Loving your Gut – Repairing Intestinal Damage (especially from Glyphosates)

Our Challenged and Often Maligned / misunderstood Gut Bacteria:
just maybe this is how it works…

Glyphosates, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides (and God knows what else we don’t know about) are a permanent addition to our daily food, water and air consumption, that the powers-that-be allow / approve AND promote – all done with “scientific, factual backing”.
These poisons (would you add a few drops to your drinking water?) and their multitudinous chemical equations are real population manipulation substances (not even tested by the accepted double-blind cross-over and reproducable and repeatable methods over a reasonably long peroiod of time).
They are now called bio-cides by the health oriented researchers. If these poisons kill bugs, weeds, or weevils in nature, will they really just smile and sooth us in our stomaches and intestines!?

If we stop consuming the above poisons, we may regain the normalacy we may not have know we had even lost and begin some solid immune and overal tissue repair. That includes repairing our intestines – large and small – a vast important surface. The benefits to doing this are many and unique to each of us (including less bloating and gas, less mood swings, less sleep disorders, less pain and maybe even some weight loss, some hormone rebalancing and improved skin conditions and improved moods, just to mention a few).

Long term damage is still an open question (because of lack of good long term science) and negative effects may take longer to manifest. I’m thinking of the studies done on the generations that followed the adult survivors of the Hunger Winter in the Northern part of the Netherlands in 1944. Dutch issues of curious poor/ill health (such as weight issues, dysbiosis, etc) in the second and third generations were traced back to their ancestors in ways no other peoples have documented (ie NOT genetic).

“Secret Ingredients” is a good film to watch when family members need convincing that our food is compromised beyond belief! 

The patent description for Monsanto’s glysophate calls glyphosate an antibiotic. I happen to value my personal gut bacteria greatly – and they are not in need of un-invited annihilation. Not only have we been erroneously conditioned to view bacteria with great suspicion (killing them is good for pharmaceutical sales and great for furnishing explanations for conditions for which medicine does not have answers and excusing many other un-worthy mass practices). So we are also now killing our bacteria unwittingly, unknowingly, daily. Much more on this huge topic as well as a small look at Dr Seneff’s work at an on-going page at https://pacific-holistic.com/all-things-glyphosate.

We have trillions of cells in our bodies and if we multiply that number by 1000 then we have the number of bacteria in our bodies! If bacteria were so evil, none of us would be here and alive. And if it’s supposedly about killing just the ‘bad ones’, when needed, then why obliterate them all – good and bad? Killing our bacteria has been going on since Pastuer stole most of his work from Descartes (great reading – and would amamke a fantastic movie one day) and twisted it enough to make a lot of money and connections – and the embryonic start of the pharmaceutical empires. Reasearch on just the make-up of the intestinal tract bacteria by the holistic health world is quite recent… and now has to work up-hill to undo the ingrained damage from old beliefs. And there is push back as well from this stubborn form of medicine. One common conundrum is that finally probiotics are begrudging allowed by some meainstream physicians – for conditions of years of anti-biotic dosing – but the bacteria in these prescription probiotics are actually killed before they leave the factory (and they are not cheap!) This leaves the unsuspecting patient with the belief that they have done the best they can for their intestinal damage from their heaps of anti-biotics – and in fact the opposite is true. An equally dangerous conundrum is the concept that we could suffer from bacterial overgrowth! Again, a cart before the horse weirdness. An organ or tissue will have millions more bacteria if it needs to help with healing… like an ear infection!

Gut bacteria have been proven to be involved in many aspects of health of which food digestion is merely one. The bacteria normally reside in the gut, yet can be called upon to move and help in repairing tissue anywhere (in fact this is their primary function). They are able to share DNA between each other – they can actually change and morph on demand in order to go out and do their repair work (a good thing, obviously, or else we’d be wiped out as a species). Unlike parasites, they are in such insanely high volumes in our bodies to always help create that upward healing momentum, alongside white cells and other co-factor elements. 

