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FACT: “Silver” or amalgam dental fillings contain from 48-55 percent mercury, 33-35 percent silver, and various amounts of copper, tin, zinc, and other metals. Since mercury is the major component of the material, any representation of the material should include the word “mercury”.

FACT: Mercury is a powerful poison. Published research has shown that mercury is more toxic than lead, cadmium, and even arsenic. Furthermore, there is no known toxic threshold for mercury vapor and world-renowned mercury toxicologists have stated that no amount of exposure to mercury vapor can be considered totally harmless.

FACT: Scientific research has demonstrated that mercury, even in small amounts, can damage the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, thyroid gland, pituitary gland, adrenal gland, cells, enzymes and hormones, and suppress the body’s immune system. Mercury has been shown to pass the placental membrane in pregnant women and cause permanent damage to the brain of the developing baby.

FACT: Mercury is continually released from mercury dental fillings in the form of mercury vapor and abraded particles. This process is stimulated /  increased as much as 5-fold by chewing, brushing, hot liquids, etc. The World Health Organization recently concluded that the daily intake of mercury from amalgam dental filings exceeded the combined daily intake of mercury derived from air, water and food (including fish).

FACT: The mercury vapor released from mercury dental fillings is absorbed very rapidly and thoroughly in your body primarily by inhalation and swallowing.

FACT: In human autopsy studies, it has been found that there is a direct correlation between the amount of mercury found in the brain and the number and surfaces of mercury fillings in the teeth.

FACT: Mercury causes normal intestinal micro-flora to become mercury resistant and antibiotic resistant. Mercury resistant bacteria cause mercury in the intestinal tract to be converted back into vapor and recycled back into the body. Antibiotic resistance is becoming a major medical concern.

FACT: Recent scientific research has shown high levels of mercury in the brains of individuals who died from Alzheimer’s disease. Other research is demonstrating mercury can cause similar pathological effects in the brain as that seen in Lou Gerig’s Disease (ALS) and ALD. Laboratory studies of spinal fluid from ALS and ALD patient’s has confirmed that mercury inhibits key brain detoxification by our enzyme systems.

Editor’s note: The American Dental Association, The Canadian Dental Association, The BC Dental Association, Health Canada and various US Government agencies support (or do not condone) the use of silver / mercury dental fillings. They claim they are safe, based on 150 years of use and that there is no significant scientific evidence showing mercury exposure from dental fillings causes any known disease or should be subjected to urgent and substantial research.
However, they say the following! “if you are pregnant, elderly or challenged with a reduced immune system then they recommend to steer clear of Mercury!”

These FACTS originated with the wonderful folks at:  – Dr. Richard Hansen, D.M.D., Director of the Center for Advanced Dentistry in Fullerton, California.

See also a less medieval approach to cavities:


Read also the eye-opener at This is an interview by Alternative Medicine Magazine that dispells the greatness of modern day advancement in dental work! “Everything You Wanted to Know about Root Canals (and how to avoid them).
Call your nearest Dental Association and demand a list of dentists that do this type of work.

Here are a few highlights of a viable alternative: The Laser Nerve Treatment As An Alternative to Root Canal.

The Laser Nerve Treatment procedure, also known as “laser root canal,” may, in many cases, eliminate the need for a standard root canal treatment. Pain and swelling in or around a tooth doesn’t necessarily mean that the tooth is dead and can’t be revived. Many times, there is still viable tissue in the pulp chamber, with blood flow to provide oxygen and healing to the challenged area. Using the above procedure, the tooth can be healed and repaired without the need for such drastic measures as a root canal.
There are many weaknesses in the standard root canal procedure. For one thing, the chemicals used to sterilize the root interiors are toxic and harmful to the human body. Another problem is the gutta percha material used to fill the roots. It is made of a latex material that many people may be sensitive to, and may shrink or leave voids once settled in, which may leak and breed more bacteria. Gutta percha is mixed with heavy metal salts, which may include mercury, barium, and lead, so that it will show up well in an X-Ray. All blood flow and lymphatic drainage to the area surrounding the tooth may be reduced or compromised, which may cause bone death and degradation around the tooth.
The cement that fastens the permanent crown is not foolproof, either. It may crack and leak over time, allowing microbes to enter the remainder of the tooth underneath, and cause further decay and breakdown. The Laser Nerve Treatment is a healthy alternative to the root canal. The laser can disinfect and remove the dead, infected tissue while disinfecting the tooth interior much more thoroughly than any combination of chemicals can. Materials that repair and heal the nerve tissue can then be injected into the root chamber, after which the outside of the tooth can be repaired with bio-compatible inlays or on-lays.

Here’s a clear close-up and a really easy way to get in tune with an unhappy tooth and inspire you as to what to do next – with Dr. Dawn Ewing, Executive Director of The International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine:

And here you can take notice of the intricacies of root canals also by Dr Dawn Ewing:

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