Careful Anti-Radiation Supplementation

This article is a nutritional heads-up in regards to nuclear fallout – for a number of reasons – and the most obvious is from Japan. Radiation is still coming our way. TEPCO, the utility company in charge of the nuclear power disaster in Japan finally has admitted that their Fukushima facility suffered a nuclear meltdown in three of the reactors. And it wasn’t merely one rod melting beyond the barriers as maintained for a long time by the Japanese authorities.

Fukushima radiation disaster

How to stay healthy now that we know continuing nuclear contamination will probably affect us all in North America, specifically along the West Coast of North America, too, for a log time to come and probably our entire lifetime and that of our children. Mitigating and en-tombing the damage is in slow progress… with immodest face saving out front. It is, in fact, an illegal / criminal act to actually report on this mess in the media / by journalists in Japan! The truth needs to be delicately fiddled with! even if by now we are all aware that it was not a natural disaster but a Khazarian pay-back for an unanswered threat/compliance.
The 1986 Chernobyl meltdown that killed dozens of people down-wind from the reactors almost immediately and thousands of people over the following decade, went by mostly undocumented at the time and is now coming to the (informational) surface. The Chernobyl catastrophe resulted in the release of major clouds of nuclear toxins, which the winds carried for thousands of miles, contaminating most of Europe. This led to a hundred-fold increase in thyroid cancers in children and adolescents in the Belarus and Ukraine regions. Most of the radiation was inhaled; and some was ingested (from contaminated produce and from milk produced by cows feeding on contaminated grass that slipped through the “tight Euro controls” from various countries).
There is much and varied information circulating as to the supplements we should take to address harmful effects of this (and other) radiation exposure. Potassium iodide was recently sold out at most drug stores in North America right after the disaster! This is excellant – people were being proactive. But taking this important antidote indiscriminately, may be doing more harm than good (with too large and too frequent dosages).
There are many forms of radiation – gamma rays, strontium, radioactive cesium, radioactive potassium, radioactive iodine, etc – and not any of these should find their way into our air, our water, food-chain or heaven-forbid, our bodies at all!!! We are created equal – it’s an equal-opportunity pollutant.
So what could / should one REALLY do? (What follows is nutritional – not medical advice, of course, and one must check everything with one’s main medical go-to person).

several lifetimes of damage – Fukushima

Why the thyroid gets all the attention:
The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in the throat and naturally requires iodine to help make the hormones needed that go out to every cell in the body to maintain normal metabolism (in every cell!) and are needed in many other fundamental functions in our bodies. Normally, iodine is absorbed from our food (seaweed, fish, etc), and enters the bloodstream to be distributed and is then concentrated in our thyroid. Radioactive iodine also will concentrate in our thyroid – our body notices no difference between the two. Once arrived, the radioactive particles will then cause damage to the thyroid. This could, in a worst case scenario, lead to the formation of benign and malignant thyroid nodules we are told. But this is a minimal occurrence. Instead the initial damage is more frequent and one of depressing it’s cells’ functionability. Infants and children are the most susceptible to radioactive iodine’s harm, because their thyroid cells are more active.

Enough’good’ iodine will use up the receptor spaces and leave none for the radio-active variety. Don’t assume that you have enough regular iodine circulating in your body because you saw that iodine is now added to your table salt or because you eat fish or sushi once in a while. Some governments have mandated that iodine be added to table salt, but that common high-heat-treated type of salt that health conscious people don’t use anymore is not enough (our digestive tracts treat this sort of heat-treated molecule as a toxin and the NaCl will not break down and allow the iodine out… and our body surrounds the poor quality salt with mucous to take it out of harm’s way into the gut (and with it the trace amounts of iodine). 
See the article for the best type of salt.

