “protein only” meals loaded with significant triglycerides. To a much lesser degree they occurred after a meal with neither simple carbs nor triglycerides. (Please see the glycemic index article).

I have two friends with diabetes who have great faith in their GP’s advice. When they’ve had yet another visit I always ask what the recommendations are and the overweight friend declares she was told she MUST loose weight or else she’ll be put on insulin. The other friend, who is a bag of bones, also comes back with the recommended she MUST loose weight or else she’ll be put on drugs… soon… and I wonder if there is an echo in the room… There’s more to pro-active blood sugar balancing than weight loss and medications.

NOT ONCE was the true state of the pancreas addressed. NOT ONCE was there a suggestion that the pancreas itself should get some specific attention and support. NOT ONCE were the organs that cooperate with the pancreas focused on, such as the liver. And NOT ONCE were the underlying emotional issues that can affect the pancreas, addressed. NOT ONCE were my clients advised of THE SIMPLEST and CHEAPEST highly effective necessary nutritional support.
Something as simple as adding chromium and vanadium to your diet correctly is essential! This is basic, necessary, no-nonsense, non-rocket-science, un-debatable, over-researched, solid information. I would expect my doctor to know how to support my pancreas. That might be less of a stretch for a GP than asking him/her to identify the EXACT emotional underlying issues. (An emphasis on ‘exact’ here as ‘stress’ may be stated and often is as a gross generality that does not lead to anything as we are all stressed in some way or another.
Stress is a bland, un-specific term – an over-used word, meaningless within healing and politically correct jargon.
Please, see the specific emotional issues described further, below.

Another live blood analysis client of mine had severe diabetes for decades and was on an automatic insulin pump that allowed insulin to flow into his blood thru a stent when the little computer and sensors attached at the waist indicated a need. Pretty clever technology! But an alarming amount of pteroharpens in his blood remained, none-the-less! An intimidating pteroharpen convention! 
He was told to not eat sweets and simple starches, watch his diet, as ‘we are doing the best we can with the latest technology’… Great technology but a bit more advice was needed!
His wife, a smart nurse, knew nothing of these simple minerals to supplement with and thought this expensive technology, which was dispersing automatic insulin was all there was for him. And yes! Quite marvelous!

pancreas - blood sugar imbalances
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So let’s see which two trace minerals can be of help.
Chromium is a vital, essential, cheap and an important trace mineral for the pancreas. It is a component required in sugar metabolism but is no longer found in the non-organic hothouse vegetables and fruits that we now consume. Our food sources of today have eliminated that trace mineral from regular produce while it still remains in organic food.

“Insulin is a transport mechanism. It is like a truck that transports glucose to the cells. At the cell destination there is an insulin receptor site that is comparable to a loading dock. This is where the glucose is unloaded and passed into the cell. Chromium rich GTF molecules are in essence dock workers that assist the sugar (glucose) from the insulin “truck” at the insulin receptor site “loading dock” into the cell. If there are less and less GTF chromium “dock workers” then the work of providing sugar to the cells for energy slows and becomes unproductive. A traffic jam of insulin “trucks” in the blood stream results in higher and higher levels of blood sugar as the problem of chromium deficiency increases with the passing of time. (Chris Gupta)
“Tests taken 35 years ago have shown that almost 25 per cent of us have no detectable levels of chromium at all by the time we are age 40! If anything, things are presently worse….. (Chris Gupta)

Unrefined whole wheat and raw sugar from sugar cane are rich in chromium (both are almost impossible to find for daily consuming and cooking). The refining of whole wheat (and the addition of unfermented soy flour, stabilizers, bleaching and dying agents, addictives and additives, etc) and the refining of raw sugar removes 95 per cent of the inherent chromium that these two staples previously provided and that we so essentially need. Worse still, these now refined flours (whether they are called whole wheat, multi-grain or named by any other clever marketing ploy) and sugars are quickly reduced into simple sugars that increase the blood sugar spikes very quickly, calling for even more insulin quickly, to assist in getting the sugar out of the bloodstream and into our tissue cells. 
This turns foods, that were once wholly good for us with the helpful mineral of chromium onboard, into foods that put more pressure on our reserves. Every time you consume a refined, white flour or white sugar your body depletes any stores of chromium you might still have had left or stored.

Chromium also occurs naturally in a wide variety of foods, but in infinitesimal amounts. We know there is a tiny bit more in ripe tomatoes, romaine lettuce and onions than in other vegetables. We cannot eat enough of these on a daily basis to make up a sufficient total daily amount. It is best to rely on the supplement form when you have diabetes, hypoglycemia or neither and just want to be proactive.
“Modern medical terms such as “insulin resistance” and “insulin sensitivity” should be replaced by “gross chromium deficiency”. It is not that insulin is “resistant” or the cell membrane lacks “sensitivity,” but rather that insulin’s job is frustrated because chromium is lacking” (Chris Gupta)

And I would add, chromium and vanadium insufficiency.

