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In this section, I place the latest news and top stories I think are timely and insightful that you may find useful. This could be something I thought was interesting or useful from YouTube, Bitchute or anywhere…. It can also include commentary from ordinary people or actual news video or news stories. This can come from the MSM or alternative media that you will not get in the mainstream. In short, I put the stuff that I find is useful and interesting – news from around the web and possibly information that you will not find anywhere else.

We’ve become very conditioned to the nasty fact that if we pay scientists, doctors and pharmacists enough, they will produce the studies, outcomes and results that favour the corporations paying them – leading to successful promotions of dubious drugs, waxxxines, addictive pain killers, etc.
There is a BIG purpose: $elling billion$ of dollar$ of product per da
That’s why I post to this page from time to time. And so much more at Telegram: coming shortly

My personal example is that I seriously damaged my neck many years ago and in the local hospital’s ER, I was given a shot of OxyContin and promptly passed out. I came to, given more and on the way into the cab to go home, I threw up on the poor cab-driver’s new shoes! Of course he claimed they were Gucci’s and that cleaned out my poor student bank account! No money left to have the OxyContin prescription filled – that saved me from what could have become a horrid life-time addiction. And on it goes – everyone has a story, and some very scarey or tragic ones, too, I’m sure.

I have followed the OxyContin destruction issue since I found out about it’s stealthful background. This all began with promotions to the drug and disease-care industry by BIG pharmaceutical companies claiming their product was safe, tested, government approved and beneficial and certainly NON_ADDICTIVE. It had passed ALL FDA tests. The salesmen swarmed out and promoted their butts off.
But now… slowly… the very real cracks in the pharmaceutical schlepping facade can no longer be glued over or lied away… not just Oxycontin, but many, many, many drugs… 

CNN and MSM in general, the Washington Post, the New York Times, etc, would go under if the pharmaceutical corporations’ advertising revenues were withdrawn… so now they are the masters of the media, too.
Just take a close look at the timeline of approvals, research (or lack of), FDA / CDC reactions, media collusion, etc. for Vioxx, any kind of ‘cholesterol lowering drugs’, waxxxines and waxxxine tests, blanket Lyme denial, duplicet Lyme tests, foolish PCR tests, cancer treatment monopolies, etc.
Eventually outside research by ‘conspiracists’ and non-FDA, self-funded groups gained some traction. Phoney and officially approved and useful research was unearthed and exposed for what it was. A few court cases ensued…
More politicians were turned. More lobbyists were hired. The drug companies pleaded guilty more often… payed their fines… found more scientists who needed to put their kids through university… etc…
We, the public, are their ATM’s after all.

It’s not just the pharma-thugs… 

The past US president Clinton had legislation rammed through to have artificially sweetened, soft drinks replace regular soft drinks into schools’ cafetarias and vending machines (calorie counting you know), while Rumsfeld made a pretty-penny off of this through his corporate share ownership of his just acquired nasty fake sugar corporation while setting up these children with false nutritional values, AND chemically compromising their growing brains – neurotoxicity!

Health food stores sell Vitamin C made from cheap GMO corn (does very little good) and all of it is made from crap from China – respresenting 94% of our Vit C supplement sales here in North America. Hello Health Canada! Anything to Say? Still protecting us?

The British ‘health care system’ has all but banned homeopathy (thank you Prince Charles for holding out).
Do you think the British Queen has ever had a waxxxination?

Look at all the false information we have to negotiate – a differing set each decade in regards to SIDS, heart attacks, hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure, cancer and cholesterol – just as examples. Somehow none of the falsities point to the pharmaceutical industries’ campaigns, nor the politicians who enable them! And on it goes.
Afterall, so many $$$$s and careers are at stake.

Buyer Beware. 
Here we hope to help level the playing field – one article and one concept at a time. Always changing content – and please share.
“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”
~ Albert Einstein

Please ask questions often.
Be verrrry sceptical!
Project Mockingbird is REAL


158 urine samples from four families – seven adults and nine children – found that after switching to an organic diet for just a week they cut their pesticide levels in their urine by more than 70% – more on glyphosate as we go along.