Imbalances – be they created by us due to emotional shocks, physical accidents and/or unwanted toxins/chemicals – all cause some form of tissue trauma – in organs, organelles, blood, etc – and prompt/signal the need for tissue and organ repair – and this automatic healing always includes the important work of very smartly co-ordinated bacteria – whether minor or major. Abundant omnipresent high-quality bacterial presence is crucial. (Yet bacteria are actually condemned, in general mainstream medicine … like blaming the first-responders for the accidents they respond to… )

If, for example, I have a very sore ear that is turning into an ear infection, it is likely that I have just resolved something that I had previoulsly found difficult or downright awful or ‘attacking / threatening’ to hear. That piece of conversation / information or whatever I had to hear or I had to listen to, earlier, may have occurred days or months before. This ear ‘infection’, when the ear tissue is finally healing, only happens when the attack I experienced (totally subjective) is understood by me and resolved, or no longer at play and has no more emotional energy attached for me. While I have the ‘attack/shock/problem’ to contend with and affecting me, I would feel very little at all. It’s when this affected tissue can heal, that the bacteria, white cells and other elements show up.
Big emotional attacks have potential to be a big messy healing event. When healing from a big-deal attack (in this case a stuffy ear, congested sinus, runny eye, and lots of Kleenex for blowing one’s nose… as the problem can spread a bit to other parts of the pharyngeal complex)! A small-ish conflict/attack or unpleasant event may mean a small discomfort of shorter duration and merely a plugged ear. In both cases there would be a slight elevated temperature, warmer hands than usual, more apetite and sluggishness (not laziness) – and not a full blown fever (that’s truely a non-emotional physical event – such as sepsis, to name one).

With either small or large issues, anti-biotics would have stopped the messy congestion and plugged up ear and ALSO would have stopped the healing in it’s tracks and an unnatural healing would have occurred of the tissues in the ear – not the end of the world… but the collateral damage is that all the wonderful bacteria that need to be at the ready for normal repair and healing are wiped out – not just in the gut, but everywhere in the body where some healing might have been going on unawares of the owner.
And then another serious damage occurs – the liver is compromised such that it cannot prefrom at all at optimum – and just when it needs to do so brilliantly… (And an aside … in regards to this ear example, when the natural ear healing does not occur, then other side-efects can develope – such as calcification and scarification in certain tissues (and not in others) when there are NO bacteria present during the healing phase because we took an anti-biotic. The other end result is that there would be NO OTHER bacteria left anywhere else in our body, either nor in the gut – all bacteria are eradicated because of the ones causing the healing discomfort in the ear – and none are left for other healing expeditions that may have been going unbeknownst to us and on a low level, nor will there be any at the ready for the immediate future and NONE for the bacteria’s secondary task – assisting digestion in the intestines (their home base). There are alternatives that give relief that do NOT have the ‘wipe-out’ affect of anti-biotics – and more on that in another segment.
But I digress…

Keeping the bacteria in our gut happy is the ultimate health focus that pays off. And with the use of anti-biotics religated to only life-saving situations (such as a possible burst appendix or diverticuolus, sepsis, etc, as an example) we can look at what else causes the destruction of our fine multi-tasking gut bacteria.

Some alternative health theories mimick the mainstream’s thoughts on bacterial suspicions. I see clients who would NEVER think of using prescription anti-biotics but then go crazy on colloidal silver or oil of oregano. Both of these fine substances have their places – emergency kits. And they, too, kill bacteria. After gargling them, swallowing them, the rest is history. These two substances are supposed to kill bacteria – and they do. ONCE THEY ARE DONE DOING THEIR WORK IN THE MOUTH OR THROAT, THEY CONTINUE ON THROUGH THE ESOPHAGUS, STOMACH AND INTESTINES AND KILL EVERY SELF-RESPECTING BACTERIUM THERE, TOO, UNTIL THEY RUN OUT OF STEAM.

It takes about three months to re-populate the small and large intestines with quality probiotics – such as with Natren’s Triple Health – to get the bacterial population back up and running. Probiotics need to be refrigerated (not bought online unless accompanied with a cooling wrapping) – no matter how convincing the rhetoric about why not… 
Prebiotics are a fine treat for the newly arrived probiotic bacteria. The confusion is interesting. A PREBIOTIC is a food that has had the work of bacteria on it – fermented food and drinks, for example. Once you have some probiotics back in the intestines, then the prebiotics help the new bacteria procreate and multiply. You can also indulge in Brie and Gouda and foods rich in insoluable fibre such as root vegetables, as well as the usual kefir and yoghurt and sauerkraut, etc. These are best when homemade with real bacteria. And don’t under-estimate kissing! (I am assuming the person you are kissing hasn’t just had a dose of anti-biotics). 

For sad but very real reasons, some people have had to endure multiple doses of anti-biotics and / or chemotherapy to the point that the intestinal tract is so compromised that top-quality probiotics cannot get a good start or get their house in order. For these folks the solution of fecal implants is a God-send. (A new clinic in Duncan, BC, which did the testing, the education and the implants and the follow-upswere side-lined by Health Canada. In spite of lots of good feed-back they were put out of business. They were a branch of https://taymount.com – still in Bahamas and Britain

Glyphosate damage is the other huge intestinal tract issue AND leads to Mineral Deficiency.

