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How much information does one need to be effective, if at all, to send distance healing? Is it personal and different for every healer or is there really a science to it with a few serious consistent basics to be adhered to, so as to not create doubt or an appearance of “hit or miss”?
Have you ever wondered how people can claim to send distance healing energy to someone or a situation? And really wondered how this can be done when all the healer has is a first name and an initial and maybe a city somewhere close by or far away and a health condition? Can these claims be real? Why not just send healing with just initials or no name at all?

When I look at how different energy-work teachers I have had the privilege of studying with, were sending healing energy, then I saw a pattern that distinguished what worked from what didn’t work and what was wishful thinking. Then I put this to the test myself with experiments (including with the help of an energetic calibrator with Dr. Wally Heath) and to see how qualitatively productive it was for me and for the “receiving” persons in my experiments.

Way back in the late 1970’s, it appears Master Takata, who was responsible for bringing Reiki to the West (with a few exceptions), experienced her first sending of distance healing to someone she didn’t know on one of her teaching trips to the Slocan Valley in BC. During a Reiki II class there (which would have included learning to send healing Reiki energy to someone not present but known), the class decided to send, also, distance healing to someone who was quite ill, yet whom only a few people in the class knew. He was quite a ways away – Spokane. After everyone had the name and location and details (such as that they saw a picture) of the “receiver”, and all wrote this down on pieces of paper that they held in their hands, the group sent their energy. The resultant surge was deemed phenomenal back in Spokane!

Mrs. Takata was impressed and asked Wanya Twan, one of Mrs. Takata’s advanced students to speak about this later in public.

In other healing modalities that may sometimes work from a distance  / non-local, modalities such as with BodyTalk’s Mindscape for example, the minimum information required for a proper distance healing is a full name and an exact geographic location… nothing less. In short, it works like using cosmic GPS co-ordinates, coupled with very specific techniques. Included in the required techniques is that either the “receiving” person (the person receiving the healing energy) who is focused on, or someone who knows this person is holding this focus stronly for the reciver (like a surrogate) and is with the ‘healer’.
Sure enough – my luck! The person in my Mindscape class experiment, whom I didn’t know and withwhom I was to have a remote session and who was held strongly in the mind of her friend sitting nearby to me, “showed up” and promptly told me to “f— o–”! So I stopped cold and reported this to the person / friend holding her in her mind and ofcourse I felt I had royally failed….

distance healing sessions

Well, apparently, I was right on track as this would have been a typical response to something this “weird and crazy” friend of hers would have certainly perceived it to be, and there was more along this vein as I proceeded and in the end we had quite an interesting, revealing, if not testy, healing session.

These experiments and many others, narrowed the minimum parameters required to do a good distance healing session. This minimal amount of needed information was – a full name and clear place / location – as a minimum – and worked for most people I have questioned over the years. I’d say that this turned out to be the most basic information needed to do a good job at all given times. A personal connection – a phone call, a photo, etc – added strength to the work.
More information led to more detail and more benefits.
(Sending healing energy to someone called Sue somewhere in the Ukraine is just not feasible and makes a mockery of this fine energy that can be sent with proper intention.)

A brilliant teacher of mine, Alain Herriot, who has the rare ability to truly see energy, on demand, would only heal people by long distance that he had had an actual connection with – and this would normally be minimally a telephone conversation first – and normally this would include the details of what the health issues were. But the actual connection of speaking to each other was invaluable for him to make that proper energetic connection he needed to work with the client.
Another highly regarded teacher of mine would not work without a picture to make a good connection. Certainly my favorite way, too.

How do I know that this energy actually travels to the other person and doesn’t drop into the Pacific Ocean on it’s way from Vancouver to Melbourne, for example?
Many articles have been written on the theory and proof of non-local healing and an amazing number of experiments have been recorded. Dr. James Oschman has written many books on energy healing and distance healing. Also you may wish to go to this source and look around: Dr. Larry Dosey –

Have you ever seen a street lamp that was just barely emanating light (not dead, but barely alight)? Then you send it loving qi and after 30 seconds or less it turns back on! Voila!
That energy didn’t go to the car parked below or to the street light beside it; you’re already doing fine! The energy goes where it is sent – with intention. After many street lights, this is now enough proof for me, or as one friend put it: “the city should give you a job (taxes well spent…”)

Any suggestions?

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