SOY – Cinderella NOT! …
a classic from the Weston A Price Orgnisation –

UNFERMENTED soy - not a health food - tofu, soy ice cream, soy noodles, soy flour, soy stabilizers, soy yoghurt, soy milk
unfermented soy products

∞ SCIENCE ORGANISATIONS and Coca-Cola’s ‘war’ with the public health community: insights from an internal industry document:

Food and beverage companies try to exonerate their products from blame for obesity by funding organisations that point fingers elsewhere. Proving the wayward and downright malevolent intentions of some of these corporations in funding scientific organisations has been prevented by limited access to internal documents. However, documents reveal that Coca-Cola funded and supported the GEBN (the Global Energy Balance Network) because it would serve as a ‘weapon’ to ‘change the conversation’ about obesity amidst a ‘growing war between the public health community and private industry’. The GEBN was to be portrayed as an ‘honest broker’ in the$e ‘war$’.

An Impact Assessment of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) by Timothy A. Wise

The Tufts Global Development and Environment Institute finds the billion-dollar Alliance is not living up to its promises: “False Promises,” was published July 10 by African and German nonprofits that are calling for a shift in support to agro-ecological farming practices. 

AGRA is an international nonprofit launched by the Bill & Melinda Gates and Rockefeller foundations in 2006 with promises to double yields and incomes for 30 million farming households while cutting food insecurity in half in 20 African countries by 2020. AGRA collected nearly $1 billion in donations and disbursed $524 million since 2006, primarily in 13 African countries, on programs promoting the use of commercial seeds, chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This “Green Revolution” technology package is further supported by African national governments spending roughly $1 billion per year in the these countries to subsidizing the purchasing of seeds and agrichemicals – promoted by the non-profit…
But it just isn’t working out! @#&^$! – a failing model and failing results

∞ Muscle Knows No Age
A 15 Minute Workout and Utilizing those Human Growth Hormones – Barbara O’Neill breaks down how our metabolism works; our cellular business – in regards to fats, proteins and sugars –

∞ Exclusive secrets from the Viva Mayr Clinic
The intelligent diet – where the rich and famous go to lose weight – an exclusive extract from the book: the Viva Mayr Diet – via the DailyMail Online UK –
three articles: 8, 9 July 2009

Mayr Clinic recipes and successes

On the shores of Austria’s picturesque Lake Worth lies a private clinic that has achieved an almost cult-like status among its loyal devotees, who include celebrities, business execs and Russian oligarchs. 

In the past five years since it opened, an array of wealthy clients – including Sarah Ferguson and former newspaper editor Dominic Lawson – have visited the Viva Mayr clinic, a spa/cum/hospital where ‘patients’ fork out more than £3000 each for a weekly stay. 

Visitors do not come for the clean air and strudel, however. The Viva Mayr clinic is renowned for its strict – but incredibly effective – ‘cure’ that purges the body of toxins, leaving your body more toned, your stomach flatter and skin brighter in a matter of days. 
Clients leave the clinic several pounds lighter, with their skin glowing and their energy boosted.

Continued at


A bit of an intro:
A gut feeling – sensory neurons inside the gut inform the vagus nerve (yellow) and brain how our stomachs and intestines are doing. A two minute overview:

vagus nerve - self-help
massage your vagus nerve
great while waiting for the traffic light to turn green

Two years ago, Christopher Bergland, fabulous science writter, published a nine-part series: The Vagus Nerve Survival Guide to Combat Fight-or-Flight Urges. “The genesis came from an “Aha!” moment when I noticed a pattern of diverse scientific literature, published by researchers correlating unexpected lifestyle factors (e.g., positive social connections (Kok et al., 2013), narrative expressive writing (Bourassa et al., 2017), and self-distancing (Grossman et al., 2016)) with improved heart rate variability (HRV).”

“This post is a follow-up to: Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercises and Your Vagus Nerve, from that earlier nine series of posts. I’m excited to update what was primarily speculation a few years ago with some new scientific literature (Gerritsen & Band, 2018 and De Couck et al., 2019).”
“These studies corroborate that longer exhalations are an easy way to hack the vagus nerve, combat fight-or-flight stress responses, and improve HRV.”

Vagus nerve


If you know what depression feels like – the brain clouding, the flat dark moods, no focus, the tiredness, the sheer feeling of aloneness, then you’re not alone. Over 300 million people around the world have depression, and yet there’s a lot that we still don’t quite understand.

Thankfully, the medical field is developing some new insights that just might help us understand depression better. In a new 2019 study, researchers decided to examine the potential mechanisms of major depressive disorder in teenage girls and found some evidence that could help us better understand exactly how gut permeability (leaky gut) can lead to inflammation, which in turn, leads to depression.

