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Dr Rijke Geerd Hamer

All medical paradymes, whether long-standing and traditional, newer pharma-based or others known as alternative, are based on the premise that diseases are due to malfunction(s) of the body.

Diseases are assumed to be caused by pathogenistic, opportunistic microbes, wirussses, malignant and out-of-control cells, faulty genes, mutations, weaknesses in the various parts of the immune system, toxins from within and without, electro-magnetic pollution, negative earth energy radiation, poor nutrition, obesity, unbalanced pH levels, too many or not enough hormones, infected root canals, over-the-top stress, ‘wrong’ belief systems, and so on …

Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer’s (1935 – 2017) groundbreaking insights – pieced together with a deep medical knowledge – led him to discover that diseases are never meaningless ‘mistakes’ but part of important biological processes that are engaged in helping and even saving the body when under duress, rather than trying to destroy it. Certainly, Dr Hamer’s conclusions that diseases and malfunctions are not ‘mistakes’ of nature are completely logical. They can be seen as ‘Purposeful Biological Special Programmes” that nature automatically attempts to engage to support the body during challenges that most often include an emotional component or emotional crisis.
These deep insights and viewing ‘disease’ as a more complex set of details in an incredibly brilliant interwoven wholistic system is at odds with the monomorphic world we now take for granted. This German New Medicine® (GNM) – neither German nor New – is the missing link to understanding how our bodies REALLY work. German New medicine® intersects seamlessly with pleomorphism and terrain theory.
Dr. Hamer’s repressed medical system was sussed out and then brilliantly presented by him over many decades. Many have studied his work in Europe and have used it quietly. Here in North America, we are catching up… and obviously we musn’t let $ale$ get in the way…

GNM consists of a set of five ‘iron-clad’ principles that underlie how our bodies function, especially under conditions of unexpected shock, conflict, chaos and imbalance.


The basic concept of GNM is that our bodies naturally and always respond in specific biological ways to help us physically surmount and handle our shocks, conflicts, deep chaos and serious imbalances. Diseases and illnesses are often attempts by our bodies to help us recover – infections, blood sugar disorders, joint pains, diarrhea, headaches, even cancer, as well as ‘autoimmune’ challenges. 
Each symptom and challenge is not about a generalised unwellness due to a wandering bacterium, an errant toxin, germicidal invasion or tissue breakdown because the body is attacking itself, but most often due to a specific reaction to a specifically identifiable tissue type and/or organ and/or body function affected by a shock / conflict / deep chaos or a serious imbalance.
GNM helps us to understand the cause, the development and the natural healing of diseases based on the foundational principles of this new health perspective. 
GNM provides us with a new understanding of what a disease really is. Hence this is not a therapy but a new paradigm of of understanding the profound ontology of our brilliant bodies!

German New Medicine® is not only a new paradigm of medicine, it is also a new consciousness. It is the awareness that our human organism possesses an inexhaustible creativity and remarkable self-healing capability. It is the recognition that each cell of our body is endowed with a specific biological wisdom.
For generations, the mainstream medical authorities have enslaved and imprisoned the human mind with a FEAR for diseases – and these last few years are a prime example. The knowledge of Dr Hamer’s Five Biological Laws allows us to re-connect with our natural internal creative and intelligent healing force. Thanks to Dr. Hamer’s unfailing integrity and his dedicated research over the last four decades of hios life, we can now become free of that fear with the knowledge he left us.

GNM symbol – the croci

The first basic principle: 
Dr. Hamer was able to identify specific correlations between 
1. a serious unexpected emotional distress – affecting the psyche
2. simultaneously affecting a corresponding specific effect in the brain – old brain, cerebellum, cortex and medulla; 
3. simultaneously initiating a corresponing specific physiological effect – organ, tissue or system.
The above here is Dr Hamer’s first iron clad principle.

The second basic principle: 
there are two possible phases for each possible shock, conflict, chaos and imbalance.
There’s the stress phase which we sometimes joke and call ‘when the shit hits the fan’ phase. Then there’s the healing phase after the specific shock, conflict, chaos and imbalance is resolved —assuming it is resolved. Some shocks, conflicts, chaos and imbalances resolve and return and resolve and return and we call this a ‘hanging healing’. Some are never resolved but suppressed or managed.

There are clear concentric markings visible on brain CT scans (not artifacts) found by Dr Hamer that have various appearances for the trained eye – that even show the specific phases. Each area of the brain – old brain, medulla, cortex, cerrebullum – presents specific areas of the body and the markings indicate if the shock, conflict, chaos or imbalance is active (unresolved); healing (resolved); in mid-flight of healing (epi-crisis); or from long ago. 
This sort of pin-pointing information is superior to present day guessing at symptoms and ne-size-fits-all type testing.