Why is iodine needed elsewhere, too:
Thyroid hormones are integral in the creating and maintaining of myelination of the central nervous system – most important in the womb and shortly after birth. It has been shown that a deficiency creates a potential IQ deficit. A well known expert states: “a single drop of IODINE each day can be the difference between an idiot and an Einstein.”
What to take in advance of being compromised by radiation:
Whatever you take in the coming months and years, the rule of thumb is that it should add to your overall health and not be some emergency knee-jerk reaction. It should not be a burden to the very sensitive and intricate ways of all our organs and tissues but work synergistically. In fact some of the herbs, supplements, tinctures and foods mentioned here below, you may already have in your home. Now’s the time to stock up on the rest of the items that “speak” to you – only you are in charge of your survival strategy – and there are many strategies and advices out there! Buyer beware!
Selenium, a necessary, a miraculous trace mineral, is an integral part of cellular repair in the body and also protects DNA. Selenium deficiency is pervasive and leads to impaired anti-oxidant systems and also leaves people depleted after harsh orthodox radiation “therapies” for cancer. Get plenty of selenium by including Brazil nuts to all of your snacking and include them in your cooking (crushed, nut-coated crispy chicken, chopped and toasted in salads, ground up in nutty pie crusts, etc) and snack on them while you drive or have a need to nibble – keep at your desk and in your purse. Brazil nuts (more than any other food) are packed with selenium. Glutathione peroxidase is an important enzyme our bodies produce and selenium is a necessary co-factor in producing it – along with a diet full of quality proteins – you cannot live without Glutathione at the best of times and now it’s ever more crucial to have more than enough on hand. Pick some up pronto.
Drinking several cups of nettle tea per day – as an infusion – is an option if you are allergic to nuts.
Vitamin A and beta-carotene counteracts gamma radiation damage to cells to some extent. It also improves the healing of wounds and supports a number of essential reactions in our bodies and some of our organs. For therapeutic purposes, such as with this radiation fallout and contaminated oceanic water and rainfall contamination, or a compromised immune system in general, or if you are on a natural cancer therapy regimen (many types), then temporarily 25,000 to 35,000 IU is the dose for adults. General maintenance would be less. (Vitamin A in large doses can be toxic to pregnant woman and their babies).
Strontium 90, another radioactive mineral we need to block, is a more difficult issue for our tissues, as it is chemically similar to calcium and can slide into our bone marrow and bones. One of pantothenic acid’s (vitamin B5 – calcium pantothenate) many functions is that it helps normalize red and white blood cell formation in the bone marrow (and therefore indirectly helps to decrease the effects of radiation on bone marrow, too). The various B vitamins all dance together synergistically and should be taken together, as recommended on the supplement bottle.
Vitamin C – a VERY IMPORTANT supplement – protects cell membranes in a general way. It also helps protect against nuclear radiation and medical radiation, and to some degree also chemo and other harsh therapies. If the Vitamin C is buffered with minerals – called an ascorbate – then large dosages can be taken – up to bowel tolerance – when we know we have been specifically exposed (such as on a trip to Tokyo). It can be included in a smoothy, for example, with organic yoghurt, some good oils, your iodine and other supplements. (We are all very different and large quanitites of Vitamin C (never ascorbic – unbufferd by minerals) leads to loose stools differently for each of us). Loose stools from buffered Vitamin C can occur after anywhere from 4 to 18 grams per person per day and staying under this amount is smart as disrupting the gut flora / intricate biome is not good.)
Extra Vitamin C, such as these extreme amounts described above (of buffered!! vitamin C) can be done at any time for acute health purposes such as during wartime radiation fallout, cancer therapy, nuclear meltdown times. If you have ascorbic Vitamin C at hand – NOT buffered with minerals – then 500 mg several times a day is best. 
This would not be a time to quibble about politics but… here in Canada we cannot purchase non-cornstarch AND buffered Vitamin C – the top American companies we did have, were considered non-compliant as they did not have Health Canada’s DIN numbers and are therefore disallowed. Health Canada “rules” have become too onerous for the top notch American companies such as Nutricology to bother with in order to continue to export into Canada.
(In Canada a few cornstarch Vitamin C products may say “made with such-and-such a berry” but that is usually a miserable 8%! “Made from” is the right wording. No source stated on the bottle means that it’s probably made from corn/cornstarch and is less expensive and desirable).
Seaweed (thousands of different types and Laminar Japonica is the winner of radiation absorption in most literature) is a superb source of nutrients and they are very effective at removing radiation from our bodies in general as seaweeds contain the natural sodium alginate (cleans up in the the GI tract much like the action of apple pectin). Sheets and powders of seaweed can be mixed into soups, salads, or eaten by themselves as in sushi, but we are not likely to eat these in large quantities at every meal…
Supplements or capsules provide us with the alginate and a bonus of iodine (on average .05/.10 mg per capsule). This is why it is good to take several caps / tabs daily as well as your iodine drops for normal healthy functioning, even in good times with no radiation threat. 
Potassium-Iodide is what we have heard the most about for anti-radiation defense as we think of it as the go-to iodine. This is a sticky wicket. The iodide portion protects mainly the thyroid but must be taken in very tiny quantities – in too great an amount it is damaging and very imbalancing… The potassium is supposed to protect your whole body from the absorption of radioactive cesium (cesium acts like potassium). There is nowhere near enough potassium in this combination to protect and flood your body against all the radioactive cesium that you might take on (we are even still experiencing some of the cesium 137 from the atomic bomb experiments in Nevada from way back!!).
Personally, I’m eating more potassium rich foods such as organic bananas and organic coconut water, (not coconut pop) then that will be even better! If, per chance, you notice a few more trips to the bathroom after your new and improved potassium intake, then you know you have affected your potassium / sodium pump in a good way (that’s a ratio of potassium and sodium that swims in and around your tissue cells throughout your body). Now is a perfect time to include potassium rich foods into your diet. Seriously.