“The human gut is lined with more than 100 million nerve cells—it’s practically a brain unto itself. And indeed, the gut actually talks to the brain, releasing hormones into the bloodstream that, over the course of about 10 minutes, tell us how hungry it is, or that we shouldn’t have eaten an entire pizza. But a new study reveals the gut has a much more direct connection to the brain through a neural circuit that allows it to transmit signals in mere seconds. The findings could lead to new treatments for obesity, eating disorders, and even depression and autism—all of which have been linked to a malfunctioning gut.” Continues at


short simple and very sweet video clips with instructions by Dr David Slater –

∞ FAKE MEDS and KNOCK OFFS MEDS – they’re everywhere!

llegal Internet Marketing – profit from people’s ignorance, trust and laziness: 
Many meds and supplements are produced in third world countries as falsified knock-offs or from recycled substances – right in front of our noses and in our medicine cabinets – from placebos to life-saving meds – for everything from cramps to cancer – few governments care to oversee beyond the superficial (more to create a sense of public support than to protect) and fewer know what to do about it (it’s international and deeply embedded in the cultures of some countries) while other countries create legal free trade zones to actually accommodate this diabolical crime! The last two years of the international outbreak of the ‘rona ‘wire us’ has shifted attention away from this un-earthing of the truth:

The most-feared outcome of the economic fallout caused by the coronavirus pandemic is mass lay-offs, supply disruption, low job creation and employment numbers, voter dissatisfaction… these are the typical sensitive policy objectives for any government under any political system including India and China. Legitimizing power is largely based on a country’s capacity to deliver growth and raise people’s living standards when living under an un-democratic system.
There’s even less initiative for cracking down on rule-breakers and that’s an incentive for doing more of a bad thing!

The ‘rona ‘wire-usses’ have created even more pressure now: “… the world is waking up to the risks of relying on just one country – China in this case – for its critical medical supplies. For the US and Europe, the recent pandemic has highlighted China’s dominance in critical medical supplies.” from:


Tired of alphabet news channels, ‘fake’ documentaries and predictive type programmed movies? Here are some great little alternatives – from fast-fashion devastation to lovely hormones

River Blue - movie


links – starting with an informative chat with Mel Gibson, and all the way to Joe Rogan, to peer reviewed scientific articles and a few things in between

stem cells - foreign clinics - alternatives

lots to listen to at: – Joe Rogan interview – Stem Cell Institute


This article discusses safety and efficacy issues when deciding how best to approach the removal of mercury amalgam dental fillings – 12 Points on Mercury Toxicity by Dr Sir John Whitman Ray
1. Have an electrical reading of your amalgams done by a naturopath or dentist experienced in this area. An electrical current reading gives a general idea of the speed of electrochemical reactions occurring on the surface of the fillings. It also reflects the conditions that encourage conversion of elemental mercury into methyl mercury! The higher the negative charge, the faster the conversion rate… continues at

mercury in dental care


“A few weeks ago, a woman I knew, informed me that her bright, bubbly, 21-year-old daughter had been admitted to a psychiatric ward, suffering from depression, hearing voices and “disordered thinking”. Doctors usually just file these traits under “schizophrenia”. I found this more than a little odd, since this young woman had shown absolutely no psychiatric problems in her life and there was zero history of schizophrenia” … this wonderful article by Bob Wallace continues at

∞ THE LATE HAROLD W MANNERING PHD and G EDWARD GRIFFIN on metabolic therapy and Laetrile

The late Harold W. Manner, Ph.D., coined the term “metabolic therapy” and is famous for his research of Laetrile. Abnormalities at the cellular level are diagnosed and then corrected by normalizing the patient’s metabolism (including the removal of build-up of “toxic substances” in the body and strengthening the immune system, so the body can heal itself)… and this could include laetrile. He was interviewed in 1978 by Acres USA: more at

∞ BRILLIANT FLUORIDE RESEARCH from Fluoride Action Network

Water fluoridation is a peculiarly American phenomenon. It started at a time when Asbestos lined our pipes, lead was added to gasoline, PCBs filled our transformers and DDT was deemed so “safe and effective” that officials felt no qualms spraying kids in school classrooms and seated at picnic tables. Loads of great research at


Hoxsey and clinics

Patricia Ward Spain brought her considerable skills, and a refreshingly open and fair mind, to the challenging task of researching the Hoxsey Therapy and the field of unconventional or alternative medicine in general. The cancer treatment practiced by Harry M. Hoxsey… continued at


