IODINE? WHY would I want to use IODINE?


“When I was a medical student, iodine and potassium iodine were a universal medicine. Nobody knew how they worked, but we knew it worked exceptionally well.”

“If ye don’t know where, what, and why Prescribe ye then K and I.”
     ~ the Nobel laureate who discovered vitamin C, Dr. Albert Szent Gyorgyi

“Iodine is the best antibiotic, anti-virus and antiseptic agent of all time”.
      ~ endocrinologist, Dr. David Der

  • How to test yourself (near bottom of article).
  • What happened to thyroid’s T0, T1 and T2? (further down) and we only hear about T3 and T4.

Differing types of iodine (all are inexpensive).
cannot be patented. Therefore it is not interesting to the pharma industry and consequently it is not focused on and rarely recommended by your GP or specialist or natural doctor. The motivation to teach about it to the professionals / GPs just isn’t there in our pre$ent health care $y$tem. 

My favorite kind, Lugol’s iodine, with which I grew up, is made up of two parts potassium iodide and one part elemental iodine. Lugol’s is sold all over Europe and somewhat in North America (at 2.2% and 5% concentrations).
Without ANY further dilution by the user (such as a drop in a glass of water for drinking), it is an irritating and destructive fluid, esp to internal mucosa, such as the lining of the esophagus and stomach, unless during unique situations such as in surgeries, etc.
However, a Lugol’s 2% or 5% solution, taken as ONLY one drop in a glass of water – daily – is absolutely brilliant. The original Lugol’s Iodine solution was created by Jacques Lugol MD.(Nascent Iodine and Atomidine (or Beslin or atomic iodine) are terms for iodine where the iodine molecule has the diatomic bond broken and has a high amount of electromagnetic energy (magnetic charging) associated with it’s re-construction. Atomic or Nascent Iodine is not dissolved in water but in alcohol.)

iodine for health
 iodine in it’s original unprocessed form

The white powders / crystals usually sold as potassium iodide in pharmacies and health food stores, is sold by it’s original name or sometimes in an altered generic version. This needs investigation on the part of the purchaser in order to see clearly just what you’re getting, so that the right amount of drops can be taken (always better to err on the side of too little as the thyroid is a very sensitive and delicate organ and an iodine hog). Always take the test (at bottom of this article).

Sometimes iodine is implied in advertising descriptions to promote help with health challenges, yet the amount of iodine can be so very diluted that it will not make a health difference. Sometimes it’s merely concentrated seaweed juice / kelp juice – with the added caveat of being organic and vegetarian.
Buyer Beware!
The ‘vegan’ seaweed juice / extraction / dilution is of such limited therapeutic use, that it’s an entirely ridiculous little bottle of marketing smarts and more joy can be had from eating a some nori in soup or a large helping of sushi pieces wrapped in nori.
So the available iodine for the consumer can be anywhere from inexpensively awesome to overpriced useless.

Natural sources of iodine are from the sea: some fish, shell fish and sea weeds such as kombu, nori, arame, and wakame as an example. In the past our soils also contained some iodine – but which are more and more depleted and ofcourse iodine is not present in the hot-house grown foods at all (the growth mediums/slurries where non-organic food is grown in – and are not required to have it.)

We have known iodine, for well over a dozen decades, as a topical germicidal agent used effectively against bacteria, fungi and protozoa. It was even used in supervised and therapeutically high dosages for very effective malaria treatments when the pharmaceutical malarial meds could not be used for some reason.

Much is written on the internet on the topic of iodine – from wondrously eye-opening to science fiction… and some articles are written by people with weird, antiqued beliefs who love the fact that iodine / iodide kills germs and bacteria and therefore if a little is good, then a lot is even better! Nutty germ theory…

Run when you read something is credited with the ability to create ‘kill-off’ and with Herxheimer notions and so forth. In actuality, most of our bacteria, especially those in the gut, or at the site of a wound or inflammation are our VERY, VERY best friends (they are often in the bronchials and throat doing repair work, too, and of course in the intestines helping with digestion, where germs have their secondary tasks). Taking iodine to go after bacteria, internally, is absolutely amateur and foolish and generally needs wise supervision. 
Taking iodine carefully, using the test often, is the smart way. It is an essential invaluable (often missing) co-factor in countless bodily autonomic reactions / functions. Your body is VERY smart and taken judiciously, your body will do exactly what is best for it.

