Non-pharmacetical Pain “Killers” – from very subtle to strong

Pain certainly alerts us – and it keeps us close to home and slows us down for healing. Pain normally resultss from chronic wear-and-tear and accidents.

When a shock or emotional challenge is active, we rarely feel anything. When we slip into the healing phase of these, then rebuilding or replenishing of affected tissues and/or organs can be accompanied with an abundance of pain. Often that’s actually when most of us think the issue is actually starting, when, in fact, it is resolving!

If you have a very painful slipped disc, sore jaw (not from recent dentistry), or arthritis, please give me a call and I’d be happy to explain this further, in detail, to cast more light on what I mean above.

Morphine and other serious pharmaceutical painkillers can dull debilitating pain and ease the pure misery of pain being overwhelming but it also slows down the healing processes as these type of drugs do not allow the para-sympathetic nervous system to kick in – which is when real healing takes place. So if you want to try something less dramatic, here are a few suggestions.

these suggestions listed from very subtle thru to much stonger:

homeopathic pain remedy - Arnica

* the homeopathic Arnica – from your homeopath, naturopath or quality health supplement store

* birch and clove essential oils – from an aroma therapist, quality aromatherapy store or quality health supplement store 

* 2 teaspoons of cod liver oil – 2 or 3X per day (I’m a wimp and add a bit of orange liqueur for taste) – from quality health supplement stores – and works well when combined with this next item here below

* Proteolytic or Protease enzymes – enzymes known to be used ONLY for the digestion of proteins. But rather than using these for digestion, the protease (also called a proteolytic enzyme) can be taken on an empty stomach (3 to 4 hours after a meal – depending what it consisted of), to be effective as a pain killer – away from food – so therefore not as would be instructed on the label by the company selling them. 
Of course, these enzymes require that you refrain from eating once you’ve taken them to let them do their magic. (The health food store’s sales persons will likely talk you into something else – so hold steadfast – you are the client – and get what’s right for your needs.) Although I do not sell supplements – keeps my integrity – I do suggest M7+ by Naturpharm – and this is only in the best stores.

painkillers - oil of wintergreen - DMSO

* wintergreen oil – sold sporadically in some drugstores and pharmacies and without prescription and is extremely inexpensive – under $10 per bottle and which will last you through many calamities!!! You want to use this VERY sparingly – just rub what clings to your finger onto the affected area – and repeat bit by bit – slowly – and never on moist skin (so wait until well after the morning shower)!!!
Health Canada politics are such that it is hard to find through an aroma therapist – that’s why these practitioners are likely to suggest the essential oils mentioned higher up, which are much more subtle – (a well known US MLM company sells this wintergreen oil for an exorbitant fee under a fancy name – buyer beware). This oil is fragrant – you will smell like a Christmas candy! (NEVER USE INTERNALLY)

* DMSO – (easier to find in the USA than Canada) is great to put under essential oils and this acts like a carrier and amplifies the effectiveness of the oils. I order mine from (about $58 U$ and have it shipped – enough for a lifetime). Never use internally unless with the oversight of a naturopath or veterinary.
It is a clear, slightly smelly, liquid and leaves a a bit of a garlic-ish / metalic taste left on the tongue.
More on this at

An elegant and potent pain solution:
If you use the last two in tandem, you have a winning elegant non-addictive, pain solution!
Put the DMSO on in a very slow and sparing manner and carefully put on with only the amount that sticks to your finger – DO NOT pour a little puddle into your palm and slap it on!
Then, after a minute or two, with the DMSO absorbing, add a thin layer of the wintergreen oil – very carefully – on top. Then, Pain Be Gone! This is so-oooo effective and you will smell like a fishy, garlicky Xmas candy! And who cares when you’re in pain. Initially you may taste the DMSO and the wintergreen on your tongue – this lasts less than a few minutes.

Pain has it’s reasons and uses. If, like some of us, you believe that ailments, health issues and disease come to us in two phases – the active and the healing phases – then most often, it’s the healing phase that comes with the pain – swelling, heat, inflammation, tiredness and possibly more pain – and this is when soothing and mindful nurturing is called for.

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