The Mind, Body, Mouth Connection

by the late Bob Wallace

A few weeks ago, a woman I knew, informed me that her bright, bubbly, 21-year-old daughter had been admitted to a psychiatric ward, suffering from depression, hearing voices and “disordered thinking”. Doctors usually just file these traits under “schizophrenia”. I found this more than a little odd, since this young woman had shown absolutely no psychiatric problems in her life and there was zero history of schizophrenia on both sides of her family.

toxins and chronic health disorders

This woman had informed me her daughter had spent three days in the facility and had been released with a prescription for an anti-depressant and an anti-psychotic, which she had brought her out of her delusions. “

But she’s still not normal,” she told me.

It’s gotten to the point where I have found I know more than most doctors and dentists. I asked this woman if her daughter had any metal fillings or root canals. “No fillings at all,” she told me, “but she had a root canal done a year ago. She said it always hurts her.”

What most people think of as acupuncture “meridians” are actually minute, subtle DC currents in the body. They heal the body and also maintain it. Acupuncture points are tiny “booster” stations, since DC current fades out rapidly. In the body’s case, a booster station is needed about every two inches.

These currents terminate in the hands, feet and head and run through our teeth. Metal fillings (which are “mouth batteries”) can short out or increase the current dangerously. Nobody should have metal fillings. All are dangerous. Mine are composite plastic.

forever toxins - live blood analysis

Root canals are just as dangerous. All of them – 100% – are infected and full of deadly neurotoxins from mercury (you know – “Mad as a Hatter” mercury). They can also short out the current that runs through the teeth along the meridians.

This young woman had an infected root canal on the upper right side, about two inches from her brain. The mercury and other heavy metals in her root canal (along with the toxins from the infection) were probably affecting her brain. Plus, she was somewhat malnourished from a hectic lifestyle and had been smoking cigarettes and marijuana.

The marijuana today is no longer the weak, mild stuff of the ‘70’s. Since the government, in its infinite blind stupidly, has made it illegal, smugglers have increased the potency in order to smuggle smaller, more valuable shipments into the country (I’ve had people tell me, “Then they shouldn’t smoke it,” to which I always respond, “So tell me, exactly which UFO do you think Elvis in living on?”) When the body cannot get good metals to use, it will use bad, heavy metals, including the ones in smoke. Unfortunately, they are the ones most easily absorbed. I suspected this young woman, since she was probably short on good metals like zinc, selenium, chromium and others, was filled up with cadmium, aluminum and lead from smoke. That, along with the root canal, was affecting her brain.

I explained this to the mother. She looked a little skeptical. “Do you remember your friend who died of the hole in her colon?” I asked. “Yeah,” she said. “What happened?” “She went to the doctor, saying she had a pain in her abdomen, and the doctor said she had an infection and gave her an antibiotic. She died two days later from a tear in her colon that the doctor missed completely.”

“Helen?” Helen was a woman we knew, who was overweight and diabetic. For two years she had been telling doctors her ankles were swelling. Three doctors told her to lose weight. It turned out that swollen ankles are the first sign of kidney failure and kidney failure is the number one killer of diabetics. We still can’t figure out how all the doctors missed it. By the time the doctors did realize it was kidney failure, it was too late.

About that time the daughter walked in. She acted fairly normal but her pupils were dilated and her eyelids were halfway down her eyes. She had lost weight and her face was hollow.

“My doctor gives a free seminar every Tuesday,” I told this woman. “You should go.” She did, and later told me what stayed in her mind was the doctor’s story of a young woman who had been admitted to a psychiatric ward three days after having a new metal filling put in her mouth.

After it was taken out, she was fine. “The doctor told me that before he would see my daughter she would have to have the root canal taken out.” Before her daughter saw the dentist, I told her to take a lot of extra vitamin C to prevent a dry socket and had her take flax seed oil. It has a high content of Omega fatty acids, similar to the fats of about 30% of the brain.

toxins and chronic challenges - live blood analysis can help

The dentist reported that – surprise, surprise – the root canal was infected.

Afterward, I asked the daughter how she felt. “Oh, I’m fine now,” she said. She looked sparkly and bubbly again. When she saw the doctor he tested her “meridians” electronically, with an EAV (Electro-acupuncture According to Voll) machine (or else an EDS – Electro- Dermal Screening system can be used).

“Really no problem here,” he told her. A hair analysis showed fairly high heavy metals and low good ones. He changed her diet, put her on vitamins and minerals and told her to keep taking the flax seed oil. “No cigarettes or marijuana,” he told her. He wanted to wean her off the psychiatric drugs slowly, but she said she didn’t need them. “I don’t need my thinking pills anymore,” she told me with a smile. She said she felt “better than she ever had.”

by Bob Wallace, a former newspaper reporter and editor, and an incurable lover of puns, lives in St. Louis.

The official position of the CDA (Canadian Dental Association and the ADA (American Dental Association) is that metal fillings and root canals are safe.
Dentists who don’t subscribe to that position are marginalized. Pity!

Copyright of this article © 2002 – 2022 with Bob Wallace and estate – with permission to reprint for The Healing Journal, Vancouver BC – in 2006. THANK YOU.
Bob Wallace was a longtime CBS reporter and anchor. ‘He took us all on a great ride’.

DISCLAIMER: As annoying as this is… this article is intended for informational purposes only and heaven forbid… and you know that I know that you know that I have to write this disclaimer… nothing in this educational piece is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advices, especially if one has thyroid challenges…
If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call me.

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