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… with more than a few carrots …
We know we are connected! We know everything is connected – our feelings, un-anticipated shocks and surprise conflicts and fluke accidents. Just how interconnected are we?
Could our vision be related to our diet as well as possible deep-seated emotional conflicts and deep upsets? The answer would be a resounding YES!

How well does our body make stomach acid? The answer is hopefully: GREAT!
Almost all cells in our bodies have a need for essential amino acids (that’s what basic proteins are made up of) and include a must-have essential group of nine – all of them – not just one or two from fake burgers or pea-shoot powder. In order to transform the essential amino acids we eat into cell sustaining building and repair elements, you need a number of factors to go along with these essential amino acids for peak digestion: iodine, zinc and vitamin B1.
Absorbing the above nutrients requires nice strong stomach acid and lots of it. No blockers. (Stomach acid decreases with age – so one needs to become more vigilant about these with age). Once these items are properly digested they still need to find their way into the blood supply to be delivered to the cells! But at least, let’s start by eating and absorbing them well.

COMPLETE proteins are a given in an all-round smart diet and requires a lot of diligence in a vegetarian/vegan diet to make sure you get ALL AMINO ACIDS that are essential. (see Why We MUST Have COMPLETE Proteins to Stay Alive and Healthy)
Stomach acid is HCl – that’s H and Cl – and these are hydrogen and chloride. Hydrogen abounds in our bodies and chloride we get mainly through salt. Unfortunately processed and heat-treated salts have given this very beautiful “essence-of-life” substance a bad name. Please see the article on Salts at https://pacific-holistic.com/salt in the articles section – as to why we need real salt and what to avoid and what to purchase and what is precious and why. To balance salt intake we want to also have some potassium in our food – a banana a day / or salmon / avocado / real (not canned) coconut water …

I love oysters, muscles and clams. That’s my zinc supply! Zinc is an important co-factor for so many natural intermediary functions – that would be an article onto itself. As eating shell-fish, a major source of zinc, is becomingly scary due to pollution and Fukashima effects, we can supplement with colloidal zinc or colloidal minerals that include zinc. It’s also in sesame, pumpkin and squash seeds.

B1, thiamine, can be found in untortured, unprocessed cereals, oatmeal, flax, sunflower seeds, brown rice, rye, as well as in legumes and organic liver, beef and chicken. There may even be a tiny bit in asparagus, kale, cauliflower, potatoes, oranges, and watermelon. People have always known to include thiamine in their food choices for inflammation of the nerves (neuritis), pellagra and brain acuity. Now you have another reason to indulge.

There are many types of iodine around these days – don’t be deceived by items such as expensive watered-down “vegetable iodine” (marketed towards vegetarians?) (… were they indulging in animal iodine before?) Kelp is usually sold in a very weak format, too – not potent enough to play catch-up with for our thirsty bodies. Some potassium iodine powders are sketchy. I prefer ordering Lugol’s Iodine – either online or I purchase a bottle through Shopper’s Drugs – (from Xenex Labs) – this takes patience – with both the ordering process and the time required – but this is the best. I take one drop (only) each morning in a glass of water. Presto. https://pacific-holistic.com/iodine

Infections under crowns and under root canals called cavitations in the jaw bone are connected to the eyes by way of our energy meridians – they run along the same energetic pathways – possibly inhibiting balanced energy to our eyes. (In Vancouver Dr Madisen Basie has a sonic cavitation device to check for these hidden and overlooked yet highly significant issues.) Take a look inside: look inside: http://www.healthline.com/human-body-maps/

Any gentle detoxification of our organs benefits our eyesight, too. Many meridians that run energy into our heads, also run through our vital organs – the stomach, bladder, gallbladder, triple warmer and large intestine meridians directly affect our eyes. Some of the other energy pathways also contribute indirectly, so keeping them up to par has downstream and upstream benefits.

May your eyes shine brilliantly!

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