LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS – Nutritional Microscopy with Merrie Bakker – Vancouver BC


live blood analysis - See Yourself Up Close - 9000X magnification
See Yourself Up Close – 9000X magnification

Feeling tired, burnt-out, unwell – not healing fast enough?

Guessing at or just managing symptoms?

Doubting a diagnosis? Not addressing the REAL root causes?

Are you an emotional eater? Are your cravings driving you nuts? Could depleted adrenals, food sensitivities, unbalanced biochemistry, or a compromised biome be at the root of these health challenges?

∞ Know Your Health Options and Take Control

∞ Allow your body to heal itself, while you eliminate the causes of imbalance AND provide it with all the support and subtle healing coaching and tweaking it needs to Repair and Rebuild. 

How can Live Blood Analysis help make healthy choices?

  • proper in-depth microscopy / live blood analysis allows you to make health focused decisions just right for YOUR body – very personal actionable recommendations
  • correlating information from microscopy / live blood analysis sessions allows you to know which foods, supplements and lifestyle changes to tweak – weeds out what you need from amongst the mountains of one-size-fits-all type of advice, mis-information and internet and magazine advertorials
  • live blood analysis leads to being able to assess which of your health conundrums are due to neglect, shock, conflict, emotional challenges, physical trauma, as well as nutritional deficiencies – recent and long standing – an integrative wellness approach – understand the possible emotional component(s) of your physical symptoms so they can be eliminated 
  • craving more energy? looking to improve overall health, getting over harsh therapies and improving longevity – shedding light on many details – understand when two phases of a disease / physical challenge are at play – and that most symptoms show up when you are in a Healing Phase
nutritional microscopy - live blood analysis - 9000X magnification

Many of your health questions may be answered with Live Blood Analysis – click through and read about the magic of seeing yourself up close – 9000x magnification – look deeper! – A LEADER IN INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION AND EDUCATION and Microscopy in Vancouver, BC

Live blood analysis requires one drop of blood from the finger which is magnified 9,000 times onto a TV monitor where you and the live blood analyst can determine how to best support your blood, tissue, organs and bodily systems and create a pro-active health programme specifically for you. 
The follow-up appointment occurs 3-4 months along, so we can tweek and review your improvements and modify your programme. 

Give us a call, text or send an email and ask questions or make an appointment.
Or please pass this on to someone who could benefit.
Pacific Holistic is thorough. We are the only live blood analysis in Canada without supplement sales attached to the analysis. We do NOT sell ANY supplements – a quickie session at a health food store or with an MLM supplement seller is merely a camouflaged sales session. 

Live blood analysis shows the complexity and variability of each person’s unique and entire blood ecology. More general insights at …

Useful, actionable, in-depth nutrition articles and health nuggets at our nutrition page – optimizing your healing, strength, growth and offering additional non-advertorial nutritional education

GET A FREE INSIGHTFUL NUTRITION REPORT: 78 FoolProof Tips to Improve Your Health – another good place to start.
(just send us an email with the words “78 FoolProof Ways” to to receive the entire pdf report)


Certified Practitioner               

  • over 25+ years experience
  • very affordable fees and absolutely no supplements sales or pressures
  • we take pride in having many repeat clients

Benefits of having a live blood analysis session when you are …

… suffering from frequent bouts of fatigue and chronic tiredness?
… having constant food cravings such as for bread, alcohol and sugar
…. weight gain
… experiencing a lot of gas, bloating, burping, diarrhea, and acid reflex?
…. noticing occasional blood or mucus in your stool?
.. having congested sinus and nasal passages – all stuffed up;
… autoimmune disease?
… having skin issues such as hives, acne, psoriasis, eczema, skin rashes and rosacea?
… suffering from allergies, food intolerances, gastrointestinal issues?
… having a lot of aches and pains – arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue?
… suffering from hormonal imbalances? 
… experiencing brain fog, mood swings, confusion, lack of focus, depression?                                               

Have you been diagnosed with some form of: fibromyalgia, MS, HIV/Aids, heart challenges, crohn’s diseaase, colitis, IBS, skin rashes, psoriasis, asthma, diabetes, migraines, poor digestion, cholesterol challenges, inflammations, bronchitis, unhappy joints, bowel issues and reouperating from cancer therapies?
Have you taken what seems like way too many anti-inflammatories and anti-biotics in the past few years?

Schedule an appointment: text, phone and email – 604-261-7742 and We’re in Kerrisdale, Vancouver, BC.
Merrie Bakker 
B.Sc, M.Arch, CN

flexible hours – Monday – Saturday
Cancellation – we request 48 hour notice by phone prior to your scheduled appointment.

