What’s in them?

step right up!

When we sift through the recent literature about the hidden-from-view contents of the waxxxines that went into the public’s arms, it seems there were several items that were standard issue – in all of them – even the ones that people thought were placebos because they did not become seriously ill (a very foolish assumption). When the whole world is your petrie dish (from the point of view of the waxxxine industry and gathered together free of charge by all the eager governments’ health departments) then you don’t leave any of those research guinea pigs go to scientific waste. When the monumental task is to scientifically alter people’s chromosomes / their essence, there’s a lot of lab work to be done to achieve eventual success.
There were NO REAL placebos = no saline water ONLY, in those ‘in ject ions’.

Lest we think that these waxxxing campaigns are over and all is now behind us and that we are on to the next challenges… we will be experiencing more gas-lighting i.e. lots of programming that makes you shake your head and wonder if black is black or … well maybe… it’s actually green because the authorities keep telling us it is so … after all …!
However, the fall winter season is upon us; we’ve had a break; the roll-out of plandemic part two is soon to arrive.
Stay up-to-date on just one little portion of the programme: https://youtu.be/i4q0ZvfcWDk and https://youtu.be/vZeTs9-rgPU and https://youtu.be/ha83MRmNmpY and upcoming judicial charades: https://youtu.be/C8kd15n-uIY
Watch the push to waxxxinate the children at ever younger ages and watch the CDC approve it all – then it can appear on the already highly suspect ‘schedule of waxxxines’ and allow the 1986 act to kick in (in the USA)… and full liability protection can kick in for everyone but the damaged! (Children have a 99.9% recovery rate without intervention).

the beginnings of a strand of graphene

In addition to the standard items that were in all of them, there are also the many and various and unique lab-engineered, highly structurally sophisticated, added items including the DNA / RNA / chromosome manipulating substances, the many so-called gain-of-function convinces that have to corordinate highly sophisticated human engineering.
These may be specific pancreas / enzyme blocking substances and combinations of preservatives and the final piece – getting the altered genes to stay altered and multiplying – Crispr.
Some of these were uncombined and some combined with more experimental substances – some were included in high concentrations and some in small doses – all recorded by lot number against your specific health records – everywhere in the world.

Some ‘in ject ions’ were aiming to create changes to our DNA and RNA in the mitochondria found in the nucleii in certain white cells – that’s much more sophisticated than chasing after some snippet of a spiked-ball-protein, deemed to have been passed on by a non-masked, un-distanced and an unsuspecting healthy person.
We were told it was maybe picked up in a Chinese market from a diseased bat (gives all bats a bad name!) and slung around the world at warp speed… It has now come out that some of the ‘in ject ions’ actually contained the culprit spikey ball itself…

These GMO-ing type waxxxine chemicals penetrate the white cells’ outer enzymatic granular protections and head for the nuceii and are designed to continue on into the mitochondria of the nucleii, where they then hope to do a little break-and-entry and then endeavour to do their permanent altering on the DNA / RNA… We are assuming they make it that far and haven’t dropped their payload elsewhere. That’s a demandingly precise task in the mechanisms of altering-of-functions and actions that must be insanely precise in order to be successful. And along with that, the contents of ‘in ject ions’ that do contain these specifically, highly experimented with, unique ‘foreign’ substances are sabotaged, non-stop, by our bodies natural survival systems that will have none of it!

The standard ingredients in what we think of as the placebo shots have a number of ingredients that do not cause sudden death or instant unexplained damages.
These items are nano-graphene (1), hydro-gels (2) and a sophisticated synthetic hybrid polymer protein (3) (the basic particles that possibly can form repetitive chains in the right conditions). We have been exposed to these ingredients for years already – in chemtrails (geo-engineering), many foods such as un-organic fruits and vegetables, most fast-foods, municipal drinking water in ‘smart cities’, and even some supplements.
Many lebels / names are being thrown around and intertwined – such as “did you get the nano and graphene-oxide”, etc?
Nano just means verrrrrrrry tiny… So nano what? And the ‘what’ could be many items. There should be NO nano in our bodies… it’s dis-information when we read that it is somehow good for us.


