natural but nasty hidden poisons could be causing “autoimmune” challenges

There are many ways in which we create inflammation in our bodies – sometimes unwittingly and sometimes simply due to lack of attention or some old habits and sometimes due to certain trusted medications. 
There are lots of ways we can eliminate inflammation from our bodies – mindfully – and with the use of medications as only a last resort.

abundance of lectins in sprouts - good protection for the sprout

And specific lectins are discussed at the end of this article.
See who the culprits are!

There are lots of ways that simple inflammation mimics other disease symptoms.
There are lots of ways inflammation stealthfully triggers other health issues that in turn trigger the eager writing of prescriptions.
There are lots of ignored ways for inflammation to hide from us, as mother nature soldiers on!
Your GP should go over each possible cause / source of inflammation that may be affecting your body – all the obvious ones and all the hidden reasons assiduously, before suggesting meds that squelch but do not remove or banish inflammation at it’s source.

Often inflammation is the hidden reason for continued weight gain, hidden bloating; mental sluggishness; reduced lymphatic activity; subtle, constant tiredness and irritation.
It stealthfully lingers even in spite of the usual detox efforts and workouts and quickie energy boosters…

Inflammation can also diminish our available specific white cells for other important repair work; it diminishes certain enzymes that are also needed for other important repair work; it leaves us with sore joints causing us increased inactivity; it exacerbates already damaged tissues further – skin and arteries and veins – as examples.

How depressing! …NOT!!!

Inflammation abatement is easy to organize, once you know. This include embracing some food changes; ASK some basic questions and seriously work down this list of real basics – start with these subtle approaches before calling the heavy guns (pharmaceuticals, stem cells and surgery); experiment, leave no stone unturned and voila!

Here’s the basic check list for inflammation abatement.
These suggestions are in no particular order, but together constitute a bare minimum and by no means the only ones.

* High dosages of vitamin D3 for several months (gelcaps and high concentrate D3 drops – not the useless little pill variety). A friend laughed at me the other day and commented sardonically – why don’t you just go and sit in the sun! That’s not effective enough for therapeutic value to expose a bit of skin – that’s just fine for topping up an already happy body that is already okay and inflammation-free – but not for a body needing a therapeutic reset. So sunshine is that not what this is about…

We want to have a a therapeutic dosage, such as 30,000 IU per day, for several months, to increase healing (esp. useful for our bones, our parathyroid, thyroid, skin, large and small intestine and stem cells everywhere in our body). Much more wisdom at http://www.vitaminDcouncil.org. After a serious vitamin D increase, your GP / doctor can have your Vitamin D tested… Not just any old test but the 25HydroxyVitaminD test. The Vitamin D council is good at making suggestions of which levels need to be achieved for healing. Then you can think of reducing the amount you are taking to achieve maintenance.

Parasites are a source of inflammation (they set up housekeeping, require feeding and then there’s their poop – there’s gratitude for you!). The sooner they leave, the easier to continue with other aspects of healing inflammation. These are not readily detected by mainstream medical specialists. More on this at: https://pacific-holistic.com/parasites.

Intermittent fasting within a day (for example from between 8pm until 2pm the next day or from midnight till 4pm the next day) – allows for micro-mini iddy-biddy detoxing sessions – during the non-eating hours our enzymes have an opportunity to facilitate cleanup from accumulated sluggishness / stubborn toxins / and to some degree our accumulated environmental toxicity (and beware it’s not such a good idea to do extreme intermitent fasting when the adrenals are weak).
There is no truth in nutrition that reveals that we need a large meal as soon as our feet hit the floor in the morning! (great marketing for dried cereals though!) It is beneficial to do this intermittent fasting / eating quite seperately from any no-carb / low carb / high fat keto type diet so no need to embrace MCT oil and special dietary considerations and all of that at the same time, as that’s a SEPARATE concept and diet.

Specific enzyme supplementation – not for digestion – but proteolytic, quality enzymes such as the European wobenzymes or, for example, M7+ by Naturpharm (but not when used as a digestive enzyme). Quality proteolytic enzymes on an EMPTY stomach allow more easy cleanup of our blood and seperation of sluggish red cells and gives us a limited time window of feisty ‘packmen / scavengers’ type cleanup that will, overtime, help clean up joint fluids, tissues, lymph, etc.


