Hopping, Shedding and Jumping

People talk about shedding – gives the impression of skin falling off such as after a severe sunburn… nor is there some kind of hopping about of particles from one person to another – particulate in the air waiting to land… (justifying distancing). Something might be passing back and forth – not unusual. It’s worrisome if you are not waxxxed, believe the rhetoric about the waxxxine and believe you are picking things up.

Shedding – is nothing hopping about from person to person – not like fleas. It is not a spreading such as in a contaminated disease type of way. When it comes to wire-usses (or somatides, exosomes or protitits in terrain theory), we don’t know much about the wire-us movement… as they have never been isolated – or experimented on – and barely been photographed. They are so miniscule and fragile that even an electronic microscope’s electronics can alter them or make them disappear. And to add to their fate, Faux Chi has labeled them as culprits decades ago and then set about to demonize them by using generally accpeted aspects of germs to describe the wire-us such that these details are now accepted scientific concepts with pretty photo-shopped balls and spikes to go along with the science-fiction.

You know… all germs must be bad &%*%!
So sad, if you believe there’s still truth in Germ Theory … and that they live in our bodies as a negative contagious element and that they must be eradicated. In the great design of things and out=r bodies, that’s is not even remotely possible.

We have been programmed to look to old fashioned germ theory for explanations about contagion, disease and un-wellness. The one hundred years old landmark study: Milton J Rosenau: “The Experiments to Determine the Mode of Spread of Influenza” in the Journal of the American Medical Association – 1919 – shows us how false this belief is. It’s a thorough piece of work – stunning results. It cannot be sneezed over or touched over, or physically “picked up”. That’s why we were told by a number of scientists, including Faux Chi intitally into the ‘pan dem ic’, that distancing and masks were useless … well … until they got the memo not to claim that!

Think of a common situation where people under one roof, sometimes all or almost all of these folks seem to become sick at the same time.
Ah ha! Proof of contagion.
However, if people in the same household or group are perceived to be healing – or if you believe that they are all detoxing, then it will be believed that the individuals all caught ‘it’ from each other….

a real virus / somatide / exosome / protitit

Effects do pass/move/travel. Think of when someone yawns – and then everyone in the room yawns – you just can’t help it but yawn – sometimes just thinking about yawning, such as when you read this, will bring on a yawn for us. But that’s not contagion or modern-day shedding. That’s mind / energy / thought entertwining / entrainment and co-ordination.
When women live together in an all-female environment, such as in a dorm, then the timing of their menses start to co-ordinate energetically – a physical / energy entrainment and hormonal co-ordination. And eventually the majority have their periods at the same time. Something is transferred – not necessarily particles, but energy / vibration / entrainment. The same occurs for the pendulums in old fashioned clocks. No particles moved from one person to the other – no hopping, skipping nor shedding.

When I have a lengthy Reiki session with a client with high blood pressure, then the client’s pressure comes down about 20 points and mine goes up about 20 points (when measured right after the session ends, and then slowly over a few days our numbers go back to where they were before we started the session). No particles moved from one person to the other – however the energy certainly did! People who have studied moving energy while providing hands-on-healing have found that energy and complimentary vibrations can travel – non-local energy movement.
Really interesting energy experiments have been conducted at the HeartMath Institute in California a few decades ago and with very sensitive equipment and it was found that with remote distance healing energy being sent and with serious focussed prayer sessions (again the people foccused on are abscent and halfway around the world) a true form of energy transferrence can also be offered and received. Their calculations found that the distance healing was 10% of the strength of direct hands-on passing-on. All this to make my point that even the invisible can have strength and significance in the form of specific vibration.
All substances have vibration; all substances in our bodies do, too. You can liken this to the principle in homeopathics, too. For example if someone is grieving deeply, then a homeopath would/could suggest the remedy of plum-bum to offset the unhappy emotions – or some other remedy such as succussing the tears of the grieving person in some saline water – just the right vibration. The vibration is put into the body without the physical substance itself.

When I have my hands on someone’s feet for a reflexology session, then it stands to reason that I will pick up some of the vibrations of the client – and vice versa. This will include the vibrations of the deplorable substances found in ‘in ject ions’. If I work on the feet of an ‘un-waxxxed’ person, then there will be no transference of those unwanted substance vibrations except for what little they may have picked some up accidentally in the same way I’m picking them up from the unwaxxxed person.
In fact, when we smell a substance, it does not have to be in our nose – nearby in the air is good enough – those would be nano particles. Some aroma-therapy happens by smelling the contents of a bottle of a specific substance.
Some of the in ject ions a client may have chosen to receive, may have had less aggregious material in them – let’s say merely cesium, enzyme-blocking chemicals, nano-graphene, hydro-gel for forming strands and synthetic polymers for internally attaching them / gluing them to our inner tissue… then those vibrations will be passed on – from mother to child, husband to wife esp. without protection, and client to practitioner – or vice versa, etc. 
And this also holds for whole groups of waxxxed subtely passing to the un-waxxxed, even when not touching, such as while shopping in large stores, on busses, ferries and sky-trains, in a movie house, in a church gathering, elevators and busy hallways, etc.

Actual touching adds a strong dimension – mother holding a child; husband and wife sleeping together, intercourse and touching; client to practitioner in some form of touching such as massage – and then there can be an actual physical transference of these minute nano-particulate (more than just only a vibration – but actually transferring nano-substance) and Bob’s your uncle! You’ve picked up some of the disgusting contents through pores, the air, the sheets and surfaces!
It’s no wonder that there was a clip on the internet where Wm Gayt’s explains, in the beginning of rolling out the ‘in ject ions’ that not everyone needed the prick as the rest of us would eventually get it by a sort of osmosis anyway! Can’t find it now – has been scrubbed from the net. (This obviously does not apply to altering some one’s Dee En Aye).

This sort of conversation will not come from a G.P. Infact, they even mis-inform their patients in regards to simple basics. There are NO anti-body ‘in ject ions’ to counteract the unique  toxins people are now walking around with from the ‘in ject ions’. Antibody is created specifically to zero-in on an unwanted anti-gene so nuke it if it were to re-occur. If the ‘in ject ion’ pharma-corporations will not divulge contents, then the appropriate anti-bodies cannot be created. PERIOD. We are already full of toxins – thousands of different ones – and some have anti-bodies that developed naturally in us, while some anti-genes were taken and pulled into the liver, out of harms way; some are hopefully pee-ed out; some are stored in the fat cells where we often store troubling substances such as heavy metals (not nano-particles of the graphene, unfortunately. Yet we all know G.P.s who were handing out anti-body shots like candy back in 2021!

So there’s dynamic physical passing on from sex to saliva to bedsheets. Then there’s far reaching energetic components – close up and non-local … the price we pay for being connected.

Merrie Bakker B.Sc, M.Arch, CN

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