1. Standard in all are (even when you think you had a placebo shot) the graphene nano – one molecular layer of carbon is called graphene and is highly dia-magnetic and conductive once placed in a field – such as in a human body (zeta potential is a magnetic field) or when exposed to man-made frequencies as in 5G, etc. The particles sit almost touching, but not quite.
The highly applauded NANO technology as a source of dis-ease and immunne system imbalancing came under suspicion about 16 years ago. Some brave scientists began grappling with a disturbance named Morgellens for want of a better word and saw a connection.
The nano-particulate as seen in present scientific writings in nano-biotech and in nano-technology intrudes itself / embeds itself into bacteria, red blood cells, soft tissue, fat cells and reacts with specifics in their environment such as bacteria (and other substances) and uses the proteins to grow / expand minute tentacles and fibres. And these become the constituents of a nano bodily ‘operating system’ – the beginning step of GMO-ing us. And this is completely different than going into the DNA strands and messing with the chromosomes. 
Example, in a prescription drug with titanium oxide nano particulate, the nano-titanium taxi in the drug is programmed to deliver the drug to a specific system in the body – and the delivered drug does it’s thing once delivered off. But the titanium nano-particle taxi continues to circulate and we are told it makes a natural exit – is discarded… not so … big BS.
Some may be sweated out, some may be grabbed out of harm’s way by the liver (where it might stay indefinitely) and/or may be gently exited via the bowels, some may be secreted via the poor kidneys and some may end up in a very devastating place or two to wreak havoc… It stays in the body and can/will travel through to other tissue (possibly through a trip in a white blood cell) such as across the blood brain barrier or across the testicular barrier and create damage.

rouleaus - compromised red blood cells carryiing graphene
di-magnetic molecules in red blood cells causing rouleaus

Memetics such as miniscule parasites and obscure nano-bots sometimes with characteristics of a strange bacterium can be inserted to fool competing investigative labs to alter what is observed. Lyme disease or other abnormalities may be diagnosed in the occasional patient after a waxxxine injury but are actually synthetics tucked into the payload spaces… good way to keep a secret and scupper investigation!

Sometimes the nano particulate forms into a spherical geodesic dome shape – sometimes this infinitesimally tiny ‘holder’ is called a fullerene (named after Buck Minster Fuller the brilliant scientist who came up with the geodesic dome). so groups of nano particulate or graphene can become fullerenes which can then form tubes with each other or even coils with the help of the bacterial growth proteins / nucleic acids – and then other programmed particles can attach themselves to these little cages (such as within DNA or RNA strands) and these growing tubes. Then along comes a binding agent (could be hydro-gel) to arrange things into a more stable configureation.
Nano everything is now popularized (nano-infections, nano-biotech, nano-carbon supplements) and considered the state of the art – and then Bob’s your uncle – you can sell anything with the label nano to the masses – excellant programming!!!
There is even a very expensive nano-particulate carbon on the supplement market – full of fullerenes (little empty spaces for payload) that dump more of this shit into our bodies at exorbitant cost – programmed graphene, non-programmed graphene – the enthusiastic MLM supplement sellers have no clue and claim that the tiny carbon molecules are health enhancing items, for, after all…”it’s used by NASA…”…and I have shares in property on the dark side of the moon…

improving on God

In the meantime it’s bad enough that we are all taking it in via the water supplies in via the large ‘smart’ cities throughout the world – smart according to the Agenda 21 / WEF mandates. EVERY COUNTRY HAS SIGNED UP. NOW IT’S TIME TO GET THE SMALL CITIES, TOO. LOCALLY IN BC NANAIMO IS BEING CONVERTED to Smart City BS planning.
The graphene grabs the toxins in the water supply to better cleanse it (we are told) while leaving in the fluoride. (How did we ever manage before and who accepts these lethal orders without public input?) Then there was a lot of American agricultural research carried out in Mexico and the nano-graphene was grown into the fruits and vegetables with little difficulty and now is the norm in un-organic produce in all markets. It’s also in packaging; chemtrails (geo-engineering) and anywhere a creative bribed mind can stick it!
What the public knows is such a small amount of science compared to what is being experimented with in labs. That goes for many substances in the waxxxines such as for the ‘messing-with-functions’ which should be the name for ‘gain-of-funtions’ but also for the nano-graphene. Once the nano-particulate and it’s payloads find their way into the DNA or RNA then it’s there and not removal – sealed in and ready for a bit of activation and further procreation.

