A Meditation for Handling Cancer and Aids

Allow yourself to be in a comfortable position where you will not be disturbed. You may choose to listen to this tape every day for at least thirty days in a row for powerful, positive change. 
Take a long, slow deep breathe and close your eyes. As you take another long, slow deep breath, tell your body to relax. See, sense and feel that you are walking along a sandy beach. Feel the warmth of the sand beneath your feet and smell the fresh salt breeze as it blows against your cheek. You find a place up from the beach to relax and stretch out on the warm, healing sand. Cradle your body into the sand, moving so that you are more comfortable, nurtured and supported by the healing sand.


The warm, healing sun is just above your head. (CROWN)
Guide that warm, healing light down into the top of your head. Feel the warm sweet healing energy of the sun as it flows down into your forehead…, into your brain. As your brain receives this powerful healing message, it activates all healing processes within the body, from the DNA level of each and every cell, the healing occurs. Speaking to each cell, we now ordain that all negative or dis-eased patterns now be released, and that these patterns now be replaced with new healing patterns. The process of angiogenesis and cellular destruction ceases, and is now blocked, and all cancer (AIDS) systems are reversed and are processed easily and effortlessly out of the body in a natural fashion. They are flushed out and cleared. Your brain sends out the message to every cell and every system within the body, “I am healed, I am whole, I am well, and I now ordain it to be so, and I accept the healing. If there has ever been a time when I had a death wish, I now recognize and release it, I forgive all, including myself. I forgive, I release all anger, all fear, all need for grief or sabotage within the self. I now ask for help from Highest Light in all that needs to be done for this healing process to occur as it should, in Divine Order, for the Highest Good. I am healed, I am whole, I am well, and it is so.”

Allow the warm healing light of the sun to flow down around your eyes. (THIRD EYE)
Feel the gentle warmth as your eyes are bathed in this healing light. Feel yourself going deeper and deeper into the golden healing light, becoming one with it. (Pause) Draw it down to your cheeks and jaw. (JAW) Feel your jaw relax and release any tension it may be holding. (Pause) 

This golden healing light flows down into your throat. (THROAT) 
Each and every time that you swallow, you are swallowing that healing light, like medicine and it flows down into your stomach and flows into all digestive processes. (SOLAR PLEXUS / SACRAL)
Feel that golden light as it flows through your stomach, your pancreas, and to your liver. Your liver is now responding to the golden healing light, releasing toxins now as it should, absorbing healing light into each of its cells. Allow the golden healing light to flow into the kidneys, the spleen, the bladder and the intestines.

Feel the comfort of the golden healing light as it flows through the chest area, into the heart. (HEART)
With every beat of your heart, you feel your body bathed in this light. Follow the light now into the center; the sanctuary of your heart. See there a child. Look at the child and know that it is you at an age when the child most needs nurturing and healing. There is no such thing as time but a time to heal. Ask the child, “Why are you hurt? (Pause) How can I help you? (Pause)” Listen to the child and know that you can help this child to express their emotions, to feel nurtured and to heal. Hold this child and tell them how much you love them. Ask them if they are angry. Take them to the Blue River of Life and allow them to throw all of those stones of anger, of hurt, or pain away from them. (Pause) 
Now that all of those stones are gone, notice that your child is holding a seed in the palm of their hand. Plant this seed of new life together and water it from the Blue Healing River of Life. Affirm this: “As I plant this seed of new life, I accept responsibility for my healing, past (including all karma or judgment against the self), present and future.”  Now watch as the seed grows into a beautiful flower. See the colour and know that the essence of this flower can heal you. (The herb, the essential oil, or the flower essence can assist you in the healing process.) Notice how your child is smiling now. The child will teach you about joy and fun, and you will help the child to heal old wounds, and to learn of unconditional love. Every day as you listen to this tape, the healing power increases ten times ten. Hold the child in the healing power of the sanctuary of your heart, and return there often to share love. 

As you feel the golden healing light flowing through the rest of your body, guide it to the place(s) it needs to go. (HEALING FOCUS
Intensify it there, hold it there as long as you need to. 

Then let it continue to flow down your body, down your legs to your feet. (KNEES, ANKLES, FEET) The energy is flowing throughout your body and pouring out onto the sand that cradles your body. It is as if you are bathed in warm healing light inside and out. Every cell is nurtured and healed. Every nerve is nurtured and healed. Every muscle and bone is healed. Each organ and organ system is healed. And now your whole body is responding to the healing, feeling better and better. The light intensifies and flows now into the Mental Body Grid. The Mental Body is healed and balanced. The Emotional Body is healed and balanced. The Spiritual Body is healed and balanced. The Interdimensional Body is healed and balanced. Harmony, health, and happiness are restored because you are worthy of healing and you accept this healing as you accept love from yourself and all others. Every time you look into the mirror, you say to yourself, “I love and accept myself, and all that I am. I forgive and I release myself and others from judgment. I am free to heal.” (HEART CENTRE “T”)
Feel all negative energy now flowing out of your body. You no longer accept negative energy from any source. You accept only positive healing energy and ideas. Negative thoughts and words no longer affect you in any way, as you are focused entirely upon positive thoughts and healing energy. All other energy flows away from you and is absorbed by the warm, nurturing sand that leads gently down into the ocean.
You look up and as you do so, you see white fluffy clouds drifting in the blue sky. You always remember to look up at the dawn of each new day. Look up and see the sun, the radiant, warm, healing sun whose energy creates new life each and every day. Affirm to yourself, “I accept new life for myself, and I see the world through new eyes. I call back all aspects of my original natal soul that belongs to me from wherever it may be… from any time, any place, any dimension, and from anyone who may be holding it. I am changing old habits and patterns to create new healing ways of life. 

I know that I am a powerful force in this world, and I am now using this power for healing. I am healed, I am whole, I am well.” (CROWN & HEART TOGETHER)  (Repeat affirmation in this paragraph two more times.) (Sweep body three times.)

REIKI - Beyond the Usui System

by Dr. Karyn K. Mitchell – excerpted from Reiki: Beyond the Usui System. This book can be ordered at metaphysical bookstores, too.

Dr. Karyn Mitchell is a naturopathic physician practicing in Saint Charles, IL. and specializes in proactive prevention and treatment, combining holistic healing methods with traditional solutions.