An example can be a woman whose husband has walked out on her (sorry for the cliche) and sees her doctor as she feels fatigued for way too long. The responce more often than not is a mainstream doctor suggesting an anti-depressant, a cruise and some blood tests. However, the issues would vary from one person in this cliche to another: “I am worthless as a woman as I got dumped for a younger model”; or “How will I pay for the kids’ tuition, the rent is due or how to even put food on the table?” or “How will I ever get over loosing the love of my life – I’ve had something so very sweet ripped from me!?” Different viseral reactions to the same situation.
Three different people – three differing physical results – the lympmatic system, the liver and the pancreas – and some overlap here and there for others – depending on their subjective experiencing. This will result in three very different healing phases. 
Another example is a stomach ulcer. Rather than blaming germs as in the pharmaceutically convenient non-functional Germ Therory, we can see that there’s a territorial anger at play (in a place that we deem our own, ie home or work) and that issue can then be resolved. The healing phases involve good germs (healing) as well as white cells as part of the healing process of the affected stomach or intestinal tissue.

In the Second Iron Clad principle, when someone is in the initially stressed phase, we can help them identify their specific shock or conflict shocks, deep chaos and/or imbalance and help them resolve this (which can be as simple as discussion, awareness, EFT or EMDR or some other clinic type problem-specific support.
If they are already in their healing phase, then we need to guide and navigate them towards a supported natural outcome with an appropriate course of actions and suggestions.

The third Iron Clad Rule:
Once the basics are sussed out, then healing details can be anticipated and supported or even combined with other therapeutic tools that can speed up, support or moderate both the body’s and mind’s healing – whichever is most natural and easiest. Even if this seems foreign (after 100 years of pharmaceutical intervention type care) it is useful to probe the reasons / and study the results that German New Medicine® offers. German New Medicine® is always focussed on the type of tissue that is healing: endoderm, ectoderm or mesoderm or a combination.

A clear understanding of what we are experiencing is important to be provided by a well educated German New Medicine® practitioner (lots of fly-by-night characters out there). 
We need to have a keen sense of responsibility for our own health and be able to manage practitioners with different approaches. 

Sometimes clear logical GNM information is difficult to convey to keep the support team enthused. GNM is OPPOSITE to how mainstream medicine manages disease – prescribing chemicals and watching out for the side-effects.
A healthy lifestyle is seriously called for in order to optimize our body’s ability to heal well. If a healthy lifestyle is missing, then a willingness to cultivate one on the double is called for.
Ample time for rest and sleep is essential.
An understanding that GNM is not widely known yet and that one’s health decisions will not necessarily be supported by one’s mainstream medical practitioners is inevitable – and that your body / your choice applies. 
Being willing to ask questions about every detail that is not clear, so that there is no conflict, blind faith or stress about this path – no guesswork – o nonsense – just logic.

The last two iron clad rules coming soon…

The five basic GNM immutable laws of nature in health & healing – evening seminar series in Vancouver BC – starting again June 2023
This evening seminar series is designed for those of us who want to embrace the basic wisdom of GNM (German New Medicine®).

Dr Hamer’s 5 biological laws of health and healing – quickly and easily explained – with examples – is the introductory evening of our German New medicine® lectures. We can apply them to daily life and health prevention. 

The fundamentals of this wonderful health science / paradigm:
– an understanding in keeping with the fact that nature never works against us
– understanding the importance of knowing the underlying causes of so-called “diseases” and that nature is NOT “setting us up”.
– offering precise insights as to what really happens with our environment / brain / body responses – shocks / conflicts and deep unresolved conundrums in particular 
– allowing us to correlate with the emotional / shock / issue origins of nature’s automatic bio-logical helping mechanisms
– reducing fear and guesswork and mitigating the detours of ‘new age’ assumptions around toxins, rougue genetics, karma and corporate conspiracies
– allowing “patients” who don’t have time to be patient to feel empowered, informed and involved 
– inviting an honest dialogue within ourselves as to who we really are, what went wrong and what to do
– explaining the powerful connections between our thoughts, emotions and our physical body

Effects of thoughts and emotions on the physical body
– allowing our body’s stored traumas to be released once we know which ones are the culprits
– telling our truth in order to achieve healing results
– helping us get a deeper sense of newfound happiness, more energy, greater clarity, engage our ability to make better choices, and an improved sense of overall well-being. 

Some of the most impressive results of knowing the connections between events, psyche and body have been in trauma release and in healing severe cases of physical disease.
– elevates us to empowered individuals with nature on our side
– allows us to take responsibility for all of the required choices and to make important decisions based on logical biologics rather than trust/hope/faith/pressure/confusion/and unneeded chemicals
– wakes us up from this weird pharmaceitically oriented collective numbed-down germ theory approach and the belief that one size fits all
– this wisdom does not focus on symptom abatement but uses symptoms as a guide for us to be our own Sherlocks Holmes and find what were the underlying causes.

“Never underestimate the power of a few committed people to change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
~ Margaret Meade