Butter has been somewhat repatriated after we realized that the margarine lobby had been less than honest with us (…would you believe pregnant women are still being coached to switch to margarine by a nurse acting as a nutritionist in a BC hospital!) And another hospital in Vancouver BC with a specific heart and stroke specialty section still serves it to their patients because the Heart and Stroke Foundation in Washington DC say so and that foundation receives huge funding from that specific margarine comporation!).

butter with beneficial butyric acid

Yet, there is a residue of resistance in regards to some people still having a fear that there’s something true to those “thou shalt not’s” of yesteryear in regards to butter. Sort of like ‘where there’s smoke, there’s fire’.  … and of course the whole bogus cholesterol dis-information by the pharmaceutical world also plays a role (and the consequent outdated doctors’ unwitting points of view on butter and cholesterol feeds into that confusion, too).

One hundred years ago the consumption of butter per person was much higher than now and there was virtually no cardiovascular disease then. Our consumption in North America dropped from 20 lbs to 4 lbs per year in this past century. “Scientists” linked the high number of heart disease patients from the ’50’s and onwards to butter / oils / and saturated fats and the rest of the ‘gurus’ were merely lemmings repeating the corporate inspired mantra! 
Heart disease was deemed to be caused by hardened arteries. These harden arteries, in turn, were stealthfully linked to butter and good and/or bad cholestreol! No one questioned or asked for the true scientific evidence for any of this… (there was none!).
The reduction of butter consumption and the subsequent increase in margarine use in the Western World occurred at the same time as the increased incidence of asthma, eczema and other allergic diseases… a co-incidence?
BUT as a “scientist” reported it, so it must be so… or so we thought.

Our gut biome resides in both large and small intestine and good health needs everything in those two organs to be in good repair for optimum efficiency. This short chain fatty acid, the butyrate, is as special as the short chain fatty acids produced in the ascending large colon from fermentation in the biome.

One note of caution, though, is that not all butter is created equal.
We know, for example, that the cheaper mass-produced peanut butter, has had the peanut oil removed and replaced with cottonseed oil – a higher priced oil is removed and a cheap ‘non-food’ oil is substituted and this is not reflected on the label’s information. Corporations owe allegiance to their shareholders, afterall.

butter - nutritionally superior

So it is with butter. The low end, cheaper, butters have had some of the good real cream removed to be sold as whipping cream and such that fetches a higher price, while being replaced by filler that is undetectable by the consumer… buyer beware! It’s hard to tell; and also not mentioned on the label; it can sometimes be perceived when the cheaper butter melts in a ‘watery’ way. Researchers have also asserted that 20 percent of the fat in real butter consists of short and medium-length fatty acids. These are used directly as energy and do not stay around long enough to affect blood fat levels very much.
At this point, the least expensive butter that is still 100% healthy are organic butters. Here in Vancouver, BC, I purchase Avalon’s and Natrel’s Organic butters.
The richest benefits are found in raw butter made from pastured cows eating healthy food.

Here below are some salient NUTRITIONAL points:
    •    Butter contains high amounts of Vitamin A (the soft yellow colour) – very synergistic with the thyroid gland.
    •    Butter contains Vitamin D – helps with absorption of calcium and phosphorous and D is rarely found in a vegan diet
    •    Butter contains Vitamin E – even though it is rare to be deficient in this vitamin, it’s good to have it on your plate
    •    Butter is a co-factor with vitamin K1, K2, K3 – needed for keeping healthy colon tissues (esp the villi), and strengthens bones and teeth and nutrient absorption
    •    Butter contains lauric and butyric acids. The former works well against all fungi and unwanted bacteria. The latter aids in healing the delicate 20 plus feet of the small intestinal villi.
    •    The factory produced synthetic linoleic acid in fake butter is not nearly as healthy as the naturally occuring linoleic acid in butter.
    •    Butter is high in antioxidants – free radicals are not only disabled by consuming fruits, vegetables and green tea, but also with butter and repairs damage from the real free radicals caused by rancid fats, cheap vegetable oils and trans fats (such as what we consume in restaurants). 
    •    Cholesterol is not responsible for arteriosclerosis – inflammation from all causes is the culprit. Cholesterol is a necessary substance that aids in the healing of inflammation in some tissue such as arteries and veins (a bit like blaming the firefighters at a fire for the fire itself – just because they are present).

