Something Really Fishy Going On!

Omega 3 and 6 oils – all about the health of the cell membrane.
Fish oils, omega 3’s from fish and crustaceans – useful details… and which to use therapeutically and what to substitute when these sources are toxic…

fishery collapse - farmed salmon with lice - healthy salmon at Kuterra

Ahhh! My favorite food… seafood… I used to say.
Then in recent years I backed off and ate only fish or seafood that was wild and rarely ordered it in a restaurant. I understand that restaurants have a sharp eye on their bottomline and rarely buy organic or wild. Now I pass on eating fish altogether… except one type of salmon from a BC company called Kuterra.
Kuterra farms: completely clean, scientifically, farmed salmon… done in the most gentle, clean, natural and healthy manner. No need to fear the waters these fish grow up in and with pristine management and feeding.

It’s taken me a while to pull my head out of the sand in regards to fish – this can now be yet another source of toxic protein. I so love salmon, smoked mackerel, fresh mussels and oysters… I grew up on raw herring – many happy memories with my Dad at the raw herring stands in Holland.
But alas… so sad.
I think of the poor salmon doing the back-stroke back and forth in the miserable Howe Sound poluted waters in front of Woodfibre… even though the fish is technically wild and yet if I had to drink the same water the poor fish did, then I’d be quite dead!
About 3/4 of male fish caught these days, are developing some forms of female sexual organs including having premature eggs in their bodies (men having babies!) – abnormalities not seen in the past and too creepy to eat. Labs have found a protein in the blood of male fish that used to only be found in spawning female fish… what have we done!
What have we allowed?  
Is the female-isation of fish caused by the toxic stew they are now living in? This intra-sexualization found in fish is the most recent addition to the list of egregious facts.

We know that water now contains trace amounts of anti-depressants, birth control, viagara, all sorts of hormones, anti-biotics… all of our collective pee-ed out meds, growth hormones fed to farmed fish and masses of waste dumped at sea (including huge ocean containers full of garbage en toute to China from North America for recycling, etc, but that never get there). And all the fish needs to become damaged are mere parts per million of these ghastly toxins (to shift their bodily mechanics against them) to have a subtle and cumulative effect on the fish.

We are taking these meds – to some degree – simply by drinking some unfiltered tap water and by eating any-old fish. These residues are in their bodies and now ours… Even for those of us who are lucky and receive our drinking water from mountainous reservoirs, clean springs, etc, our flushed water goes back out to sea. The sea evaporates it’s water and the air rises and incoming humidity against the mountains drops it’s contents as rain … and my neighbor’s old steroids end up eventually raining onto the ground and into well-water intake areas further afield! And on it goes.

farmed salmon

Non-farmed-fish or wild fish have other, well-reported abnormalities, as well as lesions and other toxicities on board. (We don’t even want to talk about the farmed stuff – nor the farms’ impacts on surrounding ‘wild’ fish stock). So it’s no longer about which sources to avoid – which sources to support – we’re past that point.
This dilemma is across the world…
Fish in rivers and streams – wild and farmed – and especially near to areas where the penned pigs, caged chickens and captive cows are “grown” and hence where the ground and river waters are insanely polluted habitats due to run-off.
Where there is an over-the-top amount of concentrated industrialization – bunched together in toxic zoning areas such as along Ontario’s Lake Erie shores, but hundreds more, there the same dilemma occurs with the fish population. 

Fishery collapse – ‘Silent Spring pesticide prophecy’ – common pesticides found to starve fish ‘astoundingly fast’ by killing aquatic insects

We can thank the documentary makers of the award winning documentary RIVER BLUE to show us what is happening in parts of the world we are not familiar with on the day-to-day ways… such an eye-opener! and the reason I now write this article!
Great information and viewing –

Filthy, polluted, compromised waters especially, but all waters in general, offer up a host of toxins and now also endocrine disrupters and a plethora of meds. The whole works is being returned to us… in a subtle form… via rainy airmail and now also via our fish and fish oil supplements. 

AND this reflects on which fish oils to avoid in supplementation. 
Reproductive challenges such as reduced male sperm count are suspected to be partially linked to this, too. The jury is certainly out (conveniently) on the secondary links to these nasty and growing problems that all reflect back to contamination. Arctic animals that eat fish have very high levels of mercury AND toxins AND female-isation.