The brilliant thyroid gland hogs and stores extra iodine from the blood passing through it, and may also be caused to lose that stored iodine in the thyroid if our bodies need to neutrilize nasty halogens, for example, or if we drink water to which chlorine / fluoride is added or if we use sodium chloride (crappy table salt).
And just a heads up… toxic halides, fluorides, bromides, etc, have structures similar to iodine. However, that’s where the similarity stops…
The law of halogen displacement is simple terms is as follows:
Fluorine displaces chlorine, bromine, and iodine.
Chlorine disolaces bromine and iodine.
Bromine displaces only iodine.
(Often in highly processed flour).

Eg. chlorine in swimming pools reacts with organic matter such as sweat, urine, blood, feces and skin cells to form more harmful compounds. So there is actually NO similarity on the molecular level – merely a close molecular resemblance.
In North American we are more exposed to fluorides than any other part of the world
YES! we have been dummied down through our drinking water!) At the same time our much needed minerals – major ones and trace minerals – including iodine have decreased in soils and general prevalence and natural availablitity. This is a tough position we have put our bodies into. Therefore the iodine we can take as a supplement helps re-balance this stupid man-made conundrum.

Some conditions associated with iodine deficiency are connected to the thyroid itself: goiters, Graves’ Disease, Hashimoto’s Disease, hypo and hyper thyroids and fatigue. When it comes to our thyroid, we may have our TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) tested from time to time by our GP and that’s it. That test is an outcome of an amalgam of the functionality of the thyroid, hypothalamus AND pituaitary – they dance together – not individually! So that’s a very sketchy test!
You can have an underfunctioning / over-stressed / cliff-hanging hypothallimus and pituitary (massive stress and/or pro-longed periods of disease – an example is five tours of duty in a war-torn country or over the top toxic medicating for a stubborn cancer) and have a thyroid that is not being stimulated enough and come out looking/testing very normal.
If that particular TSH test is ‘normal’, then the individual T1, T2, T3 and T4 are not given any further attention. If you really demand more, then you’ll get a T3 and T4 test, if you’re lucky.

T1 co-manages some of the most important enzymatic processes in our body (and includes processes for our brain-based amino acids).
T2 is involved with the production of ATP in our mitochondria and is a human growth hormone precursor and indirectly involved in chronic diseases that will not heal and even neurological imbalances that will not heal, as well as being at least one reason for low birth weight of babies. (Do you get up in the morning and feel more fatigued than when you went to bed?). 
T3 and T4 hormones contribute to mitochondrial health as well and energy in every one of our trillions of cells — and T4 also aids with transport and storage… (and takes signals and dances with the adrenals). T4 converts to T3 (in the liver, kidneys, brain, and other organs) and activates it, in a highly regulated way.

Not tested for these? Ask why.
No potassium iodine or Lugol’s being suggested by your doctor? Ask why.
Seeing that there is a simple little quick skin test, there’s no reason NOT to suggest something so basic!

“Although the thyroid is tiny in size, it has the power to wreak havoc on you anywhere from head to toe. I have been practicing holistic medicine for over 20 years. I have yet to see any single nutrient help as many patients as Lugol’s iodine. Every cell in your body needs iodine. You cannot make a single hormone without it, yet people do not get enough of it.”
~ Dr. David Brownstein, MD, author of Overcoming Thyroid Disorders and 59 Diseases Linked to Thyroid Imbalance

The thyroid will take as much iodine as it needs for help with T1 through T4 production. Any overages help tonify and support other organs – liver, kidneys, breast tissue, etc. There’s a wealth of information at

Iodine / iodide atoms have the ability to be of assistance to our bodies over several hours – hence best to be consumed earlier in the day for one to be energized. Frequent small doses such as one drop, once per day, are deemed more effective than larger amounts at less frequent intervals such as once per week. 

