Ug99 Rust Spreads – scientists scurry for stronger strains

“Fungus Ug99 has the potential to distort our future food prices and even lead to the rationing of many types of grains…”.

It sounds as if wheat has caught the flu – a pandemic! A worst case scenario has it that 80% of the world’s wheat crops could be wiped out due to a ‘stem rust’ fungus spreading beyond Eastern Africa (in Uganda and Kenya is where it all started). Experts say this rusty fungus is now poised to spread beyond Iran and to enter the breadbaskets of northern India and Pakistan. The wind will inevitably carry it to all areas of the Northern Hemisphere.

Katharine Kimball reports for The Times Oregon State that “Working inside a bio-secure greenhouse outfitted with motion detectors and surveillance cameras, government scientists at the Cereal Disease Laboratory in St. Paul, Minn., suspended the fungal spores in a light mineral oil and sprayed them onto thousands of healthy wheat plants. After two weeks, the stalks were covered with deadly reddish blisters characteristic of the scourge known as Ug99. Nearly all the plants were goners.

wheat threatened by rust / fungus
stem rust fungus

Scientists have a laborious task ahead as the conventional scientific breeding and hybridizing techniques used to find another resistant strain will take nine to 12 years to introduce. Then thousands of varieties, that all are deemed to need to change in order to survive this stem rust, must be altered. This type of battle has been on-going for as long as humans have cultivated wheat.
According to Jorge Dubcovsky, professor of genetics and plant breeding at UC Davis, “The pathogen keeps mutating and evolving. It’s one of our biblical pests. This is not a small enemy.”
Scientists have kept the fungus at bay for years by using breeders who slowly and methodically incorporated different combinations of six major stem rust resistance genes into various varieties of wheat. These breeders thought it unlikely that the rust could overcome clusters of those genes at the same time. After several outbreak-free decades, it seemed that the scientists had won out and the hunt for new resistance genes practically slowed to a crawl.
The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center in Mexico guestimates that 20% of the world’s wheat, providing food for 1 billion people in Asia and Africa, is next in line for the travelling pest. American plant breeders assume $10 billion worth of wheat would be destroyed if the fungus made it to US fields.
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