fibers encased in hydro-gel
coming along nicely – soon to be a serious clot

2. the nano molecules of hydro-gel – what I call the bio-stapler and is a lattice-work type of frame-holder-upper – is a porous steely-strong and flexible glue-like substance that sensors and binds whatever it is programmed to do. The nano dots of graphene can form thinner-than-my-microscope-can-see filaments (when they line up nicely in a row) that are highly conductive to radiation and EMF frequencies and stay connected as a type of ‘filament’ with the help of this flexible but steely strong hydro-gel gripper.
As more of the above engineered particles come into our bodies, more connections and strands are grown / made…
The internal graphene antennae are gradually grown over time… Hydro-gel is just plain toxic crap (but strong) that expands and grows with the help of bodily fluids to tightly snag the metallic particles as they grow. Lay people don’t know if it can or cannot cross the blood brain barrier – and the experts don’t want us to know.
Ask your G.P. – anything other than a straight answer is not acceptable.
Initially the hydro-gel was introduced in select foods such as pectins and jams and jellies. It was written up most proudly in a scientific journal that it could be slipped into the public’s food supply and this occurred pre ‘in ject ions’ time.
Still believe in warp speed?

graphene fibers growing into antennae with the protein from bacteria
antanae and a graphene traffic jam

3. And then there are chains of synthetic polymers – larger (than nano sized) molecules that link the artificially assembling items such as hydro-gel with nano-graphene (above) to the organic real live tissues.
In other words, the inorganic, unnatural synthetic crap introduced into us over the last years – either gradually or in over-sized doses via the ‘in ject ions’ – but by whatever method, is fused onto/into our own living natural tissue such as the insides of arteries, veins, capillaries or muscles, or whatever tissue – all according to intended, intensely complex precision lab design and for equally specific outcomes. (The outcomes do not include your longevity!)
You can read more on this at ACS Publications – adaptive recombinant nanoworms from genetically encoded amphiphiles – go to https://pubs.acs.org and then put nanoworms into the little article search engine – information galore – amazing how far along this research has come! It’s Ef Dee Aah approved for treating us for the presence of the amazing spiked ball that we are to be fearing! It also has a space for a payload. 

a radio-active material that is combined with hydro-gel. and is a requirement in our bodies for allowing the 5G magic!

Is there a stymieing effect on the pancreatic enzyme supply?

Still believe in warp speed research and production? Did you see the three-legged swastika in the seal of the Warp Speed Agency? (don’t think they meant the Hindu sign of spirituality and divinity…)
This is many years in the making – and highly sophisticated – and far from complete. Our present breather allows for the many deaths, screw-ups, and growing scepticism to fade and a better plan for a worse wire-uss to be concocted and then we’ll be physically up-dated.

Dr Zelenko - common sense defense
gutsy Dr Zelenko RIP – preferred science over propaganda for his patients

Judiciously rolling out that spiked-protein, patented, bio-weaponized ball activated the ‘end game’ plans. This inital part of the complex plot was developed in many bio-labs around the world by various nations, along with other items we really don’t want to dwell on… such as the ‘altering-of-functions’ research that is ongoing and being tested on us and that is used along-side and with the ‘in ject ions’ while the public is educated and programmed from all angles into a frenzy to demand intervention from being grabbed by that round ball with the golf tees stuck into it… to make sure changes are brought about to our inept DNA and RNA (dripping sarcasm). The only way to save us was to alter our genetics! How did we manage so far? Interesting that this would co-incide with our WEF’s great leader’s inspiration to save the world and guided by his side kick: Yuval Noah Harari.
Just grab a stiff drink and go to Bitshute and find out about this sinister devil as well as my hero, DR. ZELENKO RIP.
https://www.bitchute.com/video/pC080aOtChcV/ says it all as he identifies the enemy.