Lug’s iodine or Lugol’s was what we used in the old days. It is a solution of elemental iodine and potassium iodide in water, named after the French physician J.A.G. Lug. Lug’s iodine solution is still used as an antiseptic and disinfectant, even for emergency disinfection of drinking water (have handy in that emergency bug-out bag). This became popular again when mercurochrome was recognised as containing mercury… disinfect while you poison!
When an alternative health expert advises on supporting and returning a hypo-thyroid to better functioning (a sluggish thyroid), the amount of potassium iodide advised, is usually miniscule – from one to five drops per day in a gradual increase. A little iodide / iodine is dynamic and goes a long way, especially as it is partially cumulative!
Lugol’s is a stronger iodine – one drop per day in a glass of water is SUFFICIENT! And more is not better in this case as one does not want to repair and protect an unhappy thyroid with a sledge hammer. Take the test to see how much you need -mdescribed at the bottom of iodine drops for normal healthy functioning,

I have an unhappy thyroid, personally, so I eat potassium rich foods and take my normal amount of potassium iodide – a few drops per day, or one drop of Lugol’s, in order to gently ensure that it is as close to “normal” as possible.
The FDA’s advice is interesting as I wonder about what their double blind cross-over studies looked like that they draw their advice from. (I am assuming that would be the least they would do – a factor always demanded for credibility by them for alternatives… and did they use truly radiated people from nuclear sites who were compromised or just (not the same) radiated lab rats – one group of radiated humans compared with a placebo group and one group with potassium iodide (a few corpses would ensue, perhaps…?) This comment just to make the point that we should not believe everything we hear, even from the good ol’ FDA.

On the other hand, and on a bright note: this Fukashima scare has gotten the public to focus on their potassium iodide in take. Some people, in real need, are now aware of their under-functioning thyroids! Or because the regular GP’s tests were too insensitive, they may now be benefiting from improved thyroid tissue!
(Women who are breast-feeding – take the adult dose. Children and infants should obviously have their dosages reduced to an amount that is proportional to their weight). If one has contra-indicated meds, or if you have a hyper-thyroid, then please ask your GP or trusted medical person first and go with your info in hand and educate yourself thoroughly before the next visit.

If you have deep pockets, then Beta-1,3 glucan- I is a free radical scavenger supplement that you will also like to have in store. In a controlled study done at the US Armed Forces Radiobiology Institute, 70% of rats (not humans) were given a lethal dose of radiation exposure and then were completely protected from the radiation effects when given a dose of yeast beta glucan. It protects certain types of white cells from free radical attack during and after the radiation, allowing these white cells to continue to function in their irradiated bodies and clean up the toxins. 
Reishi mushroom are high in beta 1,3 glucan (500 mg once a day – another supplement that is abused by taking too much – and disrupting the delicate granules and nucleii of the white cells esp the neutrophils).
Burdock Root
 – removes some radioactive isotopes from the body – and is also good for taking after a few too many plane trips, a CT Scan, frequent mamaographies or if you are a pilot or flight attendant.
This burdock root (in actual root form at health food and Asian grocery stores) and in tinctures and teas (at herbal apothecaries) and top health food stores – is also good for after radiation “therapy” for cancer. 
It acts like a gentle detox herb. Infuse the root in cold water first (for up to several hours) and then boil for up to an hour and finally the root is passed through a strainer. This long process serves to increase the bioavailability of some of the active ingredients. As a food, this root can also be added to soups. Burdock root may reduce the requirements for insulin, as it helps to normalize blood sugar levels. (Therefore it is recommended that diabetics consult with a wise health care practitioner. Burdock during the first trimester of pregnancy is contra-indicated.) 
It’s also one of the 4 herbs in the original Essiac
Cilantro Leaf in tincture form – is a natural heavy metal chelator and is often used to remove heavy metals from the body and is believed to cross the blood/brain barrier (plutonium and cesium are the heavy metals it also targets.) Several droppers full spread out over the day, will provide you with enough. Eating cilantro raw, would require an enormous amount – no fun – not feasible. It only takes 1-3 droppers full daily of tincture. If a headache ensues, then reduce the quantity. Alternatively, there’s broken cell chlorella.
And borrowed from alternative chemo-cancer-after care: Rutin – a bioflavonoid (can be purchased on its own and is sometimes included in vitamin C supplements containing bioflavonoids). It is used by alternative health seekers to rebalance from excessive x-ray exposure and radiation “therapy”. I’d personally take 200 mg a day as a preventative supplement.
So stock up and become familiar with these synergistic, health promoting, items and then… … lay back and have a nice long 30 minutes soak in a hot (as hot as you can stand it) Sea Salt and Baking Soda bath – 1 lb. of each and if no sea salt is available, then 2 lb. of baking soda (it’s very important NOT to skimp and have the pH of the bath water be more alkaline than your body). When you have a tear – hopefully not too many – just taste one – and see how salty it is! Flight attendants and pilots use this detoxification method.  
… And just in case calamity hits – even every other day, if we are inundated by radiation fallout.

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