Distance Reiki Sessions – right for you?

Reiki is a natural, positive and powerful energy that flows with intention and is part of the greater energy matrix that we all are connect with – knowingly or not…

distance healing Reiki sessions at Pacific Holistic in Vancouver
connected while distanced

Reiki helps balance us – initially you may feel this more physically, then more mentally and emotionally. Distance Reiki or remote or non-local healing has been studied and measured by individuals such as Master Usui, the original Reiki Master in Japan 100 years ago and specialists such as Dr Larry Dosey and institutes such as Heartmath. They all agree that it works! and can do no harm; has a range of positive outcomes; and is useful for all ages and challenges.

distance healing Reiki sessions in Vancouver BC at Pacific Holistic
could use a little support?

Feeling too much uncertainty? Not sleeping well? In a stressed, anxious or overwhelmed period in your life?
Reiki sessions can help you feel more balanced, less overwhelmed, more inner peace and more energy. Reiki can help you refocus, relax, re-ground, re-group and re-find your sense of humour (in case that got lost…).

The last two years our children are also facing more daily grinding challenges – from the multi-facetted negatives of masking (lack of oxygen and way too many re-breathe-ed bacteria, etc), false fears and unwholesome negative senarios circulated by the regular media, some schools, etc to inspire fear and compliance… .
Their young minds are trying to navigate what the adult world has imposed on them. 

a little help from our angels - thorough distance healing
a little help from our friends…

A photo and/or some details or a quick chat is all that is needed to be able to send good sessions. All you’ll need is a set time that you know you’ll be asleep or having some very quiet time – for those 5 sessions.

Distance Reiki sessions: 25 minute sessions – 5 consecutive sessions – $125

Merrie Bakker, BSc MArch CN - Reiki Master, reflexologist, oxidology and  live blood analyst at  Pacific Holistic in Vancouver BC

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Merrie Bakker – Live Blood Analyst / microscopist – Health Educator – Author – Teacher – Speaker – Editor – Hands-on-Healer – Reflexologist – Dowser – Reiki Master – Nutritional Coach – a life-long student of holistic medicine and preventative health who believes with a passion that cellular disorganization can be prevented or reversed by ortho-molecular medicine, emotional healing work, environmental detoxification (many areas of concern) and nutritional and lifestyle re-balancing (many possibilities). Combined with vigilance, monitoring and team work, clients are encouraged to detox, rebuild, re-nourish, resolve and re-educate.

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