Years ago, krill oil and high arctic fish oils seemed exempt enough from this pollution – and got us excited that we still had a good source of Omega3 supplementation… but not these days. I used to think that checking the Arctic for our pollution levels, was a bit fishy. But it’s where we can actually double check the extent of our irreversible polluting deeds. Some toxins are lifted into the air and come back down again, going through some scrubbing by nature and dropped / rained back down in different places and these toxins can be “harvested” for very insightful research!

I’m going on about fish oil because we want to eat fish for their highly beneficial Omega’s – one of the essential fats. Fish consume algae and this is the food that contains the O3 that make fish high in O3 and beneficial to us. This alpha linoleic acid then can convert into DHA and EPA by our body as it needs it. Our body figures it out (nothing for us to add). BUT IT IS essential to have these essential O3s and O6s. The lipid membrane around most cells in our body now needs to withstand “in ject ion” damage too. That lipid mebrane must be in A-one shape to protect us.

fish oil supplements from the cleanest fish only

And we know the Omega’s are very important oils, esp. for the nervous system; toning down inflammation; hormone balancing; good skin, nails and hair; and nurturing all tissue (such as heart and arteries) and so forth.
So, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, ground flax seeds, almonds and walnuts and organic eggs to the rescue. I always go to to check things out – please don’t take my word for any of this. 
BUT nutritional benefits of purchasing fish oil supplements is so very hyped. It can soon take a back seat to the old margarine hype (lies) if you are old enough to remember that far back or the unfermented soy ‘research’ claims (more lies). 

Let’s just stick to the perfectly fine vegetarian food sources for our Omega’s until our environment is cleaned up. We can buy the very best quality Krill OIl fished only from the most Northern waters and eat Kuterra salmon.

Krill oil

WE consume way too much Omega3 oil and not enough Omega6. We have been told many stories about optimal ratios of O3 / O6 for maintaining perfect health with supplements (which don’t even take any of our daily food choices into account).

We can also consume these vegetarian oils in the original food rather than via pressed oils and oil supplements. The minute the oil leaves it’s natural home of the nut or vegetable or seed it begins to become rancid and breakdown and become detrimenta;, requires stabilizers and sometimes these oils are bleached; and altered due to the heat required to do the pressing… and there it sits on shelves of manufacturers’ warehouses, distributors’ hubs; and finally retail storage and shoppers’shelves.

Here below are three case histories that are helpful and revealing where the wrong diet and supplements caused deep health conundrums and then were straightened out using Dr Patricia Kane’s blood tests, PK Ptotocol, wiser choices and her knowledge of incredible blood science. (Dr Patricia’s the retired daughter of the real-life scientist who made the ereucic acid as told in the true story of Lorenzo in Lorenzo’s Oil).

A closer look at the ratio of Omega 3s and Omega 6s:

Using your dietary oils and supplements wisely. A few examples

Case 1:
“Annette was determined that she would not follow in her family’s footsteps in regards to her own health. To hold off aging and ill health she used 10 capsules a day of fish oil, restricted all meat, eggs and dairy from her diet and restricted her intake of all oils except olive oil for use in salades and to cook with.
After two years of high fish oil intake Annette noticed that she was developing eczema. Her allergies got much worse and she felt tired all the time. Her moodiness was irritating others but worst of all she had developed sever difficulties with her ability to think and perform at work. Annette visited a special physician wise with fatty acid therapy and longevity, who tested her red cell lipids and found them to be alarmingly unbalanced. Her Omega 3 EPA was1500% high while her Omega 6 Arachidonic acid was 156% low and her Omega 6 Gamma Linolenic Acid was 94% low. This doctor explained the importance of balance in her dietary fatty acids and set up a targetedd nutritional protocol for her. After two weeks of getting on the correct balance of fatty acids, Annette felt much better. Her eczema started to clear, her moods stabilized, her energy and alertness returned and she found her work performance normalized. After six months of re-balancing, Annette’s physician allowed her to begin fish oil with one capsule a day of best quality Krill oil along with eating wild salmon and sardines, as well as evening primrose oil (4:1) omega 6 to omega 3) and eggs and butter in her diet.