Iodine is an easily oxidizable substance. Research has shown that it’s also best on an empty stomach. Food that happens to be lingering in the stomach / digestive tract will oxidize the iodine / iodide and can be inactivated by the gastrointestinal contents – no harm done – but no further benefits derived either….

It was the famous see-er Edgar Cayce, who suggested iodine in very small dosages for all sorts of health problems over and beyond thyroid issues way back in the 1930’s and 1940’s and continuously adviced the use of it till he passed away shortly after WWII. And now it is part of mainstream alternative thinking! His iodine is sometimes called atomodine… but Lugol’s is just fine and inexpensive.

Iodine was added to mass produced and heat-treated table salt in the past. We have ditched that as an unhealthy type of salt! (And good for us!) and now with the use of good, un-heat-treated Himilayan salts, we get wa more trace minerals but not the iodine. Funny enough, the only healthy item in old fashioned table salt was the added iodine… (and it’s efficacy was relatively minor as the salt’s iodine is oxidized by the food it was used in).

(more at The Negative Health Effects of Chlorine – by Joseph G. Hattersley –

We have also become familiar with iodine / iodide as a barrier / protection against nuclear fission contamination that is now affecting the whole world – thyroid receptor cells already taken by iodine molecules leave little space left to attach for the unwanted radio-active molecules that are now at very high levels in water and food and air… on the opposite side of the Pacific from where they originated. Just for this little bit of miracle work by our bodies, it is worth taking one drop a day. Although potassium iodide (KI) does not detox the body from radiation, it can help protect the thyroid from picking up as much as it might and being diminished further by radioactive iodine (iodine-131) in the first place. 

Reliable real news sources continue to report that radiation is still being released into the atmosphere and ocean water at Fukushima. It vaporizes from the ocean easily and can disperse over long distances and even though our national (Canadian taxpayer funded) sensors have been magically turned off, we know it has arrived abundantly on the West Coast of North America. (Iodine-131 is rapidly absorbed by the thyroid gland and, especially in children, it increases the risk of thyroid malfunctioning – YIKES). 
So taking potassium iodide as a fall-out / radiation protection is indeed timely. Taking iodine/iodide to prevent a possible malarial or dengue infectious relapse has also been noted. The same goes for a relapse of gonorrhea, syphilis, middle ear / sinus infections and long-standing chronic bronchitis. 

You may wish to try rubbing some on damaged tendons (around the bunion bone, for example), on scar tissue that sttubornly doesn’t want to disappear,

It also may work on shrinking cysts – ovaries, thyroid, uterus and breast. Also give it a try on skin tags, tightened up connective tissue and warts and cystic acne.
Having some in your emergency bug-out kits, is VERY wise.

Most of North America’s population has one or more mercury (silver) amalgam fillings in their mouths (and some people I know up to thirteen!). A consequence of this is that minute amounts of this heavy metal mercury are continuously being released into the mouth and then swallowed and re-absorbed into the body. Then this toxification stimulates a natural detox reaction by our body. In order for these detoxification mechanisms to work properly, numerous essential minerals are utilized: iodine, zinc, sulfur, selenium and silica stimulate the excretion of these dastardly heavy metals that include mercury and possibly lead. 
Iodine is at the top of the list when it comes to mercury removal. (Add in the exposure of mercury from poor dentistry, in vaccinations, smoking, etc., and you have the potential for a heavy metal toxic burden. This toxicity can manifest itself in many ways causing problems that would not normally be attributed to high levels of mercury.)