From the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation research (as known up to 1942) butter has the following characteristics of superiority over other fats and oleomargarine imitations:
1. the best source of vitamin A.(2) 
2. the vitamin A in butter is three times as effective as the vitamin A in fish liver oils.(2) 
3. the natural vitamin D in butter is found 100 times as effective as the common commercial synthetic form of D (viosterol).(3) 
4. butter has vitamin E in sufficient quantity to prevent deficiency reactions.(4, 5) 

butyric acid

Cholesterol / butter issues are sometimes all lumped together and often put in a bad light – and so also the consumption of ANY oils and fats.
Our brain consists largely of fatty tissue; our hormones AND horney-mones cannot be made without oils / fats; healing tissue requires cholesterol; artery and vein repair requires cholesterol (I shudder when I think of all the unhappy damaged arteries and veins from those many years of “fat-free” and “fake-fat” foods and diets that have persisted).
Especially for proper brain development in children, it is wise to eat butter instead of the fake butters that doctors and some dieticians still feel obliged to praise. For example dieticians in a Greater Vancouver hospital STILL counsel pregnant women to eat margarine and stay away from butter… this has to STOP!
    •    Cholesterol is ESSENTIAL for the production of brain cells and the protective myelin sheaths along our entire nervous system, and hence good oils / fats are a MUST HAVE for a healthy functioning nervous system.
    •    Arachidonic acid is also an essential fat that is present in outer lipid cell membranes – AND omega-6 fatty acid; it’s also heart-healthy (this goes completely against the often heard dis-informtion talk that butter would be bad for one’s heart); and of cource, it’s an integral part of healthy fat cells of the brain. (And another quick example, the fats in an organic egg yolk has it’s own healthy emulsyfier – special healthy egg lecithin (not something as crappy as soy lethicin).
    •    There are now scientific studies that show that people who eat butter aave much fewer heart attacks. There is one study which has found that if people smoke and drink alcohol, the risk of a heart attack is not greater than for non-smokers, IF they do it in conjunction with consuming butter. (This is not merely an opinion … but the result of research). Margarine use, however, IS associated with higher numbers of heart attacks, as independent scientists have discovered.
Why do people sometimes feel guilty when they eat butter? It can’t be the science. Maybe it’s the advertising – years and years of dis-information – just follow the money (including the money behind the research).
Thus, a fixed opinion put in the brain that butter is bad lasts a long time. This is the result of the work of well-trained marketing specialists and a government that sometimes sleeps … or sleeps with the enemy … come on Health Canada…

Research suggests that dairy foods may reduce the occurrence and symptoms of asthma and allergies. These University of Auckland studies have shown that mice with allergic conditions showed a reduced reaction to allergens when fed a diet enriched with fatty acids derived from dairy. These fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties and occur naturally in cow’s milk but are not present in margarine. 
In New Zealand, Dr Peter Black from the University’s Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences: “We believe that 10g per day of butter enriched with these natural fatty acids should help control symptoms of asthma.”

Saturated fats are a range of VARYING molecules, of which one of the most common is stearic acid. From studies using shea butter, a tropical nut oil, which is very high in stearic acid, they found that “the effect of fats high in individual, prevalent saturated dietary fatty acids 
on lipoproteins and hemostatic variables in young healthy subjects was 
evaluated in a randomized metabolic feeding study. The results indicate that 
intake of shea butter high in stearic acid favorably affects blood lipids and 
factor VII coagulant activity in young men.
” – as published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Bethesda: Feb 1994. Vol. 59, Issue 2; pg. 371
This is in tandem with previous studies that have concluded that stearic acid does not raise cholesterol levels. (The only reason why saturated fats are considered bad is that they are meant to raise cholesterol levels, which in turn are correlated to a higher risk in Coronary Heart Disease -a bogus set of health consequence dominos). Although, there have been many other attempts to link saturated fat consumption to diabetes and cancer, essentially it is the cholesterol/heart disease links that has formed the basis of saturated fat’s bad image.

Beef tallow, the fat that has been demonised as the heart-disease, life shortening, cancer-causing fat, is in fact mostly made of fats that help the heart. 
The composition of beef fat: 
40% mono unsaturated (oleic and palmitoleic) 
22% stearic acid 
3% myristic (saturated) 
25% palmitic (saturated) 
4% polyunsaturated 
5% rumanitic trans-fats 

As nutritionists tell us mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats help lower cholesterol, we have 66% of beef tallow composed of fats that have favorable effects for the heart! This leaves the remaining 34% to be responsible for cholesterol numbers raising, IF WE BELIEVE THE GOOFY RESEARCH!.
So, the remaining myristic and palmitic acids have been suggested to raise cholesterol, and studies so far have produced contradictory results with regard to these components ALSO.

THE BASICS ON DIETARY FATS: https://www.westonaprice.org/know-your-fats/#gsc.tab=0

Know Your Fats by Mary Enig – https://www.westonaprice.org/book-reviews/know-your-fats-by-mary-enig/#gsc.tab=0

1 Lee, R. and Stolzoff, J. S., The Special Nutritional Qualities of Natural Foods, Report #4, Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, Milwaukee 3, Wisconsin, July, 1942. 
2 Fraps and Kemmerer, Texas Agricultural Experimental Bulletin, 560: April 20, 1938. 
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5 Sure, B. I., Journal of Biological Chemistry, 74:71?84, 1927. 


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