from my upcoming book: OZONE – FROM THEN till NOW


… a little preamble about that little spec of protein that is holding the world hostage. and then How Ozone / Oxygen can contribute to our repair and healing

(a few words are spelled funny in order to circumvent the tracking bots…)

I think most of us can agree that the Western world’s health authorities haven’t been too transparent (dripping sarcasm). It’s easy to infuse us all with important sound bites and promises at news conferences and official proclamations and ‘heartfelt’ talks of ‘wire usses’ and endless computer modeling and high-brow projections, peppered with pseudo-science that the medical folks watching over us, use to explain our present conundrum. 

Often we hear pseudo-scientific explanations about the tiny specs of protein that have been holding us hostage the last few years. We’re told they often behave like bacteria – or other creative details that is digestible for an accepting member of the general public with a natural generous open heart (like most of us). Germ theories abound and is even taught in schools. Terrain theory draws a blank – and yet that is exactly how the body works. Some people may know this as Pasteur versus Bechamp. (It seems the deceitful one won the argument – and the pharmaceutical world never looked back!). And we are still paying for this.
I often wonder how doctors handle their cognitive dissonance – esp. if they really want to go along with the top-down narrative laid out for them, so they don’t get themselves flagged, or worse, get an investigation happening into their behaviour by their medical licensing boards (who have spelled out exactly what they can and mainly cannot say and do).

My hero, Kary Mullis PhD, was an intrepid biochemist/researcher who was trying to get an NIH grant renewed many decades ago and had to have some proof to back-up his premises to work on this new HIV/AIDS research. He didn’t want a lot of in depth science but some usable supportive footnotes that HIV is a probable cause of AIDS and that there was much more to study on this topic. 
His laid-back candid 1996 interview with Dr Gary Null is a classic –
Not one peer knew where to direct him for this; no one knew the original sources even; no reference guides from neither specific virology experts he had met before; nor after this turning point. NO one knows but everyone claims – smells like a very big sham!
Research $$s galore had been allotted to HIV/AIDS research by then, and all Kary Mullis could dig up was some weird gibberish in a paper about some little infected monkey… the NIH had some goodies – but that was not scientific (supplied by the CDC). There were no papers or experimental data to browse – nothing / nada for him to be able to make a claim and hand in his proper grant request.

Better not to ask too many questions… and just focus on all of those juicy research grants and not those horrible deaths – 1/4 of a million Americans and rising! And what about the astronomical number of those Africans who were infected and dying – 20 million or 30 million – but then there were NO insane numbers of corpses to substantiate this horrendous frightening epidemic. 
There were however, great fundraisers, greater-still monetary government contributions to hand-picked researchers and corporations – millions upon millions of tax dollars and intricate hypothetical computer models and estimates and projections explaining how dumb-founded this all was – but not exactly checkable.

So when we look back and see how we were introduced to that thing called a ‘wire us’ and how it was imbued with ultimate super-fear, then today’s trauma is just a natural progression of the gargantuan psy-ops first pulled off in the 1980’s. This was perfect timing as Project Mockingbird was complete and a roaring success. There was now experience at getting results from the agencies that were compromised and ‘owned’ such as all of the main media (print and television), religious groups (at the top), congress, student bodies / academia (influencers and dollar power / grants to universities), etc.
We are sitting in the middle of an amalgam of a little truth, a lot of pre-tested conjecture, a pile of calculated misinformation, controlled opposition and relentless saturating science fiction.

Bacteria are complex critters that are tiny by comparison to a huge red blood cell (when seen under a microscope) but insanely huge when compared to a ‘wire us’. If I were to compare a ‘wire us’ protein spec to a snowflake then the smallest possible bacterium would be the size of a body of a snowman. IN other health/medical knowledge platforms (not related to our backwards germ theory or the selling of pharmaceuticals) a wire us is called an exosome, somatid or protitit. The word ‘wire us’ is now weaponised = so scary and connected to creepy killer-connotations, that I’ll keep calling them exosomes, somatids or protitits. 
One of these beautiful protein particles is SO small that it doesn’t even have a cellular outer membrane. They are all similar – they don’t turn out ANY variants or become altered through a need to survive (that’s what we expect from bacteria – a completely different item). The exosomes, somatids or protitits come and go in any of our bodies as brilliant regulators – little miracle workers (not very amenable to being active once separated from their human / animal host and/or whilst stuck in a test tube). They occur in everyone. They have not been properly studied because they are too tiny to isolate and even the electricity in an electronic microscope can alter or cause it to disappear / regress. These tiny vesicles are secreted by all cell types playing communication roles in healthy and unhappy terrains – never the same way twice but ever present and gobsmackingly brilliant. 
Now this incredible ability of our bodies to communicate and regulate between each cell with these insanely minute particles, should give us pause… But instead it seems that these exosomes, somatids or protitits created a dare / a challenge to the geniuses in the germ theory pharma world with too much money to play with and too many nasty plots to bring to fruition. This concept of the possibility of the intrinsic brilliance of our exosomes, somatids or protitits does not even exist in germ theory.