The initial session takes about 3 1/2 hours (depending on your health challenges, curiosity, questions and knowledge) $190
Follow-up sessions are quicker – $95

We accept cheques, cash, e-transfer and all credit cards (through the PayPal system).
(NO supplement sales occur at Pacific Holistic EVER – in order to maintain our integrity. No products ~ no MLM ~ no hidden commissions ~ just plain honest, in-depth straight-forward analysis, suggestions and support.)

What are some typical live blood analysis / blood cell microscopy details?

Your red blood cells are like little lorries – they pick up and distribute nutrients, O2, toxins, minerals, hormones and CO2 and so much more thtoughout your body to all organs and tissues. Your veins, arteries and capillaries are like the highways and byways your blood travels along and through. Do the red cells travel side-by-side or in stuck-together formations – in large groups, or rolls stacked like a line of tight coins?

damaged neutrophil – an abundant type of granulocyte

Are all your red cells uniform in size? Are they round or oval? Are they also lemon shaped or tear drop shaped? Are they subtly or massively lumpy and bumpy around the edges at the very outset of the session? Do they dis-integrate rapidly on the slide? And how?

How much unwanted heavy metals (accumulated from the past and from present polution), free radicals, uric acid and anti-biotic crystals and undigested / unprocessed fats and proteins do you have in your blood and what does that indicate?
Is there still a lot of mercury (from old fillings that have been un-carefully removed); arsenic, lead and toxins from ground water, pipes, soldering and from farm wells; heavy metals from a lifetime of too much make-up; a lifetime of drinking water from plastic bottles; ‘fresh’ re-newed plastic mouth retainers every two weeks for several years; environmental issues such as unavoidable fumes and out-gassing at work; toxins from daily product usage such as oil paints / tire replacements and rubber out-gassing / toxic art supplies and fumes?
How is your B12, iron and folic acid? Are your supplements or shots the right ones? (for example – see about the right kind of B12 and B12 tests at

How long do your red cells take to become mis-shapen and disintegrated – merely 4 hours or gradually over 2 days?

Your different types of white cells come in various varieties – each with it’s own specific job descriptions.
Do you have an infection(s)? Or inflammation? Do you have enough? Too many? What are they gobbling up?
Do you have parasites? (both the aspects of the Enderlein microbial life cycles and actual parasites such as spirochetes, Lyme, etc)

Do you have allergies?
Does toxin removal from your red cells receive adequate support?
Do you need more antioxidants?
Are critical trace minerals missing? How are your hormones, your thyroid and adrenals?

Then there are some interesting shapes doing the ‘back-stroke’ in between those red and white cells!

Do you have a happy liver?
Do your fats digest well – are they the best ones for you? Do you have blood sugar imbalances?
Is your pH in need of tweaking – or in need of an overhaul?
Is your lymphatic system working at optimum or overworked? Why?

The holistic approach looks at the body’s whole terrain. It works with the body’s innate ability to activate it’s own inner physician when supported. We all look to connect all the necessary dots, tweak, educate ourselves and not remain dependant on harsh medications for the rest of our lives. Yet this is presently removed from a doctor’s abilities, EVEN IF a doctor wished to practice with this premise or approach in mind.

Does everything seen in live blood analysis sessions relate to lifestyle and food choices?
Many common degenerative illnesses and challenges such as diabetes, thyroiditis, gout, high blood pressure or skin rashes, for example, can have simple or multiple reasons and can be directly linked to physical imbalances – food and drink and lifestyle glitches. Imbalance can also be due to shock, unresolved deep emotional conflicts, as well as deep unresolved issues that we have managed to ‘cope’ with – psycho-neuro-ontology. 

These unresolved emotions, past shocks and deep conundrums can sometimes be a serious, specific factor or contributor – all bundled up with other, more physically unresolved imbalances.

unique crystal – recent dentistry?

Tiredness, fatigue, obesity, continuous colds, just as examples, occur for reasons that are not always obvious – from missing nutrients, e-smog, geopathic stresses from the earth and e-smog that is man-made, pharmaceutical toxic residues, unknown chemicals from our environment, known allergies, focal infections, hormone imbalances, toxins, unexpected emotional shocks, unresolved conflicts, unwanted heavy metals and occasionally toxins and mal-absorption and mal-nutrition.

We do NOT all need the exact same food factors, nor these from the same sources. Our specific needs, our individual metabolisms and ability to digest, absorb and assimilate nutrients varies widely from person to person. We have organs that differ in efficiency and in their need for very specific nutritional support.

