What is Reiki healing?


As quantum energy concepts have become more mainstream, it is easier for us to accept that everything in the universe is energy and vibration – and that we are energy and vibration, too (including our thoughts, emotions). Our bodies consist of energy – different frequencies for different organs and tissues. The lower the frequency of energy, the more solid it appears. For example, our bones, which are vibrating at a lower frequency than our red blood cells are perceived to be more solid. Our emotions and thoughts are also energy – love has a much higher frequency than fear, for example.

When we see red blood cells under a strong microscope we can see cells that are healthy and those where their electrical potential, zeta potential, is hampered and are in disarray and leave the cells to be poorly functioning. Disharmony (be it inflammation, ulceration, cancer, fever) in any of our bodily systems indicates low vibrations, too low energy and disturbances. Physical and emotional stress, heavy medications (such as chemotherapy, beta blockers, anti-depressants, coumadin, etc) and the results of accidents and damage effect our body’s innate ability to heal ~ the ability to return to homeostasis – in organs and tissues and at every cell. Reiki disintegrates energy blockages at all levels and brings balancing to moving energy.

Reiki is an energy which is drawn into the practitioner’s body through certain methods and passed on through the practitioner’s hands (mainly) to wherever it is needed. There are several methods for that, too.They are easily learned.

The founder of Reiki, Master Usui, would have his students meet one evening per week for years before they would advance to the next level. We know how to teach methods, now, that allow us to generate this universal healing energy and the learning period is eclipsed into a weekend.

Traditionally, the Usui System of Reiki consists of three levels, or degrees of learning. The first degree enables the practitioner to channel energy for healing one’s self, others, plants and animals. In the second level of Reiki the practitioner is introduced to the three symbols used in the Usui System of Reiki. It allows the practitioner access to higher energy vibrational rates, for distance or absentee healing in time and space. The second degree also promotes increased intuitive awareness. The third degree, the Master level, is traditionally undertaken by those intending to teach and practice Reiki as one’s vocation and can involve a period of apprenticeship with the initiating Master, as was often the case historically,

Reiki follows the rules of nature and energy entrainment – energy flows from high to low, including in our own bodies, between people and also between practitioner and client. With some simple, elegant, time-tested techniques, this can be applied to hands-on-healing energy in general and Reiki healing in particular. When done correctly, it is significantly energizing and the effects can be physically perceived. When one is sensitive to energy, then it can also be felt on other levels.

How did Master Usui discuss this Universal Energy?

  • Every thing in existence (living thing) in the Universe contains the universal energy – chi, qi, prana, inner light, life force (it exists in me and I exist in the universe)
  • Universal Energy is based on the right intuitive use of this invisible and precious power
  • The Reiki healing method is both for the physical and spiritual dimension we find ourselves in – the high vibration of the energy affects both – there is no ‘illness’ you cannot cure with Reiki – working intensely with pure spirit
  • Reiki energy is open to all – for good health, peaceful thought and advancement for leading a joyful, loving life
  • First heal the spirit and then make the body healthy; lead a peaceful and healthy balanced life and then make others happy with passing-on of healing love
  • One day the Universal energy will be explained by science, while remaining a mystery for now.

Reiki is neither a religion, nor a form of mind projection / wishful thinking or forced intentions. Reiki can, however, add a deep, spiritutal dimension to one’s life, whether one is religious, agnostic or atheist or waffling, even.
Learning the gentle art of Reiki healing is a magical and uplifting journey – and becomes a wholly unique and different personal journey for everyone – and for some, a search for transformation, joy and fulfillment of deeper desires and fuller answeres to essential questions of existence.
Each of the levels of Reiki teaching is a simple exploration into the beauty and power of the universal energy you have to give. It is a wonderful ability to embrace an essential tool that serves you for a lifetime.

Reiki is also a powerful, yet gentle way to replenish lost vitality. It re-balances your energy to accelerate healing and to help your inner physican along to keep working at your maximum. Reiki is very simple to learn and use. Anyone can learn. 

… by a Spanish saint and mystic of the 16th century 

You are Christ’s Hands
Christ has no body now on earth but yours,
no hands but yours,
no feet but yours,
Yours are the eyes through which to look out
Christ’s compassion to the world
Yours are the feet with which he is to go about doing good;
Yours are the hands with which he is to bless men now.

~ THERESA OF AVILA, from The Miracles of Jesus Christ

the Reiki Precepts: simple and always apply

Just for today,
Do not worry,
Do not anger.
Work diligently.
Be kind to others

With gratitude invite these secrets into your heart – daily

… Spiritual Medicine for all illnesses
 no acknowledgement required – just doing – your happiness secrets with yourself!

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Receiving Reiki healing allows you to speed up healing and repair; reduce troublesome thoughts, worries and set stress aside.
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Reiki healing can be useful when someone is engaged in standard Western medical protocols and is often integrated with other alternative treatments. If, like some of my clients, you have chosen orthodox medical treatments, then Reiki will obviously do no healing, but Reiki can be extremely useful, nonetheless. One of my clients received several different kinds of chemo at once and a number of radiation treatments, per day – an intensively heavy dose of toxicity. This was a heavy burden for his body to bear!
Reiki reduced his nausea; reduced intense inflammation and the extent of internal scarring; Reiki helped revive his bodily functions which often went south on the most intensive treatment days; Reiki fortified his inner strength and inner resolve to continue; Reiki diminished some of the fear of the treatments and together we renewed his healing visualisations to take to each future orthodox medical session – like armament and fortifcation. Reiki gave him back a good night’s sleep, too, inspite of the intense debilitation of the chemo and radiation.

teaching all levels of Reiki and in-person therapeutic healing sessions; as well as providing distance healing Reiki at Pacific Holistic in Vancouver BC

Reiki, properly passed on, makes detoxification and rebuilding after strenuous therapy much easier. Even though we have an inner physician, after a heavy course of chemical treatments, our bodies will welcome and thrive from the benefits of extra energy that has been so mercilessly zapped.

When you have been on a ‘cocktail’ of meds, for example, for depression, teaching all levels of Reiki and in-person therapeutic healing sessions; as well as providing distance healing Reiki at Pacific Holistic in Vancouver BCthen energetic healing with Reiki can decrease the negative side effects that specific organs are effected. Reiki sessions can lift your vibration as a whole and specific organs and functions in particular. Reiki energy feels nurturing. Hurts, fears and withheld emotions can be released. When the issues, shocks and conflicts are known, then Reiki healing can take place more quickly and be specific.

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