In no time, as Drs Kary Mullis, Duesberg, Lanka, etc and all the honest geniuses of terrain theory found out the hard way, that the focus was not on understanding the exosomes, somatids or protitits, nor anything about the HIV either, but about creating substances that could lead to some vile existential conundrums that could be called something that could in the end scare us. Like in the 1980’s, that’s where we are now – but on a mega scale.

For example, ee-bow-lah is a manufactured bio-engineered particle and there may be many versions. The first launch took place in Africa (2000/2001) well before we all heard about the ugly outbreak in 2013. This first one was overseen by a Canadian health offical – a doctor who plays a huge roll in our present wire-usses over-sight.
HIV is a manufactured item, too.
The spiked ball of the present plandemic is very real and manufactured as well and with differing versions, too – often redesigned and relabeled to suit the planned-out event along with newer names, ownerships, partners and patents.
Will they be tick-bound or bird-bound or distributed by a form of aerosol or spray or through specific foods or in ways I don’t want to contemplate? 
There is an estimate of 200 plus differing spiked ball ‘wire-ussses’ at the moment.
Bio-weapons are justified in the same manner as nuclear weapons… If the others have them, I’d better have some too, … and more.

BIO-WEAPON LABS ABOUND – each of the major nations in the world has them and only some nations have them in countries outside their own borders such as the USA.
Canada has theirs on Canadian soil and China wouldn’t be so stupid as to have theirs in Canada… But the Americans (and probably others) made use of the handy-dandy rent-a-lab option in China for a lot of research work that can’t stand the light of day back home… 
This means information is easily shared/spread… and this in turn messes with the blame-game. However, this form of ‘scholarship exchange’ abounds. 

This is where ozone / oxygen enters the equation! … a subtle complex healing molecule that protects and heals us – even in the face of ‘in ject ed’ bio-poisons into our inner terrain and while living in our gravely compromised poor earth / outer terrain. It’s the magical physiological effects of oxidation therapy. Particularly ozone may be of help to so many physical health problems. I am not suggesting that ozone cures anything (that’s illegal). (Ozone is oxygen as O3 but carried within a larger concentration of O2.)

Here’s an example: the ee-bow-lah bio-particles first can trick the immune system till they give up – from 2 days (unhealthy individual) to 3 weeks (super healthy person) – and we call that the incubation time. Then there are no more immune system abilities nor signaling exosomes, somatids or protitits that can keep helping and then at some point our bodies react to an overwhelming amount of damage – damage that is in all directions… and the damage can weaken arteries and veins and the fragile capillaries. Hemorrhaging, blood clots, extreme oxygen deprivation to the organs due to the gobbling together of the red blood cells, oxygen starvation to tissues and the resultant organs’ failure. Then death enters.
Oxygen delivery to every tissue in our bodies is always the most ultimate dead-serious factor in health and healing. 

If you’d like a bibliography – just send me an email with the word “oxygen / ozone bibliography’ in the subject  –

