earth energies

by Wallace G. Heath, PhD

INTRODUCTION: This presentation should not be considered as a scientific research paper. Rather it is intended as an initial exploration of a topic relatively new to the author that may be of interest to the ASD membership. Further, it is hoped that some members may wish to explore aspects of the subject on their own with some of the low-cost methods suggested at the end of the paper or some better ones of their own. It reflects my conviction that it is much more fun to participate than to simply “spectate”.
Science should be recognized as a participation sport.
Welcome aboard the Science Corner.

The ”earthpulse” was discovered and verified by several authors of the past half- century. It is known as the Schumann Frequency after its discoverer (Schumann, 1952) and consists of a magnetic pulse, which averages about 7.9 Hertz (cycles per second). It varies from 1 Hz to 40 Hz depending on several factors: thunderstorms, solar storms, night vs day, meteorological conditions, other solar radiation, the height of the magnetosphere above the earth, etc.
It is caused by the 200 lightening strikes per second that bounce around the earth between the surface and the magnetosphere with the speed of light, producing a standing resonant wave with extremely low frequencies.

So why should dowsers be interested?
Probably most living animals (and perhaps plants) seem to utilize this energy in a variety of ways. If we are removed from a site with an 8 Hz pulse to one of 2 to 3 Hz, our reaction times can be much reduced, we can get headaches, and depression. If returned to 8 Hz, we may become normal again. Such an effect can be caused by an approaching thunderstorm. Even stronger effects can be caused by invisible solar flares. But not all people have such reactions due to the wide range of sensitivities to electromagnetic fields. I was with a small group of dowsers and none could dowse when the solar flare field reached a 4 (on a scale of 1 to 9).
If there had not been a cell phone call to the Solar Lab, the cause would not have been known.

But what about health and healing? It is known that the pineal gland tunes in to the earthpulse. It releases melatonin and maintains our 24-hour cycle. And now it is known that the pineal gland is the master gland of the entire endocrine system. How could our health not be largely affected by it? It is known that healers through meditation with the alpha brain wave (8Hz) are able to “amp up” this energy to about one million times that of the brain wave and direct it through their hands as multi-wave oscillations (.2 Hz to 40 Hz), which facilitate many forms of healing (see Zimmerman, 1992; Oschman, 2000; Seto, 1992). These energy fields can be measured accurately with instruments such as the SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device) which can measure fields less than a billionth of the earth’s field (Becker, 1990).

earth energy

METHODS: If we want to study human energy fields most of us cannot afford a SQUID with all of the attachments and expertise to operate it. Few institutions can. How can we measure the overall human energy field (HEF) at low cost? One way is to use an inexpensive (less than $1000) very low frequency radio transmitter, which is thermally stable in its output and accurate to 0.1 Hertz (cycles per second). It should have a power output of about 5 (+/-4) milliwatts. It should put out stable frequencies of 1 Hz to about 10,000 Hz. We will also need our favorite dowsing device, which will enable us to detect very small changes in magnetic fields.

The designs of the experiments are to enable us to measure the changes in HEF due to exposures of people to either an internal or external application of energy. An internal energy could be intense meditation, projected healing energies, or emotional involvement. External energy could be exposure to geopathic fields, physical exercise, intense heat or cold, Rife technology, or laboratory electronic devices intended to energize people. Our objective is to develop a method to be able to measure and compare the energy responses of different individuals exposed to given applications of energy.

For the work reported here I have chosen a device called an Energetic Fitness System or “EFS”. This is best described as a broad spectrum frequency generator. Its history goes back over a century to Nicola Tesla, Georges Lakhovsky, and others. In its modern form it has been in use for several years primarily for physical therapy and energizing sports teams. For example, the University of California at Berkeley men’s swimming team has used them extensively with success for the past year. I am familiar with them and have access to them because I have done some consulting regarding them.

To be energized by an EFS one sits on a non-metallic chair with bare feet on an energized glass plate while holding an energized 5-inch diameter glass bulb in the hands. A high voltage with no current and a broad spectrum of wavelengths (0.1 Hz to 4000 Hz) is thus maintained between the bare hands and the bare feet. Studies have shown that in most cases after about one half hour the cell membrane voltages are raised from below normal to an optimum level of about 70 millivolts. This has generally been shown to energize the body to function with increased efficiency in many ways. The question raised here is how can the effect of the EFS on the overall human energy field be measured?

To measure this effect (and hopefully most others that may interest you) the following procedure is followed. (See Fig. 1) In an open area (field, large lawn, park, warehouse, etc.) 200 feet away from other people a non-metallic chair is placed about 40 feet from the VLF transmitter noted above. In order to facilitate comparisons between people at future times the power is set at a standard 5 millivolts; a sine wave is used to minimize harmonics; and an antennae is designed with electronic modifications to compensate for the extremely long wavelengths. The person is placed on the chair in a relaxed and “low energy” state.