Here’s the eight part HERBAL WISDOM article series that Ms Weed gave The Healing Journal permission to publish when we had the hard copy magazine – these really fine classic articles are herbal courses unto themselves – and even more relevant in these difficult times.
parts one through eight


muscle testing for health

Shown with Infinitesimal Detail and Clarity – The NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) is a term used to describe a method that allows for direct communication with our nervous system’s Autonomic Control System (ACS). There are other ways of doing this by testing our muscles and they all have their own labels and in the end work in the same basic manner.
This could have mainstream thinking types of people shaking their heads – but the explanations offered here are a great de-construction of exactly how it works. How to videos at


short article by Cheyenne Christianson … Cheyenne and Katy Christianson and their eight children run a 70-cow organic dairy and have been very successful using managed rotational grazing and feeding –
“It is true, the merchants of the earth are constantly trying to get their tentacles into organic farming. And they have succeeded on many levels. But, it is also true that most organic producers have no interest in the wares of the devil’s pantry (Monsanto and their ilk).” continues at


Have you been diagnosed with anxiety or depression? If so, do any of the following scenarios, based on actual people sound familiar?
1    Jordan feels constantly tense and nervous and startles at the slightest noise, jumps at a stranger brushing / passing by him, winces at bright lights and, as the day goes by, feels progressively fatigued and depleted. He worries constantly that he won’t make it through the day and meet his family and work obligations. He’s been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder (which means they don’t know why) and put on Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug… continued at Your Anxiety May Be Triggered by Something in Your Body, Not Your Head


∞ WHAT? WHY? in the WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING – Chemtrails


Dr Abram Hoffer - ortho molecular medicine

by Caroline Markolin, PhD
There are many speculations why our skin becomes suddenly irritated and ill. Theories range from genetic predispositions and sensitivity to food substances to poor circulation and stress. Regardless of which theory is in vogue, conventional dermatology is at a loss when it comes to questions like: What provokes the outbreak of a skin disease? What determines its severity and duration? Why does one person develop an eczema, another psoriasis, and yet another herpes? Why does a skin rash appear on a particular part of the body? Why is it on the left side rather than on the right?  
continued at

∞ LEGAL UPDATES – at the massive “U.S. RIGHT TO KNOW” 

Why scientists defend dangerous industries – a new book by the epidemiologist David Michaels outlining recent cases of the subversion of science by corporate interests – Chronicle of Higher Education

THEY HAVE NO SHAME – Pesticide producers push back to halt EU ban of two disputed pesticides that damage the brain of fetuses and young children — EU Observer 

A powerful herbicide was expanded to soybeans and now environmental groups say the herbicide threatens keystone tree species in Illinois and are becoming collateral damage – Dicamba – Public News Service

Chemical used in BPA-free plastics may play role in inflammation and obesity —

Leaked audio reveals how Coca-Cola undermines plastic recycling —

Now retired, top U.S. environmental scientist, toxicologist Linda Birnbaum, director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) feels free to speak her mind —

How children get hooked on sugary drinks (hello Health Canada – anybody home?)—

Researchers find persistence of antibiotic-resistant GMO genes in sewage sludge (which means we kept most of it in our bodies!) —…

How Coca Cola tried to buy off Ray Rogers / the Campaign to Stop Killer Coke —…

∞ NHPPA: the Whole Ball of Wax!


Discussion Paper Release: Origin of the Self-Care Framework, Health Canada’s “Evidence” Documents

Health Canada rules and regulations

Shawn Buckley’s opinion paper concerning the “evidence” provided by Health Canada to support the proposed Self-Care Framework to group Natural Health Products (NHPs) and non-prescription chemical drugs under a single set of regulations is now available.

The purpose of the paper is to reveal the names of the people responsible for the change and to show the documents they relied upon to bring about this change.

We are asking you to educate yourself by downloading and reading this Discussion Paper (January 2019) and supporting documents.

“Our current Natural Health Product Regulations are the result of a citizen rebellion and the most extensive consultations by a Standing Committee in Canadian history. Citizens, experts, Parliament and Health Canada all concluded that it was not proper to regulate NHPs under the same set of regulations as chemical drugs.”

Health Canada’s Self-Care proposal is to go back to what did not work and to what caused citizens to rebel: the regulation of natural products and chemical drugs under a single set of regulations. The new proposal will do the exact opposite of what the Standing Committee on Health, the Government, the NHP industry and consumers agreed on” …


Fishery collapse – ‘Silent Spring pesticide prophecy’ – Common pesticides found to starve fish ‘astoundingly fast’ by killing aquatic insects

Sugary drink ban tied to health improvements at medical center –

Landmark class action over PFAS contamination in Australia announced by Erin Brockovich –

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