Someone from another planet who did not understand sataism, would ask immediately if the people us earthlings choose to be in charge had lost the plot. Then the next obvious question is what on earth were our personal physicians thinking! or drinking? (Now that we see through these ‘professionals’ and their love of pay check, peer acceptance, disregard for the hypocratic oath or the Helsinki Accords, they’d better take up drinking to stay sane!)
Creating the substances for manipulating our genes to either morph us into trans-humans or to shorten our lives is no small thing and is done in labs quietly around the world and with lots of co-operation amongst some (for example, a Winnipeg government level 4 lab sending Ebola and henipavirus to one of four labs in Wuhan, China) … and who would have thought … even in our own backyard. Here in BC we have had these research labs for years, no less.
If there is still the occasional person who thinks that’s it’s all a concocted conspiracy… then think again: Prez Biden and whoever puts him on the bus, put through the Executive Order on ‘Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe and Secure American Bioeconomy’ on September 12, 2022.
Specifically, in that order, is described the development and governemnt support of genetic engineering technologies and techniques. In Canada we quickly follow what the Americans do. In the wording: “We need to develop genetic engineering technologies and techniques to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers.”
The above order establishes a fast-track pipeline of mRNA shots and other gene therapies that will further the transhumanist agenda to create augmented humans and bring us into a post-human world…
Drug makers, the usual ones we now connect to wanting to mess with our mRNA, anticipated this as they have the tests and candidates already lined up and in some cases already running.

https://www.bitchute.com/video/kBlu2GLfFI3m/ – Dr David Martin describes Canada’s role in developing the mRNA / mDNA spiked thing itself and the warring factions in Vancouver BC who are working on ‘messing-with-function’ formally known as ‘gain-of-funtion’. Does the Canadian government (that’s us, the taxpayer) get a kickback from the quackcccine ‘in ject ions’ (at 7 min 45 seconds).
Oh Canada!
Or maybe it’s financial input and rewards from only certainly people at the helm… we have lost our information transparency and public right to know.
More will be revealed in upcoming lawsuits as claims fly about of copying and stealing and manipulating patent rights!!!

photo-shopped - a supposed strand of something and a man-made toxin
100’s of millions of photoshopped dread balls on the internet – in reality they are 1/100,000,000 the size of the red blood cells you see stuck onto the spikes above in this image!
Optical illusion – in actual fact a somatide / protitit / exosome (or virus if you are a Faux Chi fan) is1/1000th or smaller than the dot on the “i” in this word.

The contents of a vial or ‘in ject ion’ – wether with very little toxicity or completely loaded with possible gene-altering substances – can end up being discharged and dispersed into a muscle, a vein, an artery or a lymph vessel / channel. Where the contents enter, how it then travels and settles to do it’s ‘work’, can be as different as there are individuals receiving it. And the damage can be multi-facetted. 

One thing is clear from live blood analysis, and that’s the damage to the white blood cells. As well there’s the interference to be seen amongst the red blood cell – the electrical charge / the zeta potential – and how they clump together. 

The beautiful white cells, especially the polymorphs or neutrophils are TIRESOME AND BRAVE garbage collectors, and do, amongst many other things, the picking-up of heavy metals, chemicals, ARTIFACTS and foreign molecules – and normally deliver these to appropriate cells to be parked where they can do less harsh damage or be eliminated – the liver, fat cells and our kidneys. The white cells are ALL affected – ALL damaged – ALL malfunctioning – no matter what the ‘in ject ion’ load.

Most of these white cell scavengers can move across the blood brain barrier (not the red blood cells) when called upon to help with repair of brain tissue along side gial cells, even though there are a lot of layers to get through. If there’s a call for them to do so and aid in brain repair it is usually for fixing tiny lesions. While there’s junk picked up along the way on board these hard-working circulating white cells, they can also be crossing the blood brain barrier with their egregious load and ready to do more work – they live/work for about seven days. Once there, they usually stay and die on the job and voila – now we have their neurotoxicity in the brain. 

So on top of keeping in the best physical detoxed shape to deal with these ‘in ject ions’, it would be wise to detox regularly and as much as possible and to have an upclose microscopic check that our organs are still working well.

unhappy neutrophil - a granular white cell
a slightly compromised white cell and the tiny individual dots in the black background are clumps of several million ‘wire-usses’ (somatides, exosomes, protitits stuck together – top left little dots) in this case symprotits – seen at 9000X magnification.
'wire-ussses' - seen through an electronic microscope - one of the few images
a grouping of TRUE wire-usses – not yet isolated – before Faux Chi twisted the definitions: somatides / exosomes / protitits / ‘wire-ussses’ – best picture captured to date with an electronic microscope


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