Red blood cells (RBCs) carry our oxygen from our lungs to our small capillaries everywhere – and this is what happens: 
These treated RBCs have a higher amount of ozone/oxygen on board and therefore have a higher negative electrical charge so that they subtly repel each other and RBCs don’t stick together as much as without their extra infusion of ozone/oxygen and none will stick to the artery, capillary or vein’s walls. This improves the flow-ability of our blood, enabling more oxygen transport – also called the zeta potential.
Ozone/oxygen therapy improves individual red cell flexibility – they’ll be able to roll-up individually so much better so as to flow through the miniscule capillaries. They will then carry the oxygenated blood to way more tissues and fluids and deliver off healing items and pick-up the garbage and be all round in good service.  
Ozone/oxygen therapy stimulates your RBC’s natural inclination to generate a compound called 2,3 DGP – enabling your RBC’s to drop off their oxygen content into our tissues. Less 2,3 DGP and our RBC’s are inclined to hang onto their meager oxygen content, leaving our tissues to be oxygen starved – to a small or large degree. ​
Ozone/oxygen therapy increases our RBC’s to drop off ozone/oxygen to be useful in the complex ATP cycle.
Ozone/oxygen therapy appears to turn on mitochondrial functions inside our nuclei which reside inside some cells (all white cells but not red blood cells). These minuscule complex cell furnaces, where energy is generated, is also where the in ject ion contents are aimed at. Nuclei contain the mitochondria that contain the chromosomes and DNA / RNA. That’s the target. When there’s more energy, then there’s more ability to repair, no matter what kind of tissue or organ. This is basic terrain science – proven research that goes back over several hundred years to the times before pharmaceutical meds were invented and before most elements of health and healing were patented.
Ozone/oxygen modulates our immune system. In other words, where there is inflammation that is not needed as part of some other acute response, ozone will dampen it, and allow inflamed tissue to heal faster. Where the immune system is underperforming, ozone therapy perks it up. The net effect of ozone therapy is to bring your multi-faceted immune system to a healthier, dynamic point. You need inflammation to fight invaders and repair, but when inflammation goes ballistic, then it needs to be dampened down somewhat. (In the case of joints, modulating inflammation with ozone can sometimes lead to instant results) ​ 
Ozone (and its metabolic products) are directly toxic to pathogens, bacteria and bio-engineered particles. In fact ozone virtually instantly induces holes into the membranes of bacteria or bio-engineered particles hemorrhaging them on the spot. In contrast, chlorine compounds, well known as disinfectants, are hundreds of times slower! When it comes to bio-engineered particles (such as the spiked ball with amazing photoshop details to scare us), these stealth pathogens MUST gain entry into our cells to wreak their havoc, and dig even further into the nuclei of the cells in order to start messing with the DNA / RNA or do CRISPR duty – no matter what their designed purpose or official name or scientific claim. 
Research has shown that most bio-engineered particles (at least the ones introduced within the last three decades and that have been studied ad nauseum and tested on various populations) require fully functional and reduced sulfhydryl groups (SH) on their outer surface to attach to and to enter our cells. 
These SH groups are the “handles” pathogens and bio-engineered particles use to open and enter our cells. ​​Ozone is extremely reactive oxygen. It will strip the H off the SH as follows: SH + SH +O3 > S-S = H2O + O2. This is called (loosely held together) “oxidation”. The only residual product is oxygen (which your body loves), and water, so no toxicity what-so-ever! NONE.
​When the SH groups are oxidized to S-S, the pathogens and/or bio-engineered particles are inactivated. Then they can’t break and enter. And that is the goal once we are stuck with them in our blood stream. Our immune system can then sense them. This should enable us to mount a proper defense. 
All the new pathogens in the ‘in ject ions’ and/or bio-engineered particles in our food, etc, are designed to replicate themselves using our own cell components. That includes stealing our own lipids to make their own lipid shells. But our cell membranes’ lipids are intolerant to being altered by the ozone/oxygen circulating and have abundant antioxidant vitamins and enzymes onboard to repair and restore any damaging that may happen to take place. The lipid stealing pathogens and/or bio-engineered particles have NO such self-defence/protection. They are defenseless.


Oxidation processes are a natural part of our immune defenses. If you have seen your neutrophils up close during a live blood analysis session, then you’ll remember that small bubble at the forward end of these beautiful white cells as it progresses to scavenge through the blood drop sample – that’s all pro-oxidative action The busy granules that encase these neutrophils and are active and streaming are loaded with task specific enzymes and that helps finish the job. 

“Other” oxidants people have used over the decades include bleach (believe it or not), hydrogen peroxide and nitric oxide – all of which we are familiar with from the drug store. Naturally occurring pathogens have had billions of years to build a resistant to these processes and they have not YET succeeded! However it only takes a short while for germs/bacteria to gain resistance to synthetic (but patented!) pharmaceuticals. ​ 

Having studied oxidology (ozone/oxygen steam sauna therapy is the most benign of all oxidation methods) since 1996 (yes, you read that right). I thought that this fine simple healing ozone would be a good match for all the new and evil synthetic pathogens and/or bio-engineered particles that we are unwillingly being introduced to. 
Research has shown that the patented ‘core row nah’ has the same weaknesses as all the other bio-engineered particles that have names including eee-bow-lah in that it has glycoproteins (proteins with sugar attached) on its surface, which have sulfur groups that MUST be reduced to SH in order to gain cell entry and be destructive. (When patented, it is not part of nature).
The icing on the “oxidology” cake is that all of our body’s processes require oxygen to heal, and at the very least then, sessions make sense as they support a wide variety of health challenges to actually heal – both our chronic challenges (incl accumulated nano particles such as graphene and chemical residues)  and the recent more acute nasties (such as the hydro-gels).

ozone therapy with Merrie Bakker BSc, MArch, CN

Lest we forget…

Canada and the US are signatories to the World Health Organization’s Declaration of Helsinki, which states:

“In the treatment of the sick person, the physician must be free to use a new diagnostic or therapeutic measure, if in his or her judgment it offers hope of saving life, re-establishing health or alleviating suffering.”

Any college or board of physicians or equivalent medical licensing board that investigates or harasses a physician for using ozone therapy is in violation of the Helsinki Declaration.

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