A diet considered adequate in all nutritional aspects as set out by dieticians with those cute little pyramid type graphics with little pictures in them, could contain as little as 5 micrograms of chromium per day or even less! Wholly inadequate!
Our non-organic vegetables are grown in depleted soil or in hothouse fluids that are only as nutritiously complex and rich and nourishing as the fluids dripped into the hydroponic concoctions administered to the roots for speedy growth. I doubt that mega-agri-corporations are worrying about adding in the trace minerals we desperately need, when our medical professionals can’t even be bothered to figure out what the details are when we come to visit them for very specific advice.
Chromium is an incredibly cheap trace mineral supplement, available at any health food store. Most chromium supplement bottles will suggest 200 to 300 mcg’s per day depending on one’s body size. There is no toxic upper limit. As a dietary supplement, chromium is available as TGF chromium, chromium picolinate, chromium polynicotinate, chromium chloride, and chromium-enriched yeast. There is substantial debate and opinion about the best form. Health Canada now allows chromium picolinate, the best option, in my opinion, to be sold in Canada again (now we don’t have to hide it in our spare tires coming back over the US border).

The other trace mineral:
Vanadium is not well known. Vanadium is incredibly abundant in lobster, parsley and a bit in mushrooms and not too much in any other food. When you Google vanadium you read that it is in almost every vegetable but that is faulty info. Vanadium is not supplied or native to the hot-house nutrients fed to any roots – just in quality and rich organic soil.
Two bunches of parsley per week per person would be a good start for a therapeutic re-boot; and a little less for maintenance. That’s way too much to munch on… yuk… very off-putting over time. There is an elegant solution, however. Simply boil the parsley bunch(es) (organic) in a liter of water for a few minutes. Have a drink of this parsley water when you’re done boiling and cooling it (tastes okay while still warm). Then throw out the boiled and tortured parsley and keep the mineral-rich water. Once the parsley is boiled, the enzymes and vitamins are lost anyway but the minerals remain. This parsley/vanadium/iron water is perfect for cooking brown rice or spelt or quinoa in later as the water is absorbed into these top notch healthy carbs (eat small therapeutic portions to keep blood sugar balanced). I make extra rice or quinoa for stir-fries or to add to salads, or to be creative with in sauces and stews (no one is any the wiser). It is excellant to drink, also.
So I make my parsley water once a week. For variation there is pesto (concentrated amounts of parsley substituted for basil) and parsley can be chopped and added to almost any dish or sauce or stew (the latter created with parsley water, first, of course!).

There are a few supplements companies offering vanadium and chromium together in one pill or capsule. This may not be a good idea – they are competitive minerals, just like copper and zinc – know antagonists. Although you need both, you would want to ingest them separately – not at the same timen. and no tin the same supplement. (Research to get to the bottom of this is rarely done. At UBC, back in 1985, a small study addressing merely the efficacy of vanadium on the pancreas was all that was done). Combining these two trace minerals is smart marketing. They are both REALLY necessary but antagonists to each other and best consumed at seperate times.

Correct food choices are crucial for imbalanced sugar levels. It’s not about counting calories and certainly not about ditching healthy fats – it’s about getting the right foods in moderate quantities! It’s about knowing how to mix and match so you CAN have the occasional sweet or glass of wine, etc.
Having quality protein with every meal is essential. Having quality fats with every meal is essential, too (and not just for the pancreas, but for the liver, brain, etc, as well, and more). Spend some time understanding fats, such that you can work with them happily. Here is an example: You crave a starch… You see a potato… You think of the calories… You see it is white… You’ve been told that is all bad… So the potato is not on the list of ‘allowable’ foods that you think are good for you….
Well, not really. One 3 inch diameter potato has 200 calories. It also has lots of potassium and some B6, iron and Vit C. A whole naked potato, by itself, has too much starch for maintaining good sugar balance and yet you don’t have to pass it up. Instead, eat half the potato and add a tablespoon of organic, unsalted butter to it (the butter is an excellent source of butyric acid and balm for the membrane of the millions of villa in the small intestinal track) and the calories remain the same. The potato has a high glycemic index number and the butter is 0 and combined they are acceptable. (There is no need for antibiotics and salt in butter, so organic and salt-free butter is by far the superior choice for this marvelous nutrient.)  