How do you know if you’re not getting enough iodine?/

A few (not all) hidden signs (usually as a co-factor or indirect cause) are if you have low levels:

  • unexplained weight gain (reduced metabolism even if you are careful with calories, eating good fats, exercise, etc),
  • low energy, brittle nails, hair loss
  • brain fog, interrupted sleep, fluid retention (incl puffiness where you did not have this before, nor where there is any intense tissue healing or inflammation)

And the ‘at home’ patch test: buy some quality tincture of iodine and with a finger, paint a patch roughly the size of a toonie (and if you are an American it would be an over-sized quarter) on your upper arm or inside of your thigh). Iodine really stains, so keep away from clothes.
Wait to see how long it takes to be absorbed. If it is absorbed in less than three hours you are in real need! If it takes up to six to eight hours (no trace of the iodine left to be seen) then you need to add some supplementation, too. If it is the same yellowish-brown as when you applied it at the eight / ten hour mark, then you do not need ANY!

Also, you might want to look at how much brassica vegetables you eat (such as broccoli, cauliflower and kale) as these very subtly leach out iodine. 
AND then there’s the all-too-common lack of gut health (dysbiosis) which lessens absorption of many co-factoring nutrients.

And here below is an except from a regular medical source describing thyroid functiong and dis-function. This is what to expect from your doctor – nothing less:

“Do you have cold hands and cold feet? Do you have difficulty losing weight? Do you experience constipation? Do you have dry skin or brittle nails? If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, your thyroid may be out of balance.

The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland in the neck area and is the master metabolic regulator of the body and it does this by controlling the temperature of the body. Every biochemical process in every cell in your body needs to function at a certain temperature, if the temperature is off by even a slight amount then this can slow down or speed up the metabolism in the body.

When the temperature is lower than normal, this is called hypothyroidism and leads to a slow down of metabolism seen as cold intolerance, constipation, dry skin and hair, difficulty losing weight or weight gain, fatigue, headaches, depression, infertility, low libido, hair loss, sluggishness, mood swings and low body temperature in general.

When the temperature is higher than normal, this is called hyperthyroidism, when the metabolism is fast, you have difficulty keeping weight on. Often people hear this and say, that sounds great, but the problem is that you have breakdown of tissues including organs and muscles, anxiety, insomnia, loose stools, nervousness, sweating, palpitations, hyperactivity, eye disorders.

FIVE causes of thyroid dysfunction and a summary

  1. Nutrient Deficiencies: The enzyme that converts inactive T4 to active T3 needs zinc, selenium, B6 and B12. For the thyroid gland to make thyroid hormones there must be adequate iodine in the body. If there are not adequate amounts of these minerals and nutrients in the body, then this will affect the proper functioning of the thyroid.
  2. Heavy Metal Toxicity: Heavy metals in the body from dental amalgams, cigarette smoke, cosmetics, tattoos, can interfere with the conversion of T4 to T3.
  3. Liver Congestion: The liver is where the hormones are metabolized. If the liver is congested with toxins and not functioning optimally, then it is unable to effectively make hormones, including thyroid hormones.
  4. Adrenal Dysfunction: The thyroid and adrenals work really closely together. If the adrenal function is challenged, then the thyroid will act as its back up plan and this will deplete thyroid function. Proper adrenal gland function is necessary to convert T4 to T3.
  5. Toxic Overload: Certain medications including the birth control pill, hormone replacement therapy, beta-blockers, chemotherapy agents will interfere in proper thyroid function. Hormone Disrupting Chemicals such as bisphenol A, phthalates, pesticides, xenoestrogens can cause toxic damage to thyroid hormone receptors.

One of the easiest way to access if your thyroid is functioning properly is to check your body temperature. Your oral body temperature should be between 36.5℃-36.8℃ (97.8℉-98.2℉) – desscribed above as to how to do that exactly.
This is best approached from a comprehensive, naturopathic assessment that looks at the body from a functional, biochemical perspective and takes into consideration body temperature, comprehensive lab results and clinical presentation

~ by Dr. Melina Roberts, ND, Calagry, Alberta – March, 2018

That’s it in a nutshell!

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