Do you realize that 90 years is less than 5000 weeks! Before you know it …


Just a little summary:
As you probably know, there are different forms of sugars – the white stuff, alcohol, honey, etc and these sugars become glycogen in the liver and glucose in the blood and so forth. Sugars CAN BE wonderfully performing fuels – ranging from from swift to slow release. All foods – from simple sugars, simple carbs, complex carbs and even proteins – eventually turn to glycogen… all food types eventually (except for fats) become sugars and potential energy.


Some hormones age us and some hormones youth us – depending on which ones are triggered and circulating. HGH makes us younger, helps with repair and allows us to feel perkier, etc. The opposite type of hormone is insulin and although very essential, it is released to help rebalance bloodsugar and to usher it into all of our cells for fuel or to put the overage into storage.

Cortisol is released and shows up during stress; is essential; and is also clearly an anti-aging hormone and connected to weight gain and other challenges.

HGH – is tricky and in short, is released only when insulin is NOT around and being released.

Insulin can be made on demand (to rebalance/process a large amount of incoming sugar) in very large amounts by the pancreas (except by type one diabetic folks) leaving it often overworked.

Eating small meals frequently, throughout the day, in snack form, or as we call grazing, was all the craze back in the 90’s… Eating for energy like this and even though in small amounts, means that there is always an invite for insulin to be in circulation and in our blood.

We can store (give or take – we are all different) 50gms to 70 gms of glycogen in the liver for immediate use and another 200 mg in our muscles for more use… but then we need to turn to our own fat stores for more energy access. (Hormone sensitive lipase is released ONLY if there is NO insulin present…)

That’s why intermittent fasting is so popular now… the same amount of daily calories are consumed as usual, but in a shorter time period. So that leaves our bodies to access the fat stores for some energy in the other hours when sugar is depleted (such as 10 or 12 or 14 hours) once the stored glycogen in the liver and muscle is used up. The liver can always make more glucose. (There are many reasons for going on a gentle or even severe fasting regimen / diet, which are so well covered by the major intermittent fasting gurus, that I certainly won’t go on about here!: Dr Joe Mercola, Dr Victor Longo, Jim Shades, Felice Gersh, Dr Yoshinori Nagumo.

Looking at one’s anti-aging diet choices one could superficially divide our food choices into three stages.

The first one is eat anything – what the hell, you only live once! 

The second one is to eat a diet that slowly and surely diminishes the simple carbs – for example – first remove the alcohol (incl red wine) and get used to living without it; then eliminate the processed sugars (by so many names); then remove the simpler carbs such as wheat and grains.

The third stage is to eat a clean, healthy diet with intermittent fasting to allow some HGH and give insulin and the pancreas an occasional rest during fasting hours… daily.

Glycation is a known culprit to aging: sugar molecules have a bad habit – they attach to lipids/fats or proteins without allowing the beneficial interference of enzymes – this can happen particularly to collagen and elastin proteins in our skin. This process produces advanced glycosylation end-products (AGEs) which cause protein fibers to become stiff and malformed. Results show in wrinkles, stiffness and loss of elasticity and this is our accelerated aging process showing on the outside. Our bodies do not recognize AGE’s as normal, and will produce antibodies and these automatically cause inflammation – even in our skin tissue. Sugar is also a dehydrating agent, so it automatically increases localized oil production. 

When you eat a fruit you get some fructose – that’s how it was supposed to be consumed – lots of goodness including fibres, minerals and vitamins and with a tad of fructose included in small amounts. But juicing a pile of fruit all at once – it means you remove the fibres and take in a week’s supply of fructose in one whack! Even the gorillas that eat half fruit and half veggies live longer than the ones that eat only fruits. 


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