Removal of any further toxic loads and more inflammation producing organo-phosphates, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and those mean glyphosates that are now almost deemed accepted from our daily eating… i.e.. eat organic.
There’s a lot of non-alarmist reading at this website on glyphosate damage and origins at https://pacific-holistic.com/all-things-glyphosate and also at https://www.greenmedinfo.com/toxic-ingredient/glyphosate-formulations

Adding Brazil nuts (the only food left (due to depleted soil) with a decent amount of the trace mineral selenium. Selenium, when in a food allows for easier absorption (as opposed to supplementing with a pill/supplement). Selenium is a necessary but often missing co-factor for making your own internal, natural, anti-inflammatory called L-glutathione (assuming one eats a broad range of proteins including ALL of the essential amino acids – not possible for a vegan and difficult for a vegetarian – requires daily co-ordination and good information (as oppposed to virtue-signaling type nutritional coaching).

* Make a concerted effort to remove pharmaceuticals unless direly necessary – they don’t always need to be a constant companion for everyone. There are brilliant alternative non-hazardess substitutes. You could be questioning the need for statins; finding alternatives for proton pump inhibitors; finding natural blood pressure lowering methods, natural blood thinners, see for example, https://pacific-holistic.com/cholesterol

* Then there are herbal teas that are easy to brew that support the lymph (our clean up system) to gently move toxins along to the exit – cleavers, calendula and plantain are three inexpensive ones – brew separately or together. I personally throw in some mint as well so as not to make the tea so boring. There is a strange belief that if you drink herbal teas you should be off coffee! NOT so!
A cup or two of organic coffee is such a treat and acts as a tiny anti-oxidant. if you add a tad of cream then the oxalates (tiny) is curtailed.

* a quality turmeric supplement

subtle pain relief that helps healing of specific joints – topical use of oil of wintergreen, DMSO and/or magnesium oil – https://pacific-holistic.com/painkillers

Removal of the lectins from your diet.

These little natural poisons that occur naturally in almost all vegetables and fruits continue to work as poisons in our bodies once we have eaten them. They are plants’ natursl self-defence against us humans – until they are ripe, and add significantly to our bodies inflammatory condition, especially when we have accumulated a lot of the above mentioned toxins/hazards and we have reached a threshold of what our bodies can take on the chin and process and get rid of!
Worth a try for several weeks.

These lectin poisons are greatly removed (but not completely) by peeling our vegetables. Even though that sounds counter-productive, once you try and experience less pain (assuming you have inflammatory pains), you’ll wonder why it took you so long!

Lectins (tiny proteins) are not to be confused with leptins (a hormone) – one letter difference and one huge functional difference!
Lectins, however, are the natural self-defence systems inborn in plants / sprouts / some nuts.
As Dr. Gundry, heart surgeon, who specializes in lectin information, so cutely puts it: “plants don’t want to be eaten by us until they are mature and for some, not at all and they can’t run away. Poisons are their only defence!”

Two examples of common lectins:
1. There are minute particles of toxicity / or lectins in the shoots of bean or seed sprouts. Quite simply, the juicy tender little stems are very attractive to bugs, weavels, vermin, some herbivores and humans. The only way these little succulent baby plants can survive their initial growing stages to maturity is by incorporating deterrents – otherwise none of the sprouting plants would make it to maturity.
2. Another example is the tincture made from the green hull enveloping the black walnut. There’s no way a squirrel, for example, will want to bite down on that poisonous green hull in order to get to the walnut meat inside. We make a tincture from this poison in the green hull as a very effective anti-parasitical. Once the walnut is ripe and mature, it drops to the ground and the green hull becomes dark brown immediately and the nut is up for grabs and no lectins remain. The nut remains toxin free – the lectins are in the outside hull – that’s why no one soaks walnuts. No need. Very clever!

We know this to be true to some degree when we avoid the nightshades, nicotinoids and solanines, etc. The amount of nightshade toxicity – glyco-alkinoids are most concentrated in the skins of our fruits and vegetables. We simultaneously avoid the lectins when we avoid these nightshades. More on this at https://pacific-holistic.com/nightshades

The hulls surrounding all types of wheat have lectins as protectors along with nutrients, as do most all other grains and even rice. Once hulled they are pretty safe (this is so contrary to everything we learn to be healthy!). I now don’t laugh at all of that white rice being served in all Asian restaurants – they knew something!
Beans (such as kidney, lima, fava and soy beans), peas, seeds and lentils are also full of lectins that are even harder to destroy except with pressure cooking – to some degree. These cannot be hulled or peeled and are best avoided. Personally I have found no problem at all with sesame seeds and the seeds used in sesame paste but HUGE reactions with kidney and garbonzo beans. 

Root vegetables need to be peeled, too… which we already tend to do with jicamas, parsnips, beets, turnips, sweet potatoes, yams, etc, except we tend not to peel regular potatoes and carrots. Peeling these or avoiding those lectin-harbouring plant skins would be a smart anti-inflammatory move.