A sequence of frequencies are programmed starting at 1 Hz and continuing through to 15 Hz at 1 Hz intervals. Time is allowed at each setting for the dowser to walk from the centerline between the transmitter and the person at right angles away from the line. At some point the dowsing rods will register a change in energy field. This point is measured in feet from the centerline. The dowser then walks away from the line in the opposite direction and measures the other edge of the person’s energy field. It can be shown that this field forms an oval around the line between the person and the transmitter. The field’s edge remains equidistant from the person, the line and the transmitter at all points. Thus the width of the field from side to side across the line is a measure of the person’s HEF. Experience to date shows that it can be used as a measure of the relative strength of the person’s HEF due to whatever conditions prevail.

The question was posed, “How does the HEF respond to the earthpulse frequency?” To answer this nine people were given the same procedure. First, they were placed on the chair as described above in a relaxed state and they were exposed to the 15 frequencies as shown in Table 1 and Fig. 2. The HEF was measured in feet for each frequency and compiled in the table for each person. Second, each person was then placed on the EFS unit for 30 minutes and the HEF measurements were repeated for the same frequencies using the same dowser.

RESULTS: The data compiled in Table 1 and illustrated in Fig.2 measures the fields of people after their exposure to the EFS. It is seen that they all show a peak response at the earthpulse frequency of about 8 Hz. It is also shown that the maximum response of HEF is nearly 10 times that of the minimum response. Yet the shapes of the curves of responses appear to be statistically the same suggesting that they are sharing the same physiological functions.

The data compiled in Table 2 and illustrated in Fig. 3 compares the peak values from before and after the EFS exposure for each person. All but four (as designated in the caption for Fig. 2) had been practicing healers for many years. Their comparative results are also given in Table 2 and shown in Fig. 3. The average increase in HEF for all nine persons due to the EFS energy was 8.4 times (from 6.6 feet before to 55.3 feet after) after a 30-minute exposure to the EFS. The magnitudes of the HEF’s for the healers was about twice that for the non-healers, both before and after the EFS exposure. Yet the increase in HEF from before to after was about the same for each group (not statistically different).

DISCUSSION: The magnitudes of the human energy fields were far beyond expectations. Since the dowser was the same in all cases (W.G. Heath) this should not be a significant variable. A standard preliminary test on a one-gallon container of water gave consistent energy field measurements (using a water frequency of 10,253 Hz). The sensitivity of this dowser is below average in the estimation of the dowser himself, compared to many others that he has worked with. But this could now be subject to measurement using variations of the methods applied here.

So what is this human energy field? It is far beyond the dimensions of any auras that have been recalled from the literature, so. It owes something to the power of the transmitter with which it is resonating. But at only 5 milliwatts, how much? Trees do not resonate with the transmitter on the earthpulse frequency. But dogs, cats and horses do (the only animals tested so far). Placing a person on a ley line doubles their HER; placing them on a node (where ley lines cross) triples their HEF. But then a node by itself resonates with the radio transmitter at 8 Hz.

Three additional healers have since been measured before and after “self amplification” (meditation) for only 10 minutes. Using the same parameters on the transmitter they were off the scale—HEF’s of over 200 feet, beyond what could be measured accurately at the time. Their names were Merrie, Carol and Terry, for future reference. Terry was given 20 minutes on the EFS and her HEF increased by about another 50%. More studies are planned for “internal” energy effects on HEF’s.

While Rob is not a healer, his HEF does rank with theirs. However, he works out regularly and avidly, which may account for his higher HEF. And of course he may have a high healing capacity yet unknown to him.

While strong generalizations should not be dram on such small sample sizes, it could be significant if additional studies should show that healers have about twice the HEF’s as non-healers, as is indicated here. It could be interesting to measure HEF’s for a large number of people before and after they enter various forms of “healer training” or strengthening. It might help evaluate which methods are best for various practitioners. This could be very positive information for each individual and easily be obtained.

One of the next studies should evaluate the results of using a wide variety of dowsers to measure the same HEF’s for the same people. That could be a topic for workshops at ASD conferences in the future. It is possible to adjust the amplitude of the transmitter’s power output for each dowser using a standard target, much like a tuning fork for a piano. It may then be possible for different dowsers to get the same results measuring the HEF’s of the same people.

The fact that all nine people had HEF’s that peaked in the same interval suggests that the earthpulse energy is having a general impact on the human energy field. It is not possible to say what this energy that has been measured here. However, future experiments may occur to any of us which might give some clues. It is good to remember that no one yet knows even what magnetic energy IS, even after centuries of using it and studying it!

flowing earth energies

A clue that may be worth mentioning is that when the transmitter is on the earthpulse frequency of 8 Hz, all of the ley line nodes are targeted. This means that there is a resonant wave (RW) to each node. Remember that crystals also do this on their own.

This could lead to the conclusion that ley lines in fact may be part of the earthpulse energy system. Perhaps this has something to do with the bad effects that ley lines (also known as geopathic zones) have on people. Could there be too much energy impact when sleeping on them, especially if people are sleeping on the nodes?

This method of measurement could have applications in evaluating the impact of certain medicines.

By Wallace G. Heath, PhD
Copyright 2004 – 2022 with the estate of Wallace G. Heath, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

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