Why doesn’t my doctor do this?
Why don’t I have this evaluation done at my G.P’s office?
Live Blood Analysis is used almost exclusively by alternative health advisors. The reason is not that the required microscopes are exotic – they are but they can be acquired. With their unique benefits, then, why is live blood analysis not used by primary care physicians?
Few doctors have the allotted time to look for themselves at each patient’s blood, let alone show patients what they see and then also explain what it all means in order to be empowering. And there would be less work for the labs! Live blood analysis, with proper explanations cannot be done in a few minutes or even in an hour. According to present standards of mainstream practice, that relegates microscopy to the sidelines…

Edgar Cayce, the seer of Virginia Beach, predicted in the 1930’s that in the future, a person’s state of health would be determined by the evaluation of one drop of blood. This time has arrived!

rouleaus – red blood cells sticking together – unhappy pancreas? something in those in ject ions?

A quick, small, sterile finger prick with a lancet (like a diabetic’s) provides two small drops which are placed on two slides in a specific manner. This is magnified 9000 times (via camera and video screen) for live and dry (also called peripheral and OST) analysis. Together these give enough information for a very comprehensive picture of YOU. Co-relations exist between blood elements, symbionts, bacteria and fungi.
This examination was developed by many unique researchers mainly in France and Germany, makes up a substanial part of terraon theory and later this knowledge was transferred to the USA. How Should I Choose a Live Blood Analyst?

Stop guessing and have a proper, thorough microscopic nutritional analysis with sound advice and nutritional coaching.
Sometimes, when a few key health issues are addressed, your “inner physician” will take care of the rest, naturally, on your quest for health.

ELIMINATE fear and needless concern which comes from guessing at symptoms and then guessing at what they might mean and then more guessing at useful solutions.

schedule an appointment: text, phone and email – 604-261-7742 and We’re in Kerrisdale, Vancouver, BC.
Merrie Bakker 
B.Sc, M.Arch, CN

flexible hours – Monday – Saturday
Cancellation – we request 48 hour notice by phone prior to your scheduled appointment.

The initial session takes about 3 1/2 hours (depending on your health challenges, curiosity, questions and knowledge) $190
Follow-up sessions are quicker – $95

We accept cheques, cash, Interac and all credit cards (through the PayPal system).
NO supplement sales occur at Pacific Holistic EVER in order to maintain our integrity.
No products ~ no MLM ~ no hidden commissions ~ just plain honest, in-depth straight-forward analysis, suggestions and support.)

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live blood analysis by appointment – please email, phone or text 604-261-7742,
we’re in Kerrisdale, Vancouver, BC and a short drive from North and West Vancouver, Richmond, New-Westminster, White Rock, Delta,Surrey, Burnaby, Coquitlam and Langley


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Are you an a frequent flyer? Are you a plumber? Do you smoke? Are you in second-hand smoke environments? Do you work in an environment with compromised air – car repair shops, transporting concrete, construction work, tool and dye shops, welding, machinery maintenance, chemical  and farm spraying and roofing / tarring work? Many years of smoking? Exposed to mercury filling removal in dentists’ offices?

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Make Live Blood Analysis Your First Choice, not your last resort.
ELIMINATE fear and needless concern which comes from guessing at symptoms and then guessing at what they might mean and then more guessing at useful solutions.
These tests are not diagnostic medical tests; they are a screening tool used to prompt the practitioner to ask the client the most pertinent questions about their health status in order to support changes and nutritional recommendations.

Merrie Bakker – Live Blood Analyst – Health Educator – Author – Teacher – Speaker – Editor – Hands-on-Healer – Reflexologist – Dowser – Reiki Master – Nutritional Coach – a life-long student of holistic medicine and preventative health who believes with a passion that cellular disorganization can be prevented or reversed by ortho-molecular medicine, emotional healing work, environmental detoxification (many areas of concern) and nutritional and lifestyle re-balancing (many possibilities). Combined with vigilance, monitoring and team work, clients are encouraged to detox, rebuild, re-nourish, resolve and re-educate.

Merrie Bakker B.Sc, M.Arch, CN

“For 25 years, I have travelled in North America, learning from natural doctors, wholistic practitioners and wise spiritual teachers, mastering nutrition, live blood analysis, terrain theory, pleomorphism, German New Medicine®, oxidology, energy work and sound innovative healing which inspire my treatments and training.”

Only medical doctors are legally allowed to diagnose and treat any named diseases but with live blood analysis and no-guessing-nutrition, we may be able to help alleviate or shed light on many of the related underlying reasons for symptoms and find root causes. LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS IS HIGHLY EUCATIONAL.

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