In this example you have a serving of wise nutrition. You don’t have to feel deprived and the bloodstream’s uptake of the starch in the potatoe is slowed right down by the healthy butter! You need to eat according to the glycemic index. (This potato with butter would qualify as a smart low glycemic choice.) Protein and quality fats put the breaks on any potential blood-sugar spiking by carbs.
The glycemic index is interesting and straightforward. The info that circulates is based on two different systems and can be confusing when you think there is only one – one is derived from sugar and one from white flour. (Use the first and forget the second…) This index and it’s usefulness should be on the wall of every doctor’s waiting room. The glycemic index should be handed to everyone seeing a dietician for blood sugar advice and be in every diabetic’s manual.

When we have experienced a deep shock, unexpected sudden conflict with lingering subconscious or conscious emotional residues, then that can have a damaging effect on our bodies – somewhere – on some organ or tissue – all depending on the specifics. There are two specific emotional issues that can effect the pancreas, if they are not resolved (or healed).

The first shock or conflict that may possibly be affecting the pancreas and it’s ability to work at optimum, occurs when we have lost something of great value that certainly was ours, something valuable was lost – either unfairly or not by choice.
An example might be missing out on a sizable inheritance that you were very certain to receive and never in a million years anticipated that it would go in part or in its entirety to someone else!
Or a sculdugrous business partner walks off irretrievably with all the shares in the thriving company that you founded with no means of restitution for you through the court system.
Or you may experience the dealth of someone extremely dear and close – loosing the ‘love of your life’ or a child.
These grave shocks, when left unresolved, can have a lasting effect on the pancreas (and may involve several other organs, too). It’s interesting to see when one is diagnosed with a blood sugar problem and to see what occurred in one’s life shortly before the blood sugar imbalance set in (rather than many years before).

The other emotion is an innate, internalized sense of resistance for something ugly, awful and/or disgusting that needs to be pushed back – kept at bay. This, for example, can be from an old childhood experience where there is still some ‘pushing away’ for protection and for emotional safety’s sake – a type of resisting deep down from a horrible, unresolved, experience – abuse often comes up as an example. Or it can be, for example, from a deep, powerful need to push back / protect a seriously ill loved one (such as a child or spouse) from impending doom – spiralling into ever greater ill-health and dying.

Just to be sure, it’s not about stress in general, or wishing you could get your mother-in-law off the deed to your home, or about how your grade one teacher favoured your sister… It’s quite specific to a significant valuable unexpected and unfair loss and/or a terribly deep inner unrelenting need to resist something that was experienced as utterly ugly and awful.

These deep shocks/conflicts and possibly unresolved issues can be elegantly addressed with Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT. An introduction to this miraculous work by the founder Gary Craig and his daughter is at EFT should be in all of our toolkits. Just look around in this website and get the hang of this subtle ‘tapping’ – certainly worth a visit to the site. These above described emotions need to be neutrilized / down-graded for proper pancreatic healing and EFT is an effective method – done privately at home – free – at one’s own speed.

And here are some easy add-ons for fine tuning.
Homeopathics can be subtle and yet effective, including cell salts (also called tissue salts or Schuessler salts). They do no harm and are inexpensive. The three most helpful for sugar imbalances are:
    •    Kalium sulphate (D6)  (Kali. sulph.)
    •    Natrium sulphate (D6)  (Nat. sulph.)
    •    Calium phosphate (D6)  (Calc. phos.)

These can also be given to pets!
And treat yourself to a nice reflexology session and have your pancreas and liver given special attention ask your practitioner to mark your feet so you can go home and repeat the treat everyday. Or just have a friend massage your feet in the right places!
Presently we have a whole specialty of medicine devoted to diabetes and billions of dollars of sales per year for the pharmaceuticals, which could be wiped out by restoring two little minerals, some proper EFT, some homeopathics and consistent foot massage while eating well and wisely; and handling past specific emotional shocks.

And one last word…

Don’t blame your genes. Even today we still hear that diabetes is genetic. ‘Both my parents had it’ is often heard as an explanation. This harkens back to a generation ago, when Western medicine was in it’s infancy, and we didn’t know any better and that was a convenient place to find an explanation and lay the blame.

Those of us with a European heritage had parents who endured ugly wars. Both of my parents experienced deeply horrid events and lost everything. Emotional issues are very subjective. My mother never got over her shocks and ugly experiences (not helped any with Western medicine’s electro-shock treatments nor meds!). My uncle, same horrid stories, just rolled up his sleeves and made a few more million! So when I had severe blood sugar imbalances, I could just have blamed it on my mother’s genes!

The longer we live the more of these events in need of resolving (or further downgrading may accumulate. So it isn’t a surprise that diabetes comes along more often later in life than right at birth or very early childhood (as it would be if it was due to those inherited genes which only can apply to Diabetes I, not II). We may end up with parents who are diabetics and that has NOTHING to do with our pancreas’ – but maybe we can help them!
Let’s not give our genes a bad name!

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