Glyphosate is a chelator. It grabs metals and minerals. It does this starting  from when the seed is planted to sprouting and then maturing, all the way through to harvesting. The many minerals we expect the root structures of plants to pull out of the earth for our nutrition are pulled out of the way by glyphosates. Then the grabbing continues – in our gut. As the toxins are in our intestines they will grab more minerals – manganese, magnesium, cobalt, selenium, vanadium – all of these minerals and trace minerals are important co-factors. They are part of many, if not all, the intricate chemical pathways in our bodies. You can eat a lot of food yet be starved of minerals. (Demineralization is now the co-culprit for many ailments – from sleep disorders and mood disorders to diseases and unusual conditions.) 

Even ‘regular’ non-organic livestock suffers from mineral deficiencies – their food is atrocious. And they are also actually fed pesticides as a fattener and consequently the minerals are withdrawn from the pathetic bit of nutrition they do get. Their metabolic pathways aren’t working either. Our pets are not fed well, and they are now in much worse shape than previous generations of pets or their owners (and that says a lot!). The levels of glyphosates are measured in numerous studies of blood and feces and on pets by vets (not the pet food industry!).

The glyphosates also destroys the ATP cycle – the complex chemical process that makes our energy inside the many mitochondria within each cell of the thirty trillion cells of our body – so thats hundreds of times in thirty trillion little factories every second – that are desperately needy for basic materials – minerals, trace minerals, hormones, etc…
So when the lack effects just the making of merely one hormone, as an example, we are miserable and tired and cranky and we turn to sweets for a quick little energy boost to bring us to approaching feeling normal (not even remotely correcting the problem – but an understandable band-aid).

So obviously we want to eat only organic to get away from eating poisons. It’s in the air and also in our water. So even if Monsanto stopped dead in it’s tracks and all new toxins were outlawed… and all food became hyper-organic and clean – then the threat and damage would be much less and then maybe there’ll be just enough time and opportunity for our tough bodies to cope and filter – for this generation and maybe the next one, too. We give our bodies little credit – so much of the destruction is under-the-radar, insipid and unseen – stealthfully accumulated over time – and yet we soldier on bravely!

Our precious digestive enzymes were seen to be damaged by the glyphosates, too, in recent research! It’s not enough that all prescription drugs already affect the pancreas in some manner (where the enzymes are produced) but the glyphosates also add insult to injury!

And then the tissue of the villa – the sensitive and vulnerable fingers that line the small intestine’s 20 feet and handle the absorption of nutrition. These miraculous structures give us our whole super-surface. Eventually the mucous (which we can make instantaneously) can’t protect all gut surfaces all of the time from abuse and then the cells’ surface becomes inflamed – and then again less and less workable and then the body needs to send out the repair crews to heal it’s own gut walls – it’s own habitat when not fixing other tissue elsewhere. The crew usually includes white cells that can do their best to heal this tissue, until the next onslaught. 

Although these cells are in us to do this kind of repair work, there are two problems with this… and one is that we need to keep our white cell repair crews to work on important things that can not be avoided. The other is that we do not want to excerbate the ridicuous notion of auto-immune disease when the body is, in actuality, trying to heal itself.. and certainly is NOT attacking itself. Healing is always a combination of white cells, bacteria (just the right ones) and occasionally a mini-tad of fungus (also gets a bad name when we create imbalances) and some extra fluids to wash away the bacteria and white cells that die on the job for us! (Real kamikaze heroes in my view). 

People sometimes switch to a very special diet that produces weightloss results – such as KETO or Atkins… and people often feel better on these diets, over and above feeling proud about their weight loss. Often the real take-away is moving a lot of glyphosated foods off the plate – especially grains (insane amounts of glyphosates in the outer husks/hulls of wheat in North America – infact wheat is the worst purpetrator). These dietary changes often reduce the accumulated and stored / absorbed crap and brings improvements directly and adds to the ‘feel-good’ affect. 

Monsanto is not going away – and as the company will continue to cover up their private and rigged research and puny public information – and as the on-going court appeals and reviews and new cases against Monsanto will be many and the dragged out delays out of this world, the insanely huge damage payouts can be a long time coming and so also the company’s demise – so we are stuck with them and their products and far reaching tentacles – you have to wonder how their salespeople can sleep at night? For now we’ll just have to be happy that the share price of the parent company, Bayer, dropped. Pension funds will have to be a bit more careful explaining why they have invested in this company.
We, the consumer, will just need to be hyper-careful and geeky-picky with our food choices!

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