Sleeplessness – off to the land of nod – NOT!

“Remember, you are spiritually recharged during sleep, and adequate sleep is essential to produce joy and vitality in life.”
~ Joseph Murphy


When the PSYCHE is in a fretting, overly worried, or compulsively thinking mode and constantly dwelling over unresolved conflicts, then sleep disturbances happen (we then end up waking after about three hours of a typical bare-minimum physical requirement). The extra waking hours and that total focus on the conflict during that time (often in the quiet of the night) are to serve us – benefit us naturally – to find a resolution to the conflict at hand.

Then, after resolving the issues, our bodies heal and we experince extremely deep long sleeping. The psyche, the brain, and the corresponding organ are three levels of ONE unified organism that always work in synchronicity.

Some sleep inducing suggestions that you may not have yet tried and which are not chemical in nature are here below:

Supplements: quality melatonin – some of my clients have taken 20mg daily for many years with no side effects but awesome results! Always purchase a very good brand. Supporting your circadian rhythm is very important when required to do shift work or when your work demands highly irregular hours (and please read my disclaimer at the bottom of the home page).

Reflexology: look up a reputable foot chart and massage or thumb walk the neck’s spinal area – the C1 to C7 vertebrae – as well as the inside of the heels near the back (disregard the rest of the spine). You will have massaged the reflexes that help the para-sympathetic nervous system to kick in. 
Then take the end of a pencil or small rounded object and massage an area the size of a lentil in the centre of the heel – the plantar area and 3/4 of an inch from the back / bottom – voila – the insomniac reflex point!

Hot Baths: Skip the candles and rose petals, but a soothing soak really can help. Relaxing in the tub will raise your body temperature slightly and when you get out, the rapid cool-down will mimic the natural temperature drop the brain triggers when you shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous systems… as your body prepares for sleep. If you add magnesium salts (epsom salts) then this must be a large amount – about 4 cups for a standard sized tub and more for a big soaker tub. You’ll want the alkalinity of the tub water to be greater than that of your bodily fluids Just taste your tears!) – so that the magnesium migrates in through the skin’s pores… otherwise you’ll be loosing the minerals you have onboard to the bath water!

Cannabis: an indica (sedating and relaxing) such as silver or pink kush as long as it is grown organically

Herbs: blue vervain – tincture or tea

Jin Shin Jyutsu: this is so much more fun than counting sheep…
Take the first three fingers tips (thumb, index and middle) of the right hand and place them – like a tripod – tips together – on the top and centre of the head roughly where the crown chakra is – or the soft spot in new-borns. The three fingers of your left hand are placed between the brows. this is not tapping – just let then rest lightly on these spots.
Keep your right hand where it is and then place your left hand finger tips – all 3 – under the nose for a while and then move them eventually to under the lips and leave there for a while.
If you are still awake, then move your right hand finger tips to the centre of the sternum… sort of above the top of the bra area. Then move the three fingers to the bottom of the sternum or bottom of the bra area and all the while leaving the right hand at top of the head..

Still, with the right hand on top of your head, place the three left hand finger tips on the top of your pubic bone… and then move the right hand down to your tail bone and lie on them, while leaving your left hand on top of your pubic bone.
This will make the central and governing meridians very happy and rebalnces the enegies and zz….zzzzz…zzzzZZZ..zzzz.ZZZZZZZZ

B6 Toxicity (pyridoxine) – a long shot
This water soluable vitamin cannot normally be toxic (and is deemed necessary for abating inflammation AND dances with magnesium). If it is consumed through food sources, then we naturally pee out the excess our body doesn’t need. However when too many supplements with B6 are taken in a very short period of time, then metabolizing this overload of B6 may become difficult – toxic.
A few individuals have a very hard time metabolizing B6, let alone an accumulation. The signs of toxicity are headaches, sleeplessness, listlessness, limb-tingling, pins-and-needles, feeling of burning mouth tissue, blurred vision and more. If this seems to apply, then back off the B6 supplements (often included in a multi-vitamin, a multi-B vitamin and other combinations such as those espousing stress relief, sleeping support, adrenal support, etc). This excess pyridoxine, if one were to be subjected to it, can lead to paradoxical neurotoxicity— a sensory neuropathy. 

Lack of Sleep causes or contributes to cancer!!!
… some points of view on sleeplessness to be aware of…

The unconventional / non-standard / non-mainstream point of view on cancer’s cause includes the fact that most cancers come about due to some sort of a deep underlying unresolved issue(s) often caused by a sizable shock or severe conflict. An organ, for example a breast milk gland, may make extra cells (almost similar to the affected gland) to ‘help’ with a very specific shock – such as hearing a very troubling health diagnosis of one’s own child. The breast gland’s augmented cells will be naturally removed when the shock / conflict is resolved/removed (with bacteria, white phagocytic cells, and a few other automatically occurring items).

If the specific shock / conflict is not dealth with, then the cells may continue to grow… eventually one would have a tumor. While we are processing the shock / conflict we will be sleep deprived – and this makes sense as mother nature allows us a few hours sleep before we are wide awake with the parasympathetic nervous systen=m shut off and processing our thouggts  / feelings / situation in the wee hours for sometimes what seems like many hours. Once the issue is resolved, then deep sleep (and ‘catch-up’ sleep can occur. That’s also when healing takes place simultaneously.
The lack of sleep does not cause the breast gland’s ‘cell plus’ but is ASSOCIATED with it.

An example, in my case, of hearing my husband’s severe cancer diagnosis, resulted in 6 months of only 3 hours of sleep per night – non-stop. I also got a breast gland tumor diagnosis during that time. After he passed, I eventually got to sleep 12 hours per night – whether I wanted to or not!
Then I went for a re-evaluation of my unhappy breast gland tumour (as I had totally forgotten about it during my husband’s cancer battle) and it had disappeared! (That was a very longgggg ultra-sound session – the possibility of a tumour disappearing is not allowed / not acceptable to mainstream thinking!)
My sleep deprevation had certainly not caused the cancer, nor did catching up on sleep cure it… The sleep patterns we have give us clues as to what is going on to lead us to the issues that need resolving… active phase / healing phase? Sleeping is not running the show! For more on this, take a look at

Another point of view for people who are afraid of facing their emotions honestly or think that emotions or unresolved emotions have nothing to do with health or sleeping well – then there may be some clues here – comments by a nutritionist I truely admire: – Barbara O’Neill

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