Case 2:
Jordan is a three year old boy with autism. His mother was told by his natural care practitioner to give him 4 capsules per day of fish oil. After four months of fish oil Jordan’s behaviour and attention had completely deteriorated. Testing Jordan’s red cell lipids revealed that he had a gross overdose of omega’3 as EPA and DHA with a deep suppression of the Omega 6’s. Jordan was then given primrose oil, eggs, butter and sunflower oil for a few months and his behaviour and attention improved dramatically. In keeping with balance, Jordan was then given 4:1 omega 6 to omega 3 balanced primrose oil, eggs, butter and one capsule of quality Krill oil three times weekly to maintain his balance of his essential fatty acids.

Case 3:
Adam is an eight year old boy with Muscular Dystrophy. A health care practitioner prescribed 6 tablespoons of fish oil per day which he took over an 18 month period. Adam’s parents were deeply concerned with his deteriorating condition and a special red blood cell lipid test was drawn. Adam’s EPA was grossly elevated at 3888%, his DHA was also high at 312% and his arachidonic acid was the lowest on record at the Peroxisomal Diseases Lab at John’s Hopkins. Adam screened with symptoms of nausea, poor appetite, hypotonic (low muscle tone), poor co-ordination, severely abnormal gait with stiff and very slow movement. Interesting to note was Adam’s brain function was good, even elevated, however he could not perform physically. As soon as the fish oil was stopped Adam’s appetite increased and his nausea disappeared.  He was started on 10 capsules of high potency primrose oil daily – an 4:1 omega 6 to omega 3 oil. Because of the severe distortion of Adam’s essential fatty acids it will be necessary to retest in three months to track the changes – and adjust again – as opposed to yearly.

balancing oils - cell membrane health - omega3 and omega6

A heads-up:
EPA oil (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) is one of several omega-3 fatty acids. It is found in cold-water fatty fish, such as salmon. It is a “good” oil in smal quantities, but has a serious modulating even blocking effect on arachidonic acid – consequently affecting all thought, behaviour, motion – much like NSAIDS blocking COX I and COX II.

A further heads-up!
Lipid peroxidation.
Once oil is squeezed from it’s source, be it a seed, nut, fish, vegetable, it becomes unstable and goes rancid – quickly – some oils sooner and some later. As soon as oil is squeezed from a fish, stabilizers such as Vitamin E, and sometimes chemicals and/or anti-oxidants are added to keep that oil from spoiling.
For example, the very moment flax is squeezed out from the seed, the oil begins to break down. In a very light and temperature controlled processing environment, this breakdown may be slowed down, but even if it is smartly and swiftly bottled with nitrogen, it will have begun to start to commence to become rancid and by the time you take it off the shelf in the store, it could not be edible if no stabilizers had been added. Stabilizers stop this oxidization problem, so that there is an actual shelf life. This is just an example (and not often mentioned on the labels).
Fish oil does not like being exposed to oxygen either.
So, smart processing and packaging of fish oil would have it that it is stabilized / preserved and then put into a gel cap so that you cannot smell / taste it, but sometimes the taste DOES comes back… Like fish gone bad!

If you have some in the fridge, humor me and open one of the gel capsules, and if it smells putrid, then give the remainder to someone you really don’t like. There’s a lot of sly marketing that we don’t readily observe. A lot of health magazines thrive or survive on claims, anecdotes and stories. We owe Omega6’s an apology.
Reader beware!

“An enormous amount of poorly conducted studies in the research journals have conclusions that cannot be relied on and are misleading physicians and researchers worldwide…” by Prof Brian Peskin on Why Fish Oils Fail: a 21st Century lipids based physiologic analysis Studies prior to 2007 cannot be relied on to be factual or correct or non-advertorial!
Fish oil supplement failures are downplayed and successes are highlighted. (Claims that include that inflammation may cause cancer and therefore fish oils will prevent this are the worst offenders in my humble opinion – fear and BS combined).
OR when you read ANY ‘true’ research that lays out claims that something such as rancid O3 causes increased cancer or miscarriages, just know that your being fooled in the other direction, too…
And, as a benefit of the doubt, it may have been legitimate only for the research done on rats or maybe so stacked so that you’ll conclude that it makes more sense to either buy more seafood (the fish lobby) or to not buy sea-food (the what-ever lobby).


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