Nuts, once properly ripened while up in their trees, are low in lectins, assuming you don’t eat the hulls, or dark attached skins as these also contain self-defence poisons (such as the skins on Brazil nuts and almonds). As a kid I remember we went through a lot of almonds at Xmas time and my job was to remove many batches of skins – just by letting the nuts sit for 1 minute in scalding water – and then slipping them out of their ‘jackets’.

peanuts - nut a nut - can be loaded with fungus when organic

Peanuts and cashews are not nuts. Peanuts are a legume that lives and thrives in the ground and have a tonne of lectins as they are under constant threat from underground predators: bugs, beetles, vermin, etc. Then they also need to be treated with fungicides as most crops are rife with fungus from the moist earth they grew and ripened in. And to add insult to injury after all that – most major food-processing brands remove the peanut oil from the nut product (such as peanut butter) and replace it with the pro-inflammatory cottonseed oil (great as furniture polish), while calling this a natural flavouring on the label.
Cashews are seeds (not a bean or a nut) that grow high up in trees in yellow pods. They are tasty and useful and a staple in vegan diets (for making fake cheeses and butters). Best to give cashews a serious soak before enjoying them to remove at least some of the lectins.

Gourds / squashes / pumpkins / cucumbers also have protective poisons in their skins / rinds – so peel the pumpkins and large squashes (obviously!) and personally, I find that zucchini is almost non-offensive (even without peeling) and sphagetti squash is great, too.
(Here is an exception that was in the news recently: cultivated gourds are bred for low levels of the toxin cucurbitacin (a cousin to lectin) and are safe to eat — but accidental cross-fertilization or stress can produce unsafe concentrations, when consumed in high enough doses – called ‘toxic squash syndrome’.

Unripe fruits are high in lectins as they are not ready to be consumed and spread around… (bears, for example, know exactly when berries are ripe and will walk past the berry bush until one day! Then they’ll consume them like crazy and poop out the tiny seeds in the fruit and with this automatically spread the seeds – just like nature anticipates). Once fruits are nice and ripe, then they have edible skins and this is logically right in tune with nature in terms as spreading the seed at the right time. The ripe fruit also has great phyto nutrients for us (as opposed to unripe fruits that are ripened with gasses while journeying to the big-box stores). Organic stores are best for fruits and veggies as there is a greater chance the produce was ripe when picked. 

When grapes are picked for wine-making then most grapes are ripe and some not so much (and therefore some will have lectins, esp in their skins). The spraying of the glyphosates, pesticides, other herbicides and fungusides are mostly held in the skins. Red wines are fermented WITH the skinson and seeds in, and white wine grapes are skinned and de-seeded first before fermentation. That’s why white wines have less lectins and less toxins than red wines!

Granted – every food has it’s downside in some way – it’s about choosing what’s best for you and eliminating the worst offenders. If you have no inflammation, then you have so many more choices.

AND there’s lots left to choose from:
* meats – all pasture-raised – not tortured and fed poisonous high lectin foods such as soy products – including all ‘clean’ chickens, cows, bison, etc
* eggs from un-tortured chickens
* dairy made from the above – milk, cheeses,
* cooked, peeled tubers and gourds and squashes
* clean fish such as Kuterra (https://pacific-holistic.com/something-fishy)
* organic unbleached white flour – bake my own (my recipe – https://www.jocooks.com/recipes/no-knead-skillet-bread
– minus the cheese)
* nuts (not peanuts and cashews)
* almost all leafy green vegetables

* some cruciferous vegetables (but always peel the stems off of broccoli stems and asparagus

… and while trying to AVOID THE NIGHTSHADES such
as potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, sweet peppers (at least peel them all), you can boil them too and remove some of the toxins that way (and that will remove some of the nutrition… a good trade-off for sure if you have any joint pain.)

a healthy farmer's salad / salade Nicoise
salade Nicoise

Then there’:
celery, shallots, garlic and onions

lettuces – deep red, butter, arugula and radicchio,
a tad of ripe organic fruit

and if you add olives, chard, beets and spinach (as these have oxalates) then just sprinkle some feta cheese on this liberally

white wines in very great moderation (still sugar!) minus the skins
all quality oils and fats – obviously not corn, canola, peanut and soy oil

The foods listed above include the ones you might be wanting to include in your shopping. And to promote brain tissue health and just to be cautious, include these:

Brazil nuts, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts (almonds are loaded with oxalates)
clean salmon (Kuterra.com), mackerel, sardines, other fatty fish
ripe berries (go very lightly on the berries)
organic coffee and cacao (as